Mushroom Avocado Toast

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Show yourself some Love, and leave your stress and hunger in 2018.

If you are anything like me, you are planning on bring quick, healthy, and FLAVORFUL recipes into 2019 with you. So with that request, I want to let you in on one of my kitchen secrets…

When it comes to adding flavor, the CURED spices are not my only secret weapon. When I am looking to spice up my dish, I pull out the true secret weapon: mushrooms!

My cabinets are pretty much always stocked with bags of dried shiitakes (in case of flavor emergencies). It’s true that functional mushrooms can increase energy and lower stress, but they’re also straight up delicious. Mushrooms lend their rich umami flavor to vegan broths, substantial salads, buddha bowl, and the perfect top off for my intense love for avocado toast.

Mushrooms are not just for the top of your avocado toast. Certain mushrooms have been used throughout history and across many cultures for their medicinal benefits. Research is finally catching up with folk medicine, as we learn exactly why medicinal mushrooms offer so many health benefits. Medicinally known as adaptogenic mushrooms, are available in a variety of forms: powdered, capsules, extracts, drinks, and whole food.

Adaptogens, whether medicinal mushrooms, herbs, spices, or tinctures, have been used for centuries.These powerful herbs and plant medicines bring balance to any areas of the body that is in need of support.

You can think of adaptogens as being little soldiers that help our body combat stress and help bring out body back to a stable baseline point of health and wellbeing.


Adaptogens play the role of a regulator of your energy and stress levels. For example, if you’re experiencing high levels of stress, they can help “calm” it down by normalizing your body without overstimulating it. By doing so, they support your adrenal function and central nervous system. Medicinal mushrooms, in particular, are great at helping our bodies utilize oxygen efficiently.

Join me on a stroll through the magical mushroom kingdom, and find out why these superpower healing foods will be on my plate, and in my supplement regimen ALL throughout 2019:


  • Chaga: Chaga has been used in traditional medicine in eastern Europe in a variety of health problems such as stomach diseases and tumors. Chaga also has been shown to be able to fight off viruses. In one study, the water-based extract of chaga exhibited antiviral activity against common viral infections such as the flu. This superfood medicine was also shown to have immune balancing effects as well.

  • Shiitake: Shiitake was also found to have been beneficial in improving heart disease and lowering cholesterol. Shiitake was also shown to have cancer-fighting properties. One Japanese study found that mice given shiitake extract saw shrinking of their tumors.


  • Lions Mane: Scrolling back to our Kale and Lions Mane Pan. (add link) you’ll find the brain boosting powers of this special mushroom.


  • Turkey Tail: Turkey tail, named for its colorful stripes, is probably the most promising mushroom as far as research is concerned. Many of the studies centered around the medicinal benefits of mushrooms have been small-scale studies. Turkey tail is, at this point, the most well researched mushroom in larger scale studies.


  • Cordyceps: Cordyceps is the anti-ager of the mushroom kingdom. In one particular study, cordyceps extract was able to dramatically increase powerhouse antioxidants. This special fungus also decreased pro-inflammatory monoamine oxidase and lipid peroxidation activity which causes us to age.


  • Reishi: Reishi contains beta-glucans, complex sugars that may stop or slow the growth of cancer cells and help prevent their spread. Reishi also contains sterols, that can act as precursors for hormones, and triterpenes, substances that may lower blood pressure. Like maitake and other related mushroom species, reishi can improve immune function. It also can counteract allergy symptoms and protect the liver, and has significant anti-inflammatory effects.


And with that, my immunity, mental function, and overall wellbeing will be THRIVING into 2019 thanks to these mushrooms!

As always, from CURED collective and myself, we wish you vitality, healing, and good eats going into 2019! 



  • Cook wild mushrooms and sliced garlic in olive oil, stirring occasionally, until browned and crisp. Add torn kale leaves and sliced basil and cook, tossing, until kale is wilted; season with white lemon, CURED Garlic and lemon pepper spice. Season avocado with CURED Spice onto toasted; spoon mushroom-kale mixture on top.

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