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9/2/19 | Education

Save Yourself From PMS

For so many women, PMS can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Relentless cramps, lower back pain, and serious mood swings can make women dread their menstrual cycle.

If you’re one of them, there’s something you need to know.

CBD is here! And may be able to help!

Women across the world use cannabis and hemp extracts to ease the symptoms of endometriosis, menstrual cramps and other gynecological complications – and they’ve been using them for millennia. In the last few decades, THC and CBD have been shown to be effective therapies with relatively few to no side effects. 

Many have found that Cannabidiol, CBD, helps alleviate the symptoms of discomfort that comes once a month. This finding can be breaking news for those that suffer from excruciating PMS symptoms. 

PMS, premenstrual syndrome, is experienced by 75% of menstruating women each month. 

That is EVERY 2 to 3 weeks in a woman’s life for DECADES – and the range of symptoms it encompasses is diverse, and can be debilitating. 

According to PubMed Health, PMS “is a set of physical and psychological symptoms that start anywhere from a few days to two weeks before a woman gets her monthly period.”

With research in its beginning stages, scientists are enthusiastic about these compounds after recent discovery that the body’s natural endocannabinoid system is integral to the healthy functioning of the female reproductive tract. 

In fact, imbalances in these neurotransmitters are often linked to reproductive complications and diseases – including endometriosis – and it seems that careful use of phytocannabinoid supplements, topicals, and suppositories could make a huge difference in the underlying imbalance and the pain that comes along with the imbalances.  

How can CBD help during your monthly cycle when symptoms arise? 

Minimize the Intensity of Menstrual Cramps and Bloating: By improving digestive functions and reducing inflammation and nausea throughout your body, CBD can help attenuate cramping and bloating. Better yet, you can proactively prevent these symptoms by taking our fast acting, Full Spectrum CBD drops a few days before your cycle begins.  

Decrease Mood Swings and Regulate Hormonal Functions: One of the imbalances specifically is linked to the hormonal imbalance that is very common during PMS and unfortunately, plays a large role in causing mood swings. CBD can help recalibrate your emotional responses; CBD interacts with our body’s Endocannabinoid system (a network of cell receptors throughout the body that cannabinoids like CBD activate). Our highly potent Full Spectrum CBD Oil ensures the endocrine system (the part of the body responsible for hormone regulation and production) runs smoothly so that your period has less of an effect on your hormone regulation. 

Reduce Breast and Lower Abdomen Tenderness: CBD is the ultimate natural support for reducing inflammation in specific areas like breast, stomach, and low back. It regulates the vanilloid receptors – that moderate pain perception. By massaging our high-potency CBD Salve in the affected areas to find some much needed relief from the discomfort and irritation. 

Manage Stress: CBD helps the body manage and deal with stress. With its anti-anxiety properties, CBD not only inhibits the release of the stress hormone, Cortisol, but also slows the breakdown of endocannabinoid, anandamide (more commonly known as the “bliss molecule”). Consequently, you will find yourself unbothered by even the most painful and irritable PMS symptoms. 

Ladies, gone are the days of your period controlling you! Save yourself from the monthly cramps, nausenes, and headaches by incorporating CBD into your everyday routine. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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