Cured Category: Wellness

11/7/22 — wellness

Do You Know The Keys To Consistency? Find Out!
In last week’s blog, we highlighted a few of our most experienced partners and gave you their most effective health hacks. If you haven’t read it yet, you can...
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10/31/22 — wellness

The Best Health Hacks, According To Our Partners
Tomorrow marks the first day of the CURED Elevation Challenge, and we’re lucky to have a few of our partners supporting the month-long journey. Throughout the month, these partners...
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10/24/22 — wellness

Set Yourself Up For Success In Four, Easy Steps
With the challenge just one week away, we’re here with a few tips and tricks to set you up for success. The Elevation Challenge is designed to help you...
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8/22/22 — wellness

Serenity Gummies: Feel Good About Feeling Good
The secret is out and the countdown has officially begun! You, our community of dreamers and doers, have been asking for a product like this for five years. So...
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8/15/22 — wellness

The Supplement Industry Is Changing, The Future Looks Bright
Imagine if the supplement industry received a Studio McGee makeover. It sounds like the next award-winning docuseries on Netflix, doesn’t it? Although our idea for a TV show probably...
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7/5/22 — wellness

Should You Be Microdosing THC? (Yes, Most Likely)
The year is 2022 and the term ‘microdosing’ can be found floating around the web as regularly as ‘home workout’ or ‘bulletproof coffee.’ However, if you aren’t as familiar...
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6/27/22 — wellness

How To Keep Your Dog Calm & Carry On 
With the 4th of July just one week away, you’ve been busy preparing for the festivities. Perhaps you’re laying out matching family outfits, dressing your front porch with decor...
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6/14/22 — wellness

This Is Everything You Need To Know About Traditional Chinese Medicine
TCM, maybe you’ve heard of it? It stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it has swept through the wellness community in recent years. It’s worth noting: TCM isn’t even...
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6/6/22 — wellness

Looking for pain relief? Topical CBD is your answer.
Over the past few months, the CURED community has been abuzz with eager and excited conversations. Within the walls of our company, the efficacy of our Hemp-Infused, Max Strength...
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