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7/12/19 | CBD Recipes

Full Spectrum Homemade Hemp Milk

Cheers to relief! This delicious cup of homemade hemp milk made by our friend Georgie, over at the Fearless Bodies Blog, is infused with our most raved about product available: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. What makes this oil stand out from the rest, including our Classic THC-Free Mint Oil

Perhaps it is the earthy undertones, instant headache relief, or the perfect enhancement to take your favorite dish or sip to a whole new infused level. Nevertheless, this oil has users reaching for it in times of overwhelm, aches, pains, and anxious jitters.

Full Spectrum or Whole Plant Flower Oil is an indication that the oil contains all cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBC, THC! Here you can read more about the difference between Full Spectrum Hemp oil and THC-Free Classic Mint Oil, and how you can incorporate both into your wellness regimen.

Now onto the recipe:

CBD Hemp Honey Milk

The perfect cure for pre/post flying brain fog or jet lag!

To make:

Blend one cup of organic shelled hemp seeds with one cup of boiling hot water, one teaspoon of local honey, one teaspoon of coconut butter, one full dropper of Cured Full Spectrum Oil and one teaspoon of cinnamon until smooth. Pour into your favorite mason jar or mug and sip slowly. 

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