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8/26/20 | Education

An Immune System Boost with Mushrooms

As our understanding of health and wellness continues to expand, we’re constantly looking for new ways to support our immune systems. One of the most effective things we can do is consider our diet, level of gut bacteria, and more specifically, how certain foods and nutrients can boost our immune function. Here, we’ll discuss using mushrooms for immunity! 

The Immune System 

The immune system is rather complex. While it has a few key attributes, one thing is clear: the immune system is impacted by, and impacts, every part of our body. The immune system is made up of cells and proteins whose goal is to identify, fight, and neutralize harmful germs and pathogens that attempt to attack healthy cells. 

Having a strong immune response is critical: without it, invading germs are able to replicate and mutate. When this occurs, serious systemic diseases and even various types of cancer are given a chance to develop, unchecked.  cbd-for-immune-system

When your immune system is strong, the healthy cells are often able to “fight off” these invaders naturally. While your immune cells may occasionally need outside help (via antibiotics), the immune system is incredibly versatile, and actually “learns” as you encounter new germs.  

Signs of a Weak Immune Response

Keeping your immune system healthy is key, especially in the time of coronavirus.  

Here are a few signs that your immune health may be weakened. Of course, if you suspect you may be seriously ill, please consult a doctor. 

  • Lack of sleep, trouble sleeping 
  • Slow wound-healing 
  • You’re getting sick more frequently
  • Increased stress and anxiety 
  • Recurring digestive issues

It’s vital to remember too, that even small things, like environmental factors, can trigger an immune system response. For example, a change in seasons can trigger pollen, which can lead to allergies (a response from the immune system). 

What Impacts Immune Function?

Many factors contribute to the high-functioning or low-functioning immune system. Instead, the adaptive immune system must be view as a whole, rather than by its parts. 


For our body systems to properly function, they require regular and quality rest. This allows us to recharge both mentally and physically. When sleep is interrupted our immune cells are as well. 

Research has undeniably tied sleep quality to hormone release. When our sleep is interrupted, the levels of cortisol and pro-inflammatory cytokines change; this shift in inflammation compromises our immunity.


For a variety of reasons, our hygiene habits can change. Simple things, like effective handwashing, can make a big difference for our immune systems. We’ve seen those most recently through public efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19


Our dietary habits and gut microbiota impact our nutrient levels, which inherently affects our immune system and overall health. Studies show that malnutrition or diet lacking balanced essential nutrients can significantly impact how the immune system responds to germs, infection, and disease. Because the human body functions as a whole, it’s critical to take into account the condition of our gut health for an immune boostcured-aura-mushrooms-for-immune-system

Mushrooms for Immunity 

Most people can agree that “mushrooms are good for you.” Many, however, don’t necessarily know about their medicinal properties and why functional mushrooms boost our immune health.

Research shows that mushrooms are “immune modulators,” meaning that they can impact how our immune systems respond to invaders. Studies also seem to agree that immune boosting mushrooms play a role in helping to enhance our immune system of defense. In fact, there are six immune-boosting mushrooms you can easily introduce into your wellness regimen: reishi, lion’s mane, chaga, shiitake, turkey tail, and cordyceps.

For these reasons, and for their dense nutritional value of mushrooms, Cured Nutrition has added functional mushrooms to AURA. Formulated using various adaptogens, a functional mushroom blend, and broad spectrum CBD, it is safe to say Aura does not contain a single ounce of THC as it is not a full spectrum CBD oil product. Our mushroom blend of Turkey Tail and Changu provides you with an immune-enhancing and gut healing dose of nature.

What could be better?

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