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5/13/20 | Wellness

Add CBD Tinctures to Your Personal Wellness Formula

Looking to expand your healthy routines? It’s important to cultivate new habits and embrace all-natural products. At CURED, we recommend adding CBD tinctures to your personal wellness formula.

What is a Wellness Formula?

When you think about creating a personal wellness formula, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, this wellness practice is about cultivating good habits and supporting regulatory body processes. Each person’s ideal wellness formula is unique, but many address the same topics, such as:

  • Sleep
  • Energy Levels
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Exercise

For your body to function, all of these areas must work cohesively. After all, our health, mental and physical, are intrinsically intertwined. By listening to our bodies and creating consistent habits, we can not only support our wellness but thrive from it.

CBD Tinctures for Wellness

It’s possible that you’ve never heard of CBD tinctures, let alone considered adding them to your wellness routine. Understanding why CBD and the tincture delivery method are effective in promoting wellness is essential.

What are CBD Tinctures?

CBD Tinctures contain two main ingredients: hemp oil and carrier oil.

Tinctures often come in a bottle that’s accompanied by a dropper.

Tinctures act as an effective CBD delivery method for a few reasons. When taken orally, the digestive process begins immediately. This means that the tincture is metabolized quickly, enabling you to feel the benefits of CBD more rapidly as well.

Potential Benefits

There are many science-identified potential benefits of adding CBD tinctures to your wellness routine.


A recent study suggests that Cannabidiol has therapeutic effects on sleep. More specifically, CBD has “modulatory effects on serotonin-mediated apneas” The results of this study suggest that regular CBD consumption might improve your sleep.

Mental Health

A vast case study suggests a connection between CBD and anxiety-relief. The study states that “evidence points to the calming effect for CBD in the central nervous system.”

Exercise Recovery

Physical exercise puts a strain on the body, even if you don’t over-exert yourself. Research suggests that CBD alleviate the inflammatory aches and pains you experience following a great workout.

CBD for Wellness

Everyone’s wellness formula is unique and demands that you both listen to, respect, and work on your mental and physical health. Creating the right routine for you will always be a work in progress.

On our path to living healthier and happier lives, CBD tinctures can play a role. You can easily integrate tinctures into your routine as you see fit. Most importantly, always listen to your body along your journey.

Cured Nutrition CBD Tinctures

At CURED, we offer a few variations of CBD tinctures so you can cater your own experience.

Our Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Oil is made from whole-plant extract, contains flavorful natural terpenes, and comes in a variety of milligram options.

Our Classic Mint CBD Oil is made from isolated CBD (THC-free), has a refreshing peppermint flavor, and also comes in a variety of dosages.

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