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5/4/19 | CBD Recipes

CBD Infused Watermelon Margarita! Cheers, All of Your CBD Questions Answered!

Take a break, and cool off this spring with this CBD Infused Watermelon Margarita while I cover some of your most asked questions about CBD!   

Whether you are trying to cool off during a sunny weekend BBQ cookout, soothe your sore muscles after that new Saturday mid-morning workout class, or feel more calmed going into a crowded weekend social event, this CBD Infused Watermelon mocktail is going to be at the top of your spring refreshment favorites and you may just have one of your longing questions answered about this healing plant!

If you’ve found your way onto the blog, chances are likely you’re decently familiar with CBD. With that, welcome friend– the collective is strong. We will cover the basic questions and get into the nitty-gritty of these organically grown, hemp-infused nutritional products that catch nearly every eye (and heart) of Cured users.

What is CBD? (and how does it work?)

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant, a plant with a rich history as medicine going back thousands of years. All CBD used in Cured products is derived from hemp. CBD stands for cannabidiol, it is just one of the hundreds of cannabinoids that are found in the plant. Think of this compound like your go-to friend that you can rely on for everything. It supports you, brings you back to balance when you’re getting a little overwhelmed, and overall makes you a better person!

CBD interacts with our bodies in a variety of ways. One of the main ways they impact us is by mimicking and augmenting the effects of the compounds in our bodies called “endogenous cannabinoids” – so named because of their similarity to the compounds found in the cannabis plant. These “endocannabinoids” are part of a regulatory system called the “endocannabinoid system“.

The endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in regulating a broad range of physiological processes that affect our everyday experience – our mood, our energy level, our intestinal fortitude, immune activity, blood pressure, bone density, glucose metabolism, how we experience pain, stress, hunger, and more.

The discovery of the endocannabinoid system has significantly advanced our understanding of health and disease. It has major implications for nearly every area of medical science and helps to explain how and why CBD is such a versatile compound.

Will CBD get you high?

No, CBD is closely related to another important medicinally active phytocannabinoid: THC, the compound that causes the high that cannabis is famous for. CBD is not an intoxicant, but it’s misleading to describe CBD as non-psychoactive. For example, when one who has suffered from prolonged low emotional states of being has taken CBD as a sublingual tincture for a long period of time, and experiences “a heightened mood”, it is apparent that CBD is a powerful mood-altering compound.

Both CBD and THC have significant therapeutic attributes. But unlike THC, CBD does not make a person feel “stoned” or intoxicated. That’s because CBD and THC act in different ways on different receptors in the brain and body.

CBD can actually lessen or neutralize the psychoactive effects of THC, depending on how much of each compound is consumed. Many people want health benefits of cannabis without the high – or with less of a high. The fact that CBD is therapeutically potent as well as non-intoxicating, and easy to take as a CBD oil, makes it an appealing treatment option for those who are cautious about trying cannabis for the first time.

What can CBD do for you?

Depending on your choice of use of CBD, depends on the benefits you experience. For example, if used as a topical as a CBD salve or cosmetic, it can increase hydration and moisture to the area of skin it is applied to. It can help diminish the appearance of longer-term concerns like lines and wrinkles. CBD is rich in antioxidants and naturally high in vitamins A, D, and E. It’s also filled with essential fatty acids like omega 3, which is important for the overall health and appearance of skin. If the CBD topical you use has additional organic herbs, it can be a powerful joint, muscle, and inflammation reliever.

If consumed in a tincture, capsule, infused spice, or delicious dough form, it may provide relief to the following:

Extensive scientific research – has proven neuroprotective effects and its anti-cancer properties are being investigated at several academic research centers in the United States and elsewhere. A 2010 brain cancer study by California scientist found that CBD “enhances the inhibitory effects of THC on human glioblastoma cell proliferation and survival.” This means that CBD makes THC even more potent as an anticancer substance. Also in 2010, German researchers reported that CBD stimulated neurogenesis, the growth of new brain cells, in adult mammals.

These studies are increasing from the accounts of patients and physicians highlighting CBD’s potential as a treatment for a wide range of maladies.

Is CBD only used for a sedative?

No, surprisingly when taken in low to moderate doses, CBD can have a mildly energizing (“altering”) effect. However, higher doses of CBD may trigger a biphasic effect and can be sleep-promoting. Studies have shown that CBD can increase energy levels. An increasing number of people that includes early rises and athletes are incorporating CBD products in their morning regimen for this reason.

CBD is able to give a boost in energy by strengthening body cells that are responsible for making you feel sleepy and sluggish. It can help to reignite your focus and mental clarity, allowing you to have a greater cognitive function and enhanced memory.

Is all CBD the same?

Not at all, at Cured we empower our community with knowledge to encourage our customers to be conscious consumers. The demand for CBD oil products is quickly growing as more people become familiar with the natural health effects and uses of CBD. While you explore all available CBD hemp oil products, keep in mind that not all CBD oils are the same.

As the market expands and more products hit the market, it’s more important than ever that you find a trusted source of high-quality CBD oil. While beginning your search for the perfect product for your individual needs, keep these questions in mind:

  • Is this a high-quality product?
    • With CBD hemp oil being classified as a natural product and dietary supplement, rigorous testing practices are not required by regulators. The methods used to manufacture CBD oil directly affect the safety and quality of products you might buy. That’s why it’s important that you do research and ask trusted manufactures for the proof of their testing.
  • Where was the hemp sourced?
    • There are numerous global sources of hemp and each variety has its own set of characteristics, including its CBD content. High-quality CBD oil products are derived from hemp that is naturally abundant in CBD and cultivated using strict safety standards.
  • Does the company use a clean extraction process?
    • Although it’s more expensive and requires experienced lab technicians, Cured uses a supercritical CO2 process, rather than a potentially toxic solvent, to safely and carefully extract our CBD oil to eliminate any risk of contamination.

Now…onto the real question you are here for…

What is the recipe of this delicious MARGARITA?!

Scroll a bit further and have a toast to the celebration of benefits this plant provides! Infused with our Full Spectrum Raw Oil, this drink can be shared with those who are skipping out on the booze, but are still wanting to participate in the stress-free weekend fun!

Find in-season watermelon, organic if possible and seedless makes it easier to deal with prior to blending. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 cups cubed watermelon
  • 1 cup agave nectar
  • 1 large bunch fresh mint leaves
  • ¾ cup fresh lime juice (approx 5 limes)
  • 3 servings of Full Spectrum Raw Oil
  • 1 cup your choice of tequila (skip it if you are going the sober-curious route!)
  • Club Soda
  • Ice


  1. Blend watermelon in the blender until pureed. Strain to remove some of the pulp (optional) Measure out 2 cups of the strained watermelon juice
  2. Place fresh mint in the bottom of a large pitcher. Add a little bit of the watermelon juice and muddle to release the flavors of mint
  3. Add remaining watermelon juice, fresh lime juice, Full Spectrum Oil, ⅔ cup agave nectar, and tequila. Fill the entire pitcher with ice. Top with club soda.
  4. Adjust sweetness with additional simple syrup if desired. Garnish with additional lime, mint and watermelon slices.
  5. Serve immediately (or freeze for slushie-like consistency)
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