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8/5/20 | Wellness

CBD for Better Sleep: Add CURED Zen to Your Nighttime Routine

People use CBD (Cannabidiol) for many reasons. One of them is making waves for those who suffer from restless nights, ultimately impacting one’s sleep cycle and sleep scores. Have you considered using CBD for sleep? How about CBD for insomnia? The fact is, adding the right CBD product to your nighttime routine could make a huge difference in your sleep quality and happiness.

What Causes Sleeplessness? cbd-for-sleep-cured-zen-boulder

Millions of people in the United States are diagnosed with sleep problems each year. More specifically, 3 million cases of insomnia, a severe form of sleeplessness, are diagnosed each year.

It’s safe to say that a lot of people aren’t sleeping well

Chronic sleeplessness, or insomnia, can be caused by a variety of things. One of the most common causes is stress and high levels of cortisol in the evening. Other causes of this sleep disorder include poor sleep hygiene, changing work and travel schedules, and even some medical conditions.  

The fact is, sleep disturbances aren’t good for anyone. 

The Cleveland Clinic, a well-known hospital system, recently published an article titled “Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep.” From decreased motor function to impaired memory and reduced quality of life, irregular sleep patterns can severely impact your happiness and productivity.

Now, the question is, how does one foster healthy and sustainable habits to achieve better sleep? 

Practicing Good Sleep Hygiene  

Practicing good sleep hygiene is a great way to tell your body, “Hey, it’s time to rest now.” There are many things you can do to start integrating some of these simple habits into your nighttime routine that will help set your circadian rhythm, as well as help you learn how to manage stress. If you unlock the perfect combination, you’ll be on your way to a more restful night’s sleep

Night Relaxation Rituals 

An hour or so before you plan to go to bed, we recommend having a relaxing nightly routine.  

Here are a few relaxation-friendly activities that will help to calm both your mind and body as you prepare for bed. Remember, it’s critical to put down your phone while doing things activities to decrease stimulation. 

  • Meditation 
  • Listing to a Calm Podcast 
  • Restorative Yoga 
  • Drinking Tea  

A single or combination of these activities can help ready your body for a good night’s sleep. Additionally, all of these activities help you to unwind after a long day, which also has a host of other benefits.

Consistent Bedtime & Wake Up

Having a consistent bedtime helps your body “learn” when it should be tired. Equally, waking up at the same time of day 7 days a week provides your internal clock, otherwise known as your circadian rhythm, with consistency as well.

CBD for Sleep cbd-for-sleep-cured-zen-boulder-colorado

There’s a depth of research that suggests we should add CBD to our sleep routine. 

Research shows that the endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating functions such as circadian rhythm, sleep, hunger, and mood. Cannabinoid receptors make up the endocannabinoid system, which attach to cells in the brain and nervous system. In terms of the body’s sleep-wake cycle, the cannabinoid CBD may communicate with specific receptors that help maintain sleep patterns. There’s a depth of research that suggests we should add CBD oil to our sleep routine. But, you may be wondering “how much CBD should I take?” and “does dosage vary based on the individual?” 

In 2019, a study was published titled “Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep.” During the study, participants took a proper CBD dosage and reported on their anxiety levels and sleep quality. During the first month, in the group that took CBD, 79.2% of participants reported a decrease in anxiety and 66.7% reported improved sleep scores  

This research suggests that CBD not only reduces anxiety but that it also improves one’s ability to achieve a restful night’s sleep. While more research is necessary, the tie between pure CBD and reduced anxiety is intriguing. 

CURED Zen, a CBD product by Cured Nutrition, combines pure CBD with a sleep enhancing blend of magnesium and soothing herbaceous ingredients to help melt your worries away.   

If you’re seeking a natural sleep aid, Zen is a great addition to your nightly routine. Check out ZEN today. 

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