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8/12/20 | Education

CBD Topical for Fitness Recovery

Want to enhance your fitness recovery post-workout? Don’t we all? For those who push themselves to the limits and seek quick and natural recovery, we recommend using CBD topical. Here, you’ll learn more about why and who to use CBD topicals for fitness recovery. 

What Fitness Regimes Do to Your Body Physically cbd-topical-for-fitness-recovery

Everyone’s fitness routine looks differently. While recognizing this, it’s equally important to recognize that all athletes push their bodies to the limits with each and every workout. 

Fitness regimes do different things to your body, but a few things are consistent across many workouts. 

When muscles are tested during HITT, weight lifting, or even Vinyasa yoga, small tears occur in muscle fibers. It is these tears that make you feel soreness after a workout. Essentially, your muscles repair themselves due to the tears and inflammation caused – when they do, your muscles grow. 

Equally, your tendons and ligaments are stretched and strengthen during exercise. At times, this can lead to soreness around active joints. 

In the long run, if you practice fitness and do your workouts using proper techniques, your joints and muscles become stronger. 

How Fitness Impacts You Mentally 

Regularly working out also positively impacts you mentally.  Because of the way fitness impacts us physically, it also intrinsically impacts us mentally. 

One study specifically discusses how exercise positively affects mood. By increasing blood circulation to the brain, the limbic system, which controls motivation and mood, is stimulated. Additionally, when you exercise, endorphins are released. These “happy” hormones reduce stress and anxiety and even boost self-esteem. 

Fitness Recovery for Your Mind and Body 

If you exercise regularly, it’s important to routinely practice fitness recovery habits. There are many things you can do to promote muscle relaxation and repair while also cultivating mental happiness. 

After workouts and on days off, we recommend stretching. Regular stretching increases flexibility as your muscles heal and grow. We probably don’t have to mention that it also feels great after a hard day at the gym! 

While fitness provides stress-reducing hormones, it’s important to allow yourself to unwind after a hard workout. This is critical, especially for those just starting out; some of us get “tense” when we start a fitness routine. Dedicating other time to “relax” helps encourage us to practice good habits outside of the gym as well. 

For example, using self-care products is a great way to practice fitness recovery. Things like a long bath and calming music cultivate and encourage the ongoing health and maintenance that you’re doing to keep yourself fit and refreshed.   

CBD Topical for Fitness Recovery where-to-buy-cbd-topical-in-boulder-colorado

Many fitness gurus have added something new to their fitness recovery routines: CBD topical. 

A variety of research suggests that CBD may help athletes and those who exercise regularly naturally recover. 

An abstract published in 2018 explores using CBD topical for Osteoarthritis (OA) pain. This joint pain, while less severe, may be comparable to those who live active lifestyles. The abstract suggests that CBD topical reduces OA-related pain. While more research is needed, this seemingly strong connection is interesting for those who seek natural products that reduce inflammation. 

Cured Nutrition has developed our Hemp-Infused Max Salve specifically for those who live out wellness and require natural fitness recovery tools.  

Our Max Salve is made with fast-acting full-spectrum hemp oil and a blend of essential oils that reduce inflammation and pain naturally. Additionally, our roll-on applicator makes it easy for you to use during or after your workout.  

For those seeking on-the-go recovery options after a tough workout, Max Salve is your ally as you pursue your fitness goals. 


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