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3 Easy Ways To Regulate Stress Every Day

Relief every single day? It sounds almost too good to be true. But rest assured, we have three easy habits to help with combatting your daily stress. You deserve peace of mind – follow our roadmap to create a better present.


Small doses of daily stress are actually great for our mental and physical health. The hormetic effect increases our window of tolerance and our resilience. It primes our bodies for reliable responses and prompts us to rise to every occasion.


However, there is an inevitable tipping point. When mild stress becomes chronic and unremitting, it does more harm than good. The buildup taxes our nervous system, depletes our immune system, steals our sleep, and takes a toll on our mood.


We can’t eliminate stress altogether, but we can support our stress (and relaxation) response for improved health and vitality. These three easy habits will offer you the daily support you need.


It’s All In Your Breath


When was the last time you checked in with your breathing? Our breathing is something that happens automatically, without our active effort and attention. So, it’s easy to disregard. Yet, this (mostly) unconscious inflation and deflation of our chest holds the key to regulation and relaxation.


Our breathing patterns change when we’re anxious, and not for our benefit. A common result of daily stress, mounting tension can trigger rapid, shallow breathing or unintentional breath holds. Then, the cycle perpetuates itself – shallow breathing reduces the diaphragm’s range of motion, and the lowest part of the lungs do not get enough oxygen.


The “shortness” of breath provokes a feeling of angst and agitation, and so the cycle continues. 


As is often the case, the medicine lives in the opposite. Break this cycle and beat the stress with deep, belly breathing.


This is your anytime, anywhere, any day tool.


Focus on slowing down your inhales and exhales to 5-6 seconds each. And instead of breathing into your chest, breathe into your belly (as the name of this technique suggests). If it’s helpful, you can imagine expanding your torso in a three-dimensional direction or pushing your belly button against your waistband. As you exhale, draw your belly button back towards your spine.


Perform this style of breathing for as long as you need to…and for as long as you can! Deep belly breathing will encourage a full oxygen exchange, which can slow your heartbeat, stabilize your blood pressure, and calm your nervous system. The result is inner peace in the outer chaos.  


Stop, Drop, And Connect


Social support is vital for our mental and physical health. After the last few years, many of us are more aware of this fact than ever before. But the proof is more than anecdotal. We have plenty of research to back it up! 


Social support can improve stress resilience, protect against mental health diagnoses, and reduce morbidity and mortality. And the quality of these social ties can even predict our overall health status. In contrast, “low social support has been associated with […] heightened stress reactivity, including elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, and exaggerated cardiovascular and neuroendocrine responses to laboratory stressors.”


Quick, phone a friend!


The next time you’re trying to combat your daily stress, lean on your social support network. Whether your first-to-call is a friend, family member, partner, coworker, or the trusted vet tech to Fido, a few minutes of meaningful connection can drop you into a more grounded state.


Use discernment, but show up authentically. You can only feel fully supported when you are fully seen.




Microdosing Makes The Magic


Stress is a killjoy. Okay? We said it. It wreaks havoc on our bodies, but the toll it takes on our emotions is often the first disruption we notice. With daily stress, we’re more angsty than amiable and more preoccupied than present.


The third step in our roadmap relies on the magic of microdosing…and microdosing THC, to be specific. Many experts now believe that smaller doses of cannabis offer the most notable benefits. According to Third Wave, individuals who routinely microdose with THC report “higher levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, and improved relational skills,” as well as reduced worry, tension, and mental distress.


But, what exactly is a microdose?


With THC-containing substances, low doses typically range between 1-5 mg of THC. This range accounts for the variability from person to person. For example, 2 mg of THC may be the sweet spot for one person, sub-perceptual for another person, and too mentally intoxicating for a third.


Buffer your daily stress with just one dose.


We added Serenity Gummies to our line because we wanted to make microdosing THC more accessible for the average consumer. With the addition of powerfully healing adaptogens (like Reishi, Ashwagandha, and L-Theanine), you can expect 18mg of CBD and 1.3mg of THC per gummy.


The microdose of THC, in combination with the other stress-busting botanicals, will reliably deliver you to a place of peace. Plus – with our gummies, your dose is your decision. You can add to or subtract from your gummy dose at your leisure, knowing that science is backing you up.


The stressor may not disappear, but we guarantee your brain and body will feel relief. Unburden yourself with one bite, and taste the sweetness of Serenity.


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