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1/20/19 | CBD Recipes

What’s with the Mushroom Talk?

“They may be as old as dirt, but medicinal mushrooms are making a comeback as the next big superfood. Here’s what to know about taking them as an healing supplement:

The power of their benefits and healing is real – the global mushroom market value is expected to exceed 50 billion USD in the next seven years due to growing demand, according to Grand View Research.

Witnessing this first hand, as I watched my wellness family, the CURED Collective, bring this into fruition, I am not surprised at the rapid growth of these powerful healing plants!

When I first dove into natural supplementation and remedies, I was introduced to these healing herbs by my naturopath, and through endless research, brand exploration, and trials of different herb testing, I am thrilled to share the knowledge I gained as you step into the alternative route for healing! I applaud you for how committed to your health of your future self!



  • Known as the “smart drugs”, these cognitive enhancers are in every neurohacker’s toolbox to enhance motivation, creativity, memory, and other executive functions.
  • Nootropics can do many positive things for the brain — enhancing brain energy, neurotransmitters, cerebral circulation, neuroprotection, brain waves, regeneration, and more!
  • Many seek out brain-boosting nootropics for help with various aspects of mood, including anxiety, depression, stress, and others. Nootropics are known to improve the mood by regulating bad brain circulation, unbalanced brain chemicals, low brain energy, and poor stress resistance.
  • They are appealing energy boosters because they work without the use of stimulates, eliminating any unpleasant stim-related crash or side effects. Brain energy is linked to overall brain health, associating with an energized mindset, the capacity to think quickly, and to have mental agility and maintain sharp alertness.

  • This supplement with researched-backed benefits for energy include:
    • Rhodiola
    • Vitamin B12
  • Nootropics are instead suggested to boost brain energy because they:
    • Supplies oxygen and glucose that are burned for energy, supporting healthy blood flow to the brain
    • Strengthen the brains resistance to stress. Stressful, fast-paces, multitasking activities can all leave the brain feeling exhausted
  • Nootropics with research-backed benefits for depression, anxiety, and other aspects of mood include:
  • Nootropics have a long history of use for improving memory. Nootropics with research-backed memory benefits include:
  • Nootropics can be used in many ways, for diverse aspects of brainpower. The most researched-backed of these nootropics benefits fall under:
    • Short-term benefits: focus, short-term memory, stress resistance, and an immediate edge to productivity, intensity, competition, deadlines, exams, and more!
    • Long-term benefits: promotes healthy brain structure and function during the aging process, supports memory, age-related cognitive decline, mood, and mental clarity.



After riding your daily high, gently take a load off with ZEN by allowing your body to find its most calmed-down, blissed-state.

Types of Medicinal Mushrooms You Will Find In The CURED RISE & ZEN and Their Benefits:


Known as the ‘nature’s Xanax’ due for its ability to help us manage stress, reishi can help reduce insomnia and help us make the most of our waking hours, according to 2011 research from Herbal Medicine, Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects,. If you were able to unwind with a cup of our reishi hot chocolate a few weeks back, you would be familiar with the ease and blissed state aiding in those restful nights.


You are late if you have not already dropped the coffee for a mini caffeine detox break to avoid the acidity, while taking this plunge to break the cycle of caffeine spike and then crashes, try cordyceps in a Spiced Chai.

Where coffee simply stimulates the nerves and become extremely taxing on the adrenals, research from the Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine showed that cordyceps helps people struggling with fatigue by increasing energy levels and physical endurance naturally – without the crash. THRIVE in the morning for a more sustainable boost, by taking one serving of RiSE.


Lion’s Mane

This mushroom is a favorite amongst those who tried the potato salad, for its neuroprotective properties. 2018 research from Behavioural Neurology found lion’s mane to be effective in improving mild cognitive impairment. Take it for increased daily focus – and your long term nerve and brain health. This ‘shroom could be your boost of clear headed confidence you’ve been looking for!

Turkey Tail

Referring back to the digestion module, if you are experiencing digestive issues or are just needing a boot on your weight loss journey, consider turkey tail. This mushroom may be the most common one in North American woods, but it was proven in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences to be a prebiotic that can help stimulate the growth of our gut microbiota. Swap it for your daily prebiotic supplement for a natural alternative.

As a member of the CURED Collective, I am proud to announce the upcoming release to the newest product line RISE and ZEN. Together they make a powerful duo joining the magical world of medical mushrooms, of course with the original CURED touch of Colorado-Grown CBD. #RethinkYourApproach 

If you are just diving into the world of mushrooms either as supplements, healing foods, or just plain ol’ good knowledge, I am humbled to give you a discounted rate to my newly launched program “Wholistically You” featuring CURED Nutrition products, a site-wide discount, and guidance as you dive into the world of mushrooms and CBD.

May health, healing, and happiness be with you.

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