Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Hemp Oil

In this plant-happy world we live in, you can find cannabidiol or CBD far beyond a social media ad. It is popping up in local health food stores, beauty shelves, and may just be what your masseuse is rubbing onto your back during your monthly therapeutic massage. These products are used everywhere, but have consumers asking many questions! One, in particular:


Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil

What is the difference between Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Hemp Oil?

These days, the hemp leaf and green label on these products can be hard to navigate, and the vocabulary around the products needs a bit more of a clarification for those that are just tapping into this healing plant. With that, lets deep dive into that question.


Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil comparison

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is made by pressing hemp seeds together until the oil within them excretes. This method of extraction is similar to how olive and coconut oil is obtained. Hemp seeds are considered one of the (if not the) best sources of plant-based protein. Along with the protein benefits, hemp seeds have an abundance of essential amino and fatty acids that the human body requires.

The fatty acids hemp oil contains (omega-3 and omega-6) is one of the most beneficial health factors of it. These acids can help diminish the signs of aging and improve heart health. They are also what makes hemp oil such a great moisturizer since omega-3 and omega-6 act in a similar manner as the skin’s natural lipids.

Since only the seeds are being used in this process, hemp seed oil does not contain CBD and/or other cannabinoids. If you are looking to get mind and body relief, you may want to look towards CBD oil.

CBD Hemp Oil

CBD hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant and is full of cannabinoids that are only found in the cannabis plant family. It is the oil that contains a concentration of CBD, or cannabidiol. Coming from the hemp plant, CBD hemp oil is extremely low in THC, and extremely high in CBD (the non-intoxicating component of the plant).

CBD hemp oil works with the body through the endocannabinoid system or ECS. The endocannabinoid system is showing promise for keeping the body in a state of balance by regulating the body’s functions of sleep, mood, pain, appetite, hormone, and immune response.

CBD helps to stimulate your body’s natural cannabinoid production to maintain the efficiency of the receptors and optimal function of the endocannabinoid system. But CBD does more than just affect cannabinoid receptors. It impacts many other receptors as well, including opioid receptors. It has been shown to affect dopamine and serotonin receptors as well. Dopamine regulates aspects of cognition and behavior, while serotonin receptors deal with mood conditions such as anxiety.

Since both are essentially wellness ingredients, you won’t be harmed if you accidentally purchase one or the other. However, if you are trying to reap the maximum health benefits, CBD oil may be your optimal choice.

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Cured Collective Podcast Episode #20: What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil?

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  • Cindy O'Donnell

    Great article, Karlee! Very informative, and well written. Helped me understand the difference between the seed oil and plant oil. Recipe looks delicious!!! Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Karlee Garland

      Thank you Cindy!

  • Jim Dunham

    This is a wonderful, informative post! I have often been questioned about whether hemp products I use such as hemp seed oil and hemp milk are safe and how they relate to the marijuana plant. I never knew the answer to these questions except to say that they are a different part of the plant that doesn’t contain THC. Now I truly understand the difference! Thank you

  • Lynette Johnson

    Thank You for having a simple, getting to the point podcast. You explained in detail the answer to the question in full!
    I have just began research on CBD and will be subscribing to Cured
    Need to learn the basics about ratio’s with THC and/or just using the CBD pure.
    I will be interested in:
    ~ anxiety
    ~ focus
    ~ energy
    just a few for now….
    Looking Forward to learning,

  • Cannabria CBD

    Well written and to the point. Thanks for sharing this useful post!

  • Denise

    Thank you for the wonderful information. Helps me to decide which CBD Oil to order.

  • Kevin L

    Thanks for boiling this down properly. It is such a tricky and seemly subtle difference. Unfortunately many scammers are using customers lack of understanding to make sales on sites like Amazon. This is why so many people are saying they didn’t feel anything. I am sure that CURED is potent unlike the hemp seed oil sellers.

    Great post and I like your brand name and branding. Keep rockin’

  • David Rothschild

    Hello. I’m am a diabetic on oral medication. I have heard that one of the 2 things mentioned above are best for blood sugar. Which would you recommend as I’ve heard contrasting opinions.
    Thank you very much!

  • Janet R Evans

    Good article. Thank you kindly

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