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Made from Colorado Grown Organic Hemp

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Made from Colorado Grown Organic Hemp


Cured™ is a group of athletes, dreamers and healers that believe in the power of hemp. We’ve created the best and most unique hemp products out there so that you can enjoy the balance gained by incorporating cannabinoids into your daily life. Cannabidiol is one of many non-psychoactive compounds that occur naturally in hemp and is found abundantly in our products. It can help promote a healthy regulation of the central nervous and immune systems by regulating the body’s endocannabinoid system. Stay healthy without getting high from products made from the cleanest, highest quality Colorado-grown organic hemp.



Colorado Proud

All of our products are made from Colorado-grown organic hemp. Cannabinoid extraction also occurs in Colorado, using the cleanest and simplest processes possible, resulting in the purest and most bioavailable CBD there is.

Accelerate Recovery

Take advantage of CBDs amazing anti-inflammatory properties – microdose with Cured™ throughout the day to speed post-workout recovery.

Guaranteed Purity

Each product is tested 3 times to verify cannabinoid profile and ensure the absence of pesticides and heavy metals. We are committed to quality.

Promote Relaxation

Taking CBD is a natural, gentle way to counter the effects of everyday stress. Managing stress may be the single best thing you can do for overall health and wellness!


Relieve stress, calm nerves, improve sleep

Improve digestion and general health

Reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery

Microdose All Day

Microdose All Day

Maintain healthy cannabinoid levels throughout the day by microdosing our spices on meals and in drinks

Reset Mind & Body

Reset Mind & Body

To promote relaxation and calm the mind use higher doses through our concentrated oils or gel caps

Take On The Go

Take On The Go

Never leave the house without our nutrient packed CBD infused ready to eat cookie dough

The birth of CuredTM

Cured Nutrition is on a mission to make the benefits of CBD accessible to all. Cured was founded in 2017 by two friends who met in CU-Boulder’s engineering school. They felt inspired by CBD’s ability to affect the well being of people from all walks of life and decided to take a chance and dedicate their time and energy to bringing CBD to the masses through unique and easy-to-use products.

CBD Gel Capsules

Organic methods only

We extract Cannabinoids from whole hemp flower using CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction provides the cleanest and most bioavailable cannabinoids by eliminating the need for extra heat and solvents. We work with several local farms and laboratories and are in the process of building a fully integrated farm to table company. Our very own Cured farm is coming Summer 2018.

Raw Hemp Oil
CBD User Guide


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