Cured Category: Wellness

3/21/22 — wellness

The Stamets Stack Is The Answer To Your Microdosing Questions
Chunking, grouping, stacking…these are all terms we use to describe the cumulative amassing of habits, products, and yes – even mushrooms. Thanks to world-renowned mycologist and author, Paul Stamets,...
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3/7/22 — wellness

Confused About Mushrooms? Use This Guide To Find Your Match.
Picture this: You’re hosting a Trivia Night with your significant other and a group of close friends. The spotlight is on you as everyone waits to see if you...
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1/24/22 — wellness

Two Big Reasons to Supplement with Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola, or Centella asiatica, is a medicinal herb that is highly regarded among Eastern medicine practices, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and indigenous Indonesian rituals. It has...
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1/16/22 — wellness

Vitamin D and Your Immune System
In case you missed it (we doubt you did), immunity is trending in 2022. After two years of fear-mongering, the tides are slowly turning; more and more people are...
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1/10/22 — wellness

The 3-Prong Plan to Accomplish This Year’s Goals
When it comes to setting goals, you’re no amateur. In fact, we would even bet that you have your sights set on your goals all year long; not solely...
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1/3/22 — wellness

L-Theanine: This Year’s Hottest, Health-Hacking Ingredient
Happy New Year, Cured family. We’re grateful for the clean slate and fresh start, but we’re approaching this year a little bit differently than those past. And, for what...
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12/20/21 — wellness

Does Social Connection Determine Your Health Status?
For nearly two years, we’ve been told to distance ourselves from others for the sake of protecting our health and wellness. Countless individuals across the world have altered their...
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12/13/21 — wellness

Curious About Chaga? Here’s What Experts Are Saying.
Curious About Chaga? Here’s What Experts Are Saying. Cha-cha-chaga! When it comes to medicinal mushrooms, Reishi and Lion’s Mane are all the rage. You can find them in countless...
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11/30/21 — wellness

The Fundamentals of Functional Breathing
Breathing; it seems easy enough, right? It’s automatic, rhythmic, and maintained without much exertion. But before we go on, do you mind if we try a little experiment?  ...
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