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5/27/20 | Education

Review: Adaptogenic Mushroom Research

In the health, wellness, and fitness communities, it seems as though everyone is talking about adaptogenic mushrooms. While everyone agrees they’re “good for you,” what does the research actually say? The Cured team dives into adaptogenic mushroom research, so our community can better understand how these amazing mushrooms benefit your lifestyle.

Mushrooms for Inflammation

Inflammation is a precursor to many complications in the body. From impacting your level of activity, to even your skin and mental health, inflammation is something you want to reduce at all costs.

On a nutritional level, studies show that mushrooms contain numerous essential amino acids. Amino acids help the body perform many functions, but specifically, they help repair tissues, which are often the source of inflammation.

Additionally, on a nutritional level, mushrooms contain many anti-inflammatory compounds. Studies show that mushrooms contain “compounds such as polysaccharides, proteoglycans, terpenoids, phenolic compounds, steroids, and lectins”; the study goes on to say that all of these compounds have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Mushrooms for an Immune Boost

Our immune systems help us combat the millions of germs that we come into contact with every single day. Having strong immune health means you can explore the world and focus on your wellness habits instead of worrying about constant illness, allergies, and other bothersome symptoms.

When mushrooms are consumed, they’ve been found to modulate and activate certain parts of the body’s immune system. More specifically, research suggests that adaptogenic mushrooms activate T lymphocytes, which create antibodies and help destroy foreign or mutated pathogens.

Allergy symptoms are a response from the body’s immune system. Interestingly, in models and animal studies, data shows that adaptogenic mushrooms can reduce the immune system’s response to allergies. While more research needs to be done, the connection between mushrooms and allergy-relief is intriguing.

Lastly, many studies refer to the antioxidant properties of mushrooms. Antioxidants support the creation of healthy cells by fight oxidative stress, so this connection is important to understand. More specifically, research shows that the bioactive compounds in mushrooms “enhance” the immune system’s defenses.

Mushrooms and Gut Health

More so than ever before, doctors and researchers are discussing the role of gut health on our overall health.

Research suggests that mushrooms can impact the body’s regulation of gut microbiota, which contributes to how our body digests and absorbs nutrients. While the mechanisms for regulation are not quite understood at this time, the study concludes that exploring mushrooms as a prebiotic is essential to understanding gut health more accurately.

CBD and Mushrooms

If you’re familiar with CBD, you’ll notice that from a scientific perspective, many of the benefits of both CBD and mushrooms align.

This is why, at Cured Nutrition, we combine CBD and adaptogenic mushrooms in many of our CBD products. We believe that wellness, from a broad perspective, comes from numerous natural sources. We are proud to be at the forefront of this movement.

If you want to add CBD and mushrooms to your routine, check out our Cured Rise and Cured Zen CBD gel capsules.

Adaptogenic Mushroom Research for Our Benefit

It is so important to dive into the scientific studies surrounding the food we consume; having the knowledge allows us to cater our diets, mindsets, and conversations around solid and accurate information. At Cured, sharing this knowledge with you is important to us.

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