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7/13/20 | Education

Gut Health & Cannabis, The New Must Have Wellness Product

In recent times, digestion and gut health have become an interesting topic when it comes to health and wellbeing. This, in the medical field, is nothing new. Doctors have long determined that your gut health plays a huge role in your overall health.


Gut Health, The Key To Radiating Health

What doctors use to think about gut health is far from what they are finding in recent studies. A long time ago, doctors thought that gut health was for the digestion of food and absorbing of vital nutrients. While this is true, with recent advances to technology, doctors are finding that there is much more to gut health than digestion.

The Gut Microbiome

Besides the bacteria that make you ill, there are also “good” bacteria. Inside and out, our bodies harbor a huge array of micro-organisms. While bacteria are the biggest players, we also host single-celled organisms known as archaea, as well as fungi, viruses and other microbes – including viruses that attack bacteria. Together these are dubbed the human microbiome.

We would not be able to properly digest food without them living in our gut, or to have a working immune system without regular exposure to these microbes. However, things can also go wrong with your gut microbiome. Thankfully, with leading research into healing plants like cannabis, your gut microbiome may just be saved by natural medicine.



Cannabis 101

Cannabis and hemp are an incredible source of healing medicine. Usually people focus on the two most plentiful and popular cannabinoids, THC and CBD. These active compounds have huge therapeutic benefits, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. There are over 400 compounds in this plant, including around 120 cannabinoids and 200 terpenes. Many of these active compounds have natural medicinal benefits.

Cannabinoids, like CBD and CBG, have been used for different disorders associated with gut health. The cannabinoids are used to target receptors within the endocannabinoid system.


How Is The Endocannabinoid System Linked To The Gut Microbiome

As mentioned before, the human gut houses a diverse community of microorganisms. These bacteria contribute to human health in several ways: synthesizing essential vitamins, expanding the energy harvested from food, strengthening the gut barrier and developing and regulating the immune system. 

Similarly, the endocannabinoid system also establishes and maintains human health, exerting a systemic effect across several different systems and organs. The endocannabinoid and their receptors are distributed throughout the body and include the central and peripheral nervous systems.

The interactions between the gut microorganism and the endocannabinoid system, therefore, govern the integrity of the gut barrier, which directly influences health. It has been shown that the cannabinoid receptors can assist us in hunger signaling, inflammation, and stomach permeability.

While research is still in its infant stages around cannabis and gut health, recent findings and personal testimonies are providing hope to those who have suffered from gut related issues. 


The New Must Have Wellness Product

Most people who have gut health issues are left with big problems, but no solutions that actually help. 

That is why we decided to create Aura. A truly science based gut health supplement that will heal, seal and protect your gut.


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