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11/6/19 | Education

How to Spend Your Day With Cured

There’s no question that the stigma around cannabis and plant allies have been slowly dissipating over the last few years, and with the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp on a federal level, CBD has been booming within the wellness industry. 


With many brands, products, and consumption variety on the market, it can become confusing on what CBD product one should take, when to take it, and how much to take.


At Cured, we encourage our community to become conscious consumers, and to honor their ever-changing individual needs! 


With the awareness that we live in a fast, multi-tasking society, ones need of relief from the hustle and bustle of the consistent chatter of one’s own mind can change daily. Thanks to our wide arrange of products, your mind and body wellness needs will always be met, any time of day!


5 Ways To Incorporate Cured Into Your Daily Routine:


Morning Cup of Joe:


Whether you are an at home pour-over-guru, or you like to nestle yourself into the comfiest couch at your local artisan cafe corner and scroll through your social media before scurrying off to work, morning is one of the best opportunities to consume CBD and start your day off with a peace of mind.


And we’ve got the products for you! Sweeten your favorite home-brew with a dash of our infused classic, Cinnamon Honey. A simple dash provides your body with a sweet microdose that may help you achieve sufficient daily cannabinoid levels which in turn helps regulate several bodily functions!


Like your coffee black? We got you! Wash down a serving of our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with your favorite cup of joe. Taken sublingually, this earthly blend is made from whole hemp flower and includes all hemp cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. The bes part? Whole plant extract has a higher efficacy because all the naturally-occurring constituents work synergistically to create an even greater effect than isolate formulas, which are most prominent on the market today.

Pre-Meeting Crunch Time: 


Struggling to put those last minute touches on your presentation? Needing a quick energy boost? Better focus? Mental clarity? Help with that ‘afternoon slump’?


Meet RISE, the must-have cannabinoid and mushroom blend that everyone is talking about. 


It’s formulated to give you a morning boost, serve as a midday pick-me-up, or even give you a pre-workout enhancement for all your active endeavors. RISE uplifts the body and mind without the caffeine aftermath crash! What more could you want?!  


Known as the “smart drugs”, the Nootropics within Rise are a cognitive enhancer that every neuro hacker’s toolbox contains to elevate motivation, creativity, memory, and other executive functions. Many seek out brain-boosting nootropics for help with various aspects of mood including stress and worry, lingering sadness, and other cognitive disturbance. 


They can do many positive things for the brain – enhancing brain energy, neurotransmitters, cerebral circulation, neuroprotection, brain waves, regeneration, and so much more


Post Workout Recovery: 


Chocolate mint shake, anyone?  


Besides maintaining a well-balanced diet, regular exercise is one of the easiest and most effective lifestyle changes you can make to promote an enhanced well-being. 


After a long day of ‘grind mode’ in the office, hitting the trail, the mat, or the gym can be one of the best ways to decompress from a hectic day! Pair that endorphin boost with a chocolate CBD-infused protein shake, and you have yourself an enhanced recovery in a cup.


CBD has been reported to carry a long list of benefits. Everything from helping chronically ill patients fight nausea, to acting as a sleep aid for those who struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep, to even assisting in pain management. 


While those seem like potentially huge breakthroughs, CBD is also said to help with smaller stuff, like assisting you to recover faster from your workouts thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.


No matter how fit you are, sometimes you just feel it after a workout. Some workouts can leave you sore for days. That’s because, as the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) explains, working out causes microscopic damage to muscle fibers. Those muscles then become inflamed, which triggers the body to respond and repair, causing muscle soreness, stiffness, and produces a boost in cortisol.


Give your body the relief it needs from your movement with our Classic Mint Oil! Cured Classic Mint CBD Oil combines the great taste and smell of mint with the benefits of a CBD oil. Add our best-selling mint CBD oil to your daily routine to help support your body and mind, and maintain a balance of general health and wellness.


Take The Edge Off:

With the rise of sober curious, many are putting down the cold one and replacing the happy hour with a mindful wellness enhancing activity. 


There’s no question that people are busier than ever and work-life balance has become more scarce in recent years, especially with the rise of technology. The stresses of our fast-paced multi-tasking modern day work life has led to more anxiety and lower quality of life than ever before, which in turn can manifest many physical health problems.


Thanks to our convenient Full Spectrum Gel Caps, you can replace your typical cortisol enhancing cold one with a mind-easing boost of full spectrum CBD oil! 


Cured Raw Gel Caps are made with two simple ingredients: just organic MCT oil and locally sourced Colorado full spectrum hemp extract. With full spectrum hemp extract, all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in the hemp plant are intact and work synergistically to provide relief that is superior to that of isolate extract so you get more bang for your buck.


For the Ultimate Snooze: 


The majority of adults in America have reported sleep disruption at least once a week. With stress at its highest rate than ever before, many individuals are noticing this daily disturbance affects their quality of sleep


A lack of sleep and sleep disorders are at the heart of many chronic health conditions that can arise after periods of inconsistent sleep patterns. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, look no further than Cured Zen


Cured Zen is a nightly CBD + mushroom charged supplement designed to enhance sleep quality, elevate your nighttime bliss and melt away restlessness. Pairing our fungi friends with other adaptogens is our secret to taking the average night of sleep to a whole new dimension. 


With soothing ingredients such as magnesium, valerian, Ashwagandha, chamomile, and of course, the mushroom of immortality, Reishi, this night-time formula is sure to help you unwind from the hustle and bustle of this CRAZY life. 

Thought for the day: how can you get the most out of your routine with the help of Cured? Whether you CBD for one of the above cases, or you do them all (we promise, we don’t judge) we encourage you to know that’s in your products, where they came from and understand that high quality products make all the difference!

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