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7/13/20 — wellness

Gut Health & Cannabis, The New Must Have Wellness Product
In recent times, digestion and gut health have become an interesting topic when it comes to health and wellbeing. This, in the medical field, is nothing new. Doctors have...
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7/1/20 — wellness

Workout Recovery with CBD
Many individuals who make fitness a part of their routine understand how critical workout recovery practices are. More than ever before, CBD is being discussed by members of the...
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6/29/20 — wellness

Is CBG the new CBD? Here’s what you should know.
Move over CBD, there’s another cannabis compound on the block.  By now everyone and their grandparents (especially their grandparents) are well aware of CBD and its healing powers. While...
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6/25/20 — wellness

Meet Aura, Holistic Immune Support
In light of the recent global health crisis, it seems as though everyone can agree that health is our greatest wealth.  As a collective, we have learned that a...
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6/24/20 — wellness

Yoga Practice & CBD
Those that adopt a routine yoga practice find themselves more present, centered, and calm as they live their daily lives. While cultivating this outer balance that has beneficial effects...
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6/10/20 — wellness

5 Mindfulness Activities for the Cured Nutrition Community
At Cured Nutrition, our focus is always to provide our community with resources and products that help you live fulfilling, healthy, and active lives. We want to share a...
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6/3/20 — wellness

Symptoms of Stress: Can Adaptogenic Mushrooms Help?
No matter who you are, you can be affected by stressors in your life. Even if nothing in your life has visibly shifted, stress can creep up on your...
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5/13/20 — wellness

Add CBD Tinctures to Your Personal Wellness Formula
Looking to expand your healthy routines? It’s important to cultivate new habits and embrace all-natural products. At CURED, we recommend adding CBD tinctures to your personal wellness formula. What...
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5/6/20 — wellness

Benefits of Meditation When Practicing Social Distancing
Many people around the world are experiencing increased stress and anxiety because of COVID-19. Social distancing, quarantine, and general closures change up the routines we’ve become accustomed to, demanding...
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