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12/5/19 | Wellness

Your Self-Care Tool Kit For The Moments When You’re Too Tired To Care


In today’s modern society, “self-care” has become a household term. 


The self-care movement — grown in response to our chronic stress induced lifestyle born of the digital age and its accompanying mental health crisis — has taken hold of our collective consciousness.


Self-care is not some new-age woo-woo stuff. Doctors suggest it, therapists swear by it, and your best-friend won’t stop raving about it. Plain and simple, we are supposed to spend time on ourselves, doing things that heal and ‘fill our cup back up’. I mean, walk through your local grocer and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find some type of self-care quote blasted on the latest wellness magazines.


However, for many, the signs are conspicuously displayed that self-care practices have morphed themselves into hard-to-read scribbles at the bottom of our mile long ‘to-do’ list. More times than not, burnout hits us before we can even think twice about running a bath. 

Self-care isn’t a practice we reserve for the days we have extra time on our hands or a surplus of money to splurge on a fancy massage. It’s not something we only call on after we’re well-rested or while on vacation. 


No, self-care is an act that we must prioritize daily to help us feel like our best selves. It’s an act that can empower us to show up as the healthiest versions of ourselves, for ourselves. From there, once our cup is full, we can show up for our loved ones and the community around us. 


Without an active self-care practice, it’s possible to come into an unwanted burn out, and fall victim to anger, resentment, and frustration with self and those around us. We must continue to care for our needs, even in the smallest of ways, especially when it’s the last thing we feel like doing.


It’s important to remember that self-care isn’t always glamorous. It’s found in the moments we unapologetically communicate our needs, give ourselves permission to receive, and explore glimpses of the foreign state of stillness is truly when we fill our cups up the most.


Your Custom Self-Care Took-Kit For The Moments When You’re Too Tired To Care:


We get it, its accustomed to think self-care requires a lot of effort, when really what we need is to pause, and surrender into a moment of rejuvenating stillness for our body and mind.


Believe it or not, the below examples all fall under the practice of self-care for those times you are too tired for anything else:


Practice Your ‘No’: 


Learn to say no when your plate is full, the opportunity doesn’t excite you, or you’re too tired. It’s easy to feel like we have to say yes to every request in order to be a good person. When your energy is running low (or when it’s already gone), it’s time to turn your yeses into a solid no. 


Chances are a lack of using the word no played a role to land you in this low-energy spot in the first place. This little two-word is your key to gaining back your time, energy, sanity, and calendar.

Disconnect from your devices: 

An unhealthy habit many of us face each night that is wreaking havoc on our physical and mental health is the invitation into our most sacred space we give to our technology. Ideally, your bedroom is a sanctuary for sleep, relaxation, and intimacy. Phones, TVs, and laptops disrupt all of those things. 


With many studies in action, researchers have found that screen time can not only be detrimental to your sleep-cycle, but also is linked to depression in adult women. So instead, grab a book or a cup of tea.. Maybe a few Zen while you’re at it. This sleep enhancing supplement will surely melt away the worries of the day, not to mention, sit quite pretty on that nightstand of yours! So, take care of your physical and mental health by giving your brain a break and encourage a better sleep by creating a screen-free sanctuary. 


Have A Full Meal (without distractions)

With breakfast on the go, bites of lunch between emails, and searching for that granola bar at the bottom of your purse while on the train home, one could say that quality meals are far and between.

Your body requires fuel — a mixture of proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates — to stay healthy, balance, and functioning. Swap that sugary quick breakfast bars with an easy-to-prep healthy alternative like this quiche


Freshen Up On Your Stress Management Tools:

Any sensible self-care routine should include a stress-management plan with many tools for when things get rough and stress hits an all-time high. 


With it’s calming and relaxing properties, adding CBD to your self-care routine will no doubt enhance your overall experience. The Raw Gel Caps, a customer favorite, will provide you with a blissful, CBD-infused “me time” moment. 


It’s true! Self-care isn’t simply nontoxic manicures, relaxing salt baths, or an elaborate facial. Work to find comfort in the actions you’re already taking to improve your overall wellness instead of believing you’re not doing enough. After all, it’s in the moments you’re too tired to care that you need to care the most.

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