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12/2/19 | Education

Is Your CBD Working?

So you’ve stumbled into the world of relief, tranquility, and rejuvenation. Welcome, friend. You are in the right place! Whether you are a veteran CBD user or a newcomer, there may still be lingering questions about this versatile plant, including IF it is working for you.

How to tell if your CBD is working

To begin, let’s take a refresher on the basics of CBD:

  • CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of compounds, known as cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant.
  • CBD is a non-intoxicating compound of the hemp plant and is believed to have many therapeutic effects on the human body and mind.
  • Cannabidiol is extracted from cannabis or hemp (plants, both belonging to the Cannabis Sativa family) and diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil to create CBD oil.
  • CBD comes in many shapes and sizes, including tinctures, capsules, cartridges, edibles, and topicals, allowing you to align with what fits your unique needs.
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    What Benefits Should I Expect From CBD?

    Since CBD is such a versatile compound, the benefits that can come with regular consumption may stretch for miles! Many cases have reported an improvement in their social anxiety, cognitive functions, stress levels, workout recovery, and sleep cycle… but the list doesn’t stop there.

    How Long Should It Take To Notice The Benefits?

    With the list of benefits tucked away in your back pocket, you may be wondering how long it will take to notice the beneficial effects of CBD. CBD can generally take from a few minutes to a couple of hours before the benefits are noted, however this will vary from person to person and will depend on several other contributors.

    For starters, the form in which you consume your CBD product will also affect how quickly the CBD is absorbed into your system

    CBD comes in many shapes and sizes, including products that range from oral consumption, inhalation (vaping), or application to the skin in the form of salves or lotions.

    Research suggests that CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits when applied externally.  The antioxidant properties of CBD may also protect your skin from the free radical damage that leads to pigmentation, wrinkles, and signs of aging. Topical application may also be beneficial for some skin conditions, and may provide localized relief from muscle soreness and joint and nerve pain

    In contrast, vaping or sublingually ingesting CBD are the two fastest ways to reap the benefits of cannabidiol. It is reported that the consumer can start feeling effects within minutes, and typically last four to six hours. 

    The CBD may take a few hours to kick in if consumed in edible form (for example, with our CBD infused Cured Dough), since the body requires the product to go through the digestive tract and be filtered by the liver before being fully absorbed.

    CBD oil on white table top

    Another Factor To Keep In Mind:

    The consumer also needs to note, while determining the desired effect, is the dosage of CBD product that they consume.

    Your CBD product will come with a recommended dosage to start with, but this often has to be adjusted depending on your weight, metabolism, genetics, product consistency, and what health benefits you desire to achieve.

    While we wish we could provide our consumers with a mathematical CBD dosage calculator, it isn’t that simple – there is no recommended daily allowance (RDA) or universal dose for all people. Consider the labeled “recommended dose” as a starting point but not something set in stone. 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What If My CBD Is Not Working?

    Keep in mind that certain CBD products require longer time to fully absorb into the bloodstream since some products (include Raw Caps and Infused Spices) have to go through the digestive system and be processed through the liver.

    We suggest  to experiment with serving sizes to determine exactly what works best for you. This may take some trial and error. The beauty of CBD is the way it allows you to customize your serving and determine exactly how much you need.

    When Is The Best Time Of Day To Consume My CBD?

    There is no perfect time of day to consume your CBD oil. However, there are a few important notes to consider when taking your CBD product. 

    Side by side comparison of CBD oils

    Essentially, it boils down to what time is the most beneficial for each person. Some people feel energized and alert when they take their dose of CBD, so taking it first thing in the morning makes sense.

    Others prefer to take it a few hours later when their afternoon exhaustion starts to kick in, giving them an extra boost to make it through the day. On the other hand, many report feeling relaxed and sleepy after taking CBD, so in those cases, it would be best to be taken in the evening or before bed.

    The most important factor is that you’re taking your CBD oil at the same time every day to ensure its effects are consistent.

    Should I consume CBD Oil With Or Without Food?

    With! Consuming CBD oil with food can enhance its bioavailability, allowing more CBD to enter your bloodstream therefore increasing its effectiveness.

    While taking your CBD tincture sublingually allows the CBD to bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream through mucous membranes in the mouth, allows you to skip out on the meal!

    More questions? Click here, and our friend in customer service will cover them for you!

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