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Where Does Your CBD Come From?

As CBD oils, lotions, capsules, teas, gummies, and the drinks hit the market, consumers can find themselves swimming in a pool of unanswered questions.

The CBD market is unregulated. This is a scary thought because it suggests that responsibility rests on the consumer to find a good source of CBD oil. Because CBD is now being widely used as a household supplement, and is legal in all fifty states when it is derived from the hemp plant, it’s more important than ever to know its provenance and supply chain, which means how it makes its way from the farm to your daily dose of Raw Caps or your muscle soothing CBD Salve. 

So, where does CBD come from exactly? In this guide, we are going to cover everything you need to know about how the cannabis plant turns into your favorite CBD tincture, capsule, or other CBD product.

Where Does CBD Oil Come From?

Today, we answer the question, “where does CBD oil come from?” And explore the source of our CBD oil and the many decisions we made to bring you only the safest and most reliable CBD oil products for your entire family (and even CBD for pets!). Before we get started, let’s take a closer look at what CBD oil actually is and how it affects the body.

Hemp-Derived CBD

There’s no denying it: high-grade CBD is made from organically grown hemp. We derive our CBD that is used in all of our products from the hemp plant, a member of the cannabis family.

While the entire cannabis plant can be used for a number of different things, CBD itself is harvested from the stalk, stem, and leaf of the hemp flower. The seed of the cannabis plant is the only part that does not contain any CBD, while the flowers have the highest concentration. The oil can then be extracted and purified to create a number of different CBD products that we use today.

Common Misconceptions

Many questions float around about the common misconception about the differences between hemp and marijuana. Although industrial hemp, medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana are all members of the cannabis family, hemp is distinguished from other cannabis species by its extremely low THC content. While medical and recreational cannabis often contain THC levels upwards of 25%, hemp varieties contain less than 1%. Hemp is also cultivated in very different ways from medical and recreational marijuana, mostly at commercial scale for industrial purposes ranging from health food to building materials. When a plant contains 0.3 percent or less THC, the federal government considers it “industrial hemp,” and by Colorado’s and most states’ reckoning, can legally be formulated into oils, tinctures, topicals, and capsules, and widely sold to consumers.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil

CBD extract has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a number of different ailments. From anxiety to muscle recovery even to CBD for fertility, this naturally-derived chemical offers endless benefits for the human body.

The cannabis plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids, which are chemicals that are known to affect the body when consumed. The two most common cannabinoids are CBD and THC. 

THC is the chemical that causes a “high effect” on users who smoke marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD does not create any psychoactive effect on the user, but instead offers a number of different positive effects when consumed or used topically. While there is still a lot of controversy regarding cannabis products due to the negative effects of smoking marijuana, CBD itself has been shown to provide the body with a number of health benefits. Also, since CBD is non psychoactive, it is a safe and natural remedy that can be used on a daily basis. 

How Can You Trust CBD?

Although all of our CBD is derived from the hemp plant, Franjo Grotenhermen of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicine has been quoted saying, CBD is CBD. The human body does not care where the molecule comes from.”

We encourage all CBD consumers to check a brand’s website to find out where the hemp was grown, if it is organic, and if the product itself is third party tested.

Meet Our Farmers

As mentioned above, our hemp is grown organically here in the sunny state of Colorado. Hemp is a bioaccumulator, so it absorbs all the compounds from the soil it grows in, both healthy and hazardous. For instance, if the soil is polluted, those same pollutants will end up in the finished product. Thus, the quality of CBD oil directly depends on the quality of the hemp and the soil it grows in. 

For this reason, you should always pay close attention to the source of CBD in any product. Your best option is to go for CBD derived from organic hemp grown in the USA. We source our hemp from a local farm called Shi Farms

Shi Farms is a licensed Hemp Cultivation Operations under the Colorado Department of Agriculture, located in Pueblo, Colorado. This 300-acre farm, and it’s 40,000 square feet research greenhouses has two big concerns when growing their hemp plants. One is making sure that plants don’t absorb any of the potentially harmful chemicals that might be in the soil. The other is how much of the plant’s two key compounds they contain: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which gets users high, and CBD (cannabidiol), which is gaining increasing attention for its potential health benefits.

It turns out, those are also two of the most important factors we, here at Cured, consider when making our CBD products. That is why we have trusted Shi Farms to supply us with organically grown hemp free of heavy metals, pesticides, and other potentially harmful chemicals as well as containing the regulated .3 percent or less THC for our products.

From their hemp flower and hemp terpenes, they use top quality hemp ingredients to make all of our products are one of a kind! 

Why We Use Colorado Hemp

Most hemp used in CBD products sold in the U.S. comes from Colorado or Oregon (which have long histories with cannabis), or Kentucky (which passed a law to support hemp growers in 2013), or is imported from overseas. However, Colorado has the most robust hemp program. Hence why we choose to stay local.

The state’s agricultural program performs spot-tests of hemp plants while they are still in the field to check THC levels and will investigate the potential use of any illegal pesticides based on complaints. Most CBD products labeled on sites like Amazon sourced their CBD from China and other nations that often have byproduct and residual biological constituents that are harmful to consumers.

What Kind of CBD Hemp Products Are Available?

At Cured Nutrition, we’ve created a number of different CBD hemp products to help you reach your ultimate potential. Whether you are looking for a CBD tincture or CBD capsule, all of our quality CBD hemp oil products have been designed with you in mind. Our hemp derived CBD has a minimal THC content, so that you won’t experience any psychoactive effect. 

At Cured Nutrition, we’ve created three unique lines of CBD hemp products that are made with some of nature’s most powerful ingredients. Our Perform, Balance, and Recover CBD lines are made with naturally-sourced and sustainable CBD to deliver a quality product for everyday use.

A Note To The Wise

It’s not that hard to buy safe, high-quality CBD oil. To do so, we suggest to stick to three conscious consumer questions:

  1. What is my reasoning for taking this product?
  2. Is this product made with organic hemp?
  3. Is this product third party tested?

Why It’s Important to Know Where Your CBD Comes From

As said before, it is essential that you know exactly where your CBD is coming from. If you want to reap the positive effects of CBD, you need to go for a product that has a minimal THC concentration and has been cultivated from quality plants.

At Cured Nutrition, we are sure you’ll be able to find a CBD product to complement your lifestyle. All of our hemp derived CBD products have been ethically grown from the cannabis sativa plant by our personal team of farmers. We make sure quality is at the forefront of all of our products. 

At our Cured Nutrition, your wellness is our number one priority. See how our products can elevate your life by giving them a try today. 

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