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We are CURED: A Movement Inspired by Nature

We’re CURED; a cutting-edge supplement company that’s carving the path to sustainable, wholistic well-being. We believe in the power of plants and natural remedies. When we look at the multitude of issues we have faced in our own lives, we see plants as possessing the power to support us in ways mainstream medicine and tactics have fallen short.


Our Vision

2 aligned arrows point upward which diverge to point to two different texts. One reads "Institutionalized medicine" and the other reads "holistic alternatives."

We envision a future where everyone has access to the resources, knowledge, and alternative treatments that will help them thrive.

Our Mission

The future of cannabis and mushrooms is now a present reality. In fact, it’s unfolding as we speak.

We are a movement inspired by nature and grounded in a fierce desire to leave a lasting impression on our community, our humanity, and our world. We comprise a collective of heart-centered, mission-driven human beings devoted to supporting others in living well.

Our company is founded on extensive experience in health, wellness, and cannabis. As leaders in the space, we believe we have a responsibility to serve humanity by sharing the true healing powers of nature. When individuals grow frustrated and fed up with their standard approach to medicine, they come to us for guidance.

Our mission is to change the narrative that has been ingrained into society; that cannabis and health, responsibility, performance, and professionalism are independent of one another.


Our Story

CURED was born in 2017 with a strong desire to empower individuals to reach new levels of health. It has since dedicated itself to shifting the narrative around cannabis, mushrooms, and plant-based medicine inspired by Eastern cultures and traditions.

We believe we are responsible for educating our community on alternatives to standard healthcare and highlighting the benefits of turning to nature. We provide informational resources and powerful supplements to encourage individuals to redefine their approach to wellness and well-being.

We continue to uphold our mission of serving our community and our world in our dedication to continued transparency, integrity, and innovation.

“We have a responsibility to serve humanity by sharing the healing powers of nature through proper education, community, and innovation.”


At CURED, we fuse Traditional Eastern Medicine with modern modalities to create the most forward-thinking and effective functional supplements on the market. Our supplements contain functional mushrooms, adaptogens, and cannabinoids that are supported by thousands of years of practical use and current scientific research. 

As a supplement company that is constantly innovating, we understand that our products are indeed supplemental to a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits, and healthy relationships. We encourage and inspire individuals to understand and commit to improving their health through healthy habits before ever reaching for a supplement.


Our Values

1. Nature

We are one with nature. Used for thousands of years before us, the healing powers of nature are undeniable. We believe honest representation and persistent advocacy are required in our efforts to share nature’s benefits with our community. As we learn to turn toward the natural elements, we return to our inherent potential.

2. Responsibility

We are more than just our products; we are stewards of the plants. The foundation of our company and our mission is grounded in accountability and integrity. In an effort to uphold our responsibility to nature and to our community, we encourage functional wellness practices to amplify the benefits of our products.

3. Service

We are committed to service in everything we do, create, formulate, and share. We believe that long-term, sustainable change requires enrolling our community into our mission and vision. We are dedicated to transparency, traceability, and sincerity to ensure every customer receives the highest quality of ingredients, the most effective supplements, and the most compassionate support.


Our Products

Meeting your expectations and needs requires supplements that are both effective and efficient. In accordance with our Core Values, we guarantee our supplements are made with the highest quality and level of transparency at all times. We perform rigorous third-party testing on every run of products and only bring to market the batches that exceed our own high standards.

The lack of regulation and integrity displayed by many other companies in the space has denigrated traditional herbal medicine. When companies cut corners, their supplements lack efficacy and potency. As a result, customers who would stand to benefit have been turned away. 

At CURED, our quality control testing provides you with trusted information regarding the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials; in addition to homogeneity and potency confirmation.


Our Promise

Our organic, Colorado-based supplements are designed to support all aspects of the daily human experience; including performance, balance, and recovery. Each product supports comprehensive mind-body alignment with functional, nature-based ingredients. We are committed to responsibly transforming every individual’s approach to improved health, well-being, and vitality.

We Exist to Help You Feel Your Best.

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