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12/12/22 | Wellness

Three Ways To Overcome Your Holiday Stress

The holiday season is in full swing. For many of us, this joyful time of year is accompanied by feelings that are, well, less than totally joyful. Most of us are familiar with the hustle and bustle that tends to leave us feeling more stressed and depleted than light and cheerful. While this may have been your experience in the past, we’re here to help you ensure that the stress of this season melts away.


Protect Your Peace With Serenity Gummies

Why are we so accustomed to stretching ourselves thin during a time that is truly meant to be celebratory? Consumerism and relentless media campaigns may have something to do with it, ahem. If you’re a holiday shopper, then you know the chaos of “giving season” all too well.

Before sprinting from one overcrowded shop to another, try popping a few Serenity Gummies. Protect your presence in your search for presents. Yep, you can combat the craziness and feel great doing it. No one is here to stop you from showering your loved ones with new pairs of socks so they can finally replace their who-knows-how-old, holey pair.

We’re just here to help you feel the sweetness of serenity while you’re doing it.




Breathe Deeply For Easy Breezy

You are equipped with one of the most powerful and effective stress-busting strategies. It’s free and available to you at all hours of the day. Can you guess what it is?


It’s your breathing! You know, the one thing you can’t live without.


The next time you’re feeling the stress accumulate, give yourself a short time-out and get intentional with your breathing. There’s no need to complicate your practice; find a quiet space and lengthen your inhalations and exhalations to six seconds each. Continue with this breathing pace for 5-10 minutes. As you do this, your nervous system will move from over-activation to regulation and you’ll feel more than ready for the next big task on your to-do list.


Slow Down (Way Down)

Yes, we mean it. Like we said, the holidays are typically paired with major “hustle and bustle” energy…but do they have to be? If you ask us, the answer is no. Instead of falling into the trap of racing through these next few weeks, try to slow down and savor whatever they hold for you.


Find joy in the ordinary moments, and soak up the precious moments with your loved ones. Your presence truly is the best present; not only for you, but for whomever you’re spending time with, as well.


So, this year, try coupling your gummies with a few deep breaths, and notice how good it feels to make contact with your life. There’s no need to rush. You won’t get these days back. Why not thoroughly enjoy them while they’re here?

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