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10/9/19 | Education

A Guide to Third-Party Lab Testing

Consumers across America are utilizing this powerful natural remedy for a variety of ailments. Pain management, stress relief, and a better night’s sleep are just some of the potential benefits of adding hemp-derived CBD to your supplementation regimen. 

The hemp industry is currently unregulated, as there are discrepancies between state and federal governments on the legality of production and distribution methods at scale, meaning, the FDA has stepped in to stop individual companies from producing low-quality or deceptive products, but there is no nationwide FDA regulation for CBD sales. 

Because of this lack of regulation, there is less of a likelihood of stopping low-level companies from making false claims about the containment of their products. This poses a huge danger to consumers who lack proper education, making it more important than ever to be an educated consumer. At Cured, we encourage our customers to become conscious consumers of these plant allies by providing detailed testing results of each product we manufacture.

Our goal from start to finish is to ensure that our customers know exactly what they’re buying and putting into their body. Quality is always at the forefront of our minds in everything we do. With that goal in mind, we have a detailed quality control page to provide information on each product batch. Thanks to our third-party testing labs, we are able to provide our consumers the highest quality hemp products on the market today AND the lab results to back them up.

The Cured Way:

Cured Nutrition utilizes third party testing for all products and source hemp material to ensure products are clean, compliant, and safe for human and/or pet consumption. We have evaluated numerous labs to ensure consistency in testing procedures. Product batch numbers are linked to lab reports to verify inventory quality standards.  Lab results for product potency and and extract contaminants are available online.

Step by Step:

Arrival of Concentrate:

When new concentrate arrive to Cured’s facility it is first tested for potency and contamination.  For every kilogram of extract, three grams are taken to a third party lab for testing. The labs then test for residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, microbial contamination and potency.  

When each batch of extract passes testing it is cleared to be used to infuse product.  Extract that fails testing and shows contaminants above Colorado State Regulation must be returned to the supplier or be disposed.

Extract potency tests are used to calculate batch formulation quantities.  Production manager and operations manager must verify calculations before batch production begins.

Product Potency Testing:

When a batch is completed a single unit is randomly selected to be submitted for a potency test.  The product’s CBD content must match targeted potency. Additionally, product must meet compliant THC levels.  Cured Full Spectrum products must be below 0.3% THC.  Cured “Zero THC” products must test 0.00%THC or ND (not detected).  

Upon potency verification, the batch is cleared to enter product inventory and lab reports are published to the Cured Quality Control web page.  Product batches that do not meet potency standards cannot enter product inventory and must be disposed.

Finding Batch Numbers and Associated Tests:

All tinctures, gel caps, raw caps, and spices have batch numbers on the bottom of the jar or bottle.

Once your batch number is located, click on the tab of the specific product. A drop list of batch numbers will appear for each product after individual product tabs.  Click on the batch or lot number that matches the number on the bottom of the product.

Each product batch has its own page with the 5 test results.  Potency tests are listed first, followed by the extract contaminants tests. 


How To Read Potency Tests:

Potency test results can be tricky to read.  Every test facility has a slightly different report format.  It becomes a lot easier to understand the lab reports by understanding the different parts of the potency test lab report.  Cured Nutrition uses Botanacor for the majority of product potency test. The image below explains a sample lab report from Botanacor. 

One Last Note:

Whether you’re picking up a bottle of CBD oil for the first time or you’ve been a long time hemp advocate, it’s important to know what included will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for as you set out on a new journey towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Ready to purchase a high quality hemp product? Cured has a wide selection of edible, sublingle, and topical products designed to meet the needs of all. Each of our products have been lab tested and come with a certificate of analysis so you’ll know what’s included. Find the CBD product that best suits your needs.

For further explanation on how to read your Cured batch number, please contact our customer service. 

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