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5 Mindfulness Activities for the Cured Nutrition Community

At Cured Nutrition, our focus is always to provide our community with resources and products that help you live fulfilling, healthy, and active lives. We want to share a few mindfulness activities with you that we find valuable. Wherever you live, you can integrate these into your routine as you work to increase your wellness.  

Organize Your Workspace 

We realize, at first glance, that this might seem like a chore. More specifically, a chore you’ve been trying to avoid. Rather than approaching this activity with a “work” mindset, what if we reframe, and discuss the intentionally that can go into organizing your workspace?

Oftentimes, clutter in our living space can reflect the clutter in our mind, or more broadly, our lives. Taking the time to organize can help us to mentally refocus and prioritize. Health care professionals even recommend this, stating that organization of clutter can improve sleep, reduce stress, and even make you more productive.  

Set aside some time to organize your workspace. If you find this mindfulness activity valuable, you can move to other areas of your home as you see fit.  

Seek Out Feel Good Stories 

We live in a beautiful world, but we’re constantly bombarded by news stories that can cause us serious stress. When we get into the habit of checking the news, this negativity is perpetuated in our own lives.  

For one of our mindfulness activities, we suggest seeking out “feel-good stories.” There are numerous resources, but we suggest the Humans of New York Instagram page.  

Once a day, allow yourself to linger on the goodness that surrounds you. Reading these stories can help you be more present and positive in your daily life.  

Go Outside 

John Muir, an activist and author, once said, “In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”  

Nature is healing, and right outside of your front door. When was the last time you sat in the grass or listened to the birds?  

Research demonstrates that being connected to nature increases happiness. So get outside and do something you love. Whether you choose to be active or just want to soak up some Vitamin D, you will surely feel more relaxed afterward.  


Want to establish a calming routine? Meditation is an excellent practice if you want to be more mindful.  

Now, meditative practices can look differently for everyone. There is no “wrong way” to meditate, but here are a few ideas. 

  • Listen to a guided meditation or calming music 
  • Designate a meditative space in your home. When you feel stress, or need a break, sit in your meditative space. 
  • Do a puzzle 
  • Practice breathing exercises 
  • Go for a walk  

Meditation is about training your mind to not fear calm or inactivity. The goal is to de-stimulate your brain, and then ultimately, carry this sense of peace to the “outside” world.  

Adopt a Mindful Diet

According to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, the average American spends just over an hour eating each day. While that might not seem like a long time, it adds up over two weeks per year. 

Adopting a mindful diet is a great way to not only care for your mind but also your body. The way we nurture our bodies from a nutritional perspective can have a significant impact on our overall happiness.

In one study, over 10,000 participants adopted the “Mediterranean Diet,” which is consistently ranked as one of the healthiest diets in existence, over a multi-year period. Researchers found that participants developed depression at a significantly lower rate than the general public. 

Want to be more mindful? Treat your body right! 

Which of These Mindfulness Activities will You Try?  

We can all work together to be more mindful. At Cured, we value our community’s ongoing commitment to wellness. As an organization, we hope to provide you with resources and information you need to live a more balanced life.   

What activities will you try? Let us know! 

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