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Core Components to Health and Improving the Gut Microbiome


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Joe: [00:10] I’m very excited to have a special guest back on the podcast today; for those who have been around Cured and the Cured Collective for some time now, you would have heard, Cali on episode probably episode 9 or 10, we dove into really the design and creation of our Rise and Zen products because she’s the mastermind behind it. And we are now, releasing our newest product Aura which is for, of course, gut health and immune support and Cali was once again brought on to help us bring this product to life. So, I wanted to bring her back on the show to dive into ingredients and some of the background and the whys and just educate our community as much as possible. Cali, thank you again for everything that you do for us and coming back on the show today. 

Cali: [01:07] thank you Joe so excited to be here and talk about this product which I think is amazing, but also is so, in depth there’s a lot to talk about. 

Joe: [01:23] absolutely and it’s really, it’s really interesting because, even before we hit the COVID era, I guess I would say, we were originally talking about the Rise and Zen products and kind of all recognize that there’s hey I think we think that there’s like, probably one more piece to this to this lineup and Rise and Zen having of course the blends of mushrooms and adaptogens and the cannabinoids, one being more for brain health and mental cognition and energy and focus and the other of course being more of nighttime sleep and calming supplement. We recognize that we need to try something in between the two. So it was kind of, we got we got we have something for brain and we have something for like a whole body reset with thinking about health and really the core component health if you spend any time in the nutrition and wellness space and the people that listen to this podcast do you understand that it’s so important to have a healthy gut, and this is when we start to think about designing this product. This is what we were discussing when starting to design this product and went back to Cali and said, hey, what are your thoughts on this and then thinking about the ingredients that we’ve used in the past, what are some mushrooms that we could look into and what are other components of this product that could really help with, with gut health and immune support and so I think one of the areas I really wanted to start with was just saying hey, like when you as, as a clinical herbalist and as somebody that’s worked with herbs and all sorts of humans along their journey when you think about health; how do you describe and think about and talk about the importance of the gut and, really, you know, just like explain that to somebody that’s really trying to take their health and, really, to its ultimate potential, more or less? 

Cali: [03:35] okay well that’s a great question and also you know you’re mentioning gut health and when we talk about Aura that there was also such a huge component where it was like we really want it to be an immune boosting supplement as well and what I find so incredible about the gut is that the gut health and immune health are synonymous. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the term Gault you probably have but it’s like got associated lymphoid tissue. So, the lymphatics in the body are the immune system. And, you know, the immune systems everywhere in the body, it runs along, you know, vessels next to the blood vessels all through the body, but, you know, Gault, is the lymphoid tissue that’s in the gut and it’s like 70 to 80% of the body’s entire immune system. So, if your gut isn’t healthy, then the rest of your body isn’t healthy, and you know the gastrointestinal tract is the only system in the body, that will work without the brain telling it to work. It has its own brain and not only does it have its own brain they call it you know the enteric nervous system or the enteric brain or the second brain  right, millions of neurons living inside the gut but not only can the brain to the gut brain, you know, in the central nervous system communicate with the gut brain but the gut brain can talk back to the brain and so, you know, some issues of depression, moodiness, irritability, exhaustion, sort of that chronic fatigue feeling gut health very often, is to blame for those feelings and. So, you know, obviously we have the simple digestive health, where you know you’re talking about can I eat food comfortably? Am I absorbing nutrients from the food? And can I eliminate toxins properly? But there are so many other layers and levels of gut health in relation to, you know, psychological health and well being and in relation to your entire body’s immune defense. So really the immune system and gut and digestive health are our one in the same

Joe: [06:38] I’m glad that you tied that all together like that because I think that that’s a kind of a misunderstanding, it’s like okay we’re talking about gut health and we’re talking about the immune system and what’s the difference between the two. It’s really all it’s, it’s all one, and I don’t know how many people have heard this, but it’s something that I’ve always heard as I worked through years and years of struggles with depression and mental health, what was most important to me really changing that was really focusing on proper nutrition but then being supported by supplements and anything else that I needed to take. Some people do take probiotics some people would recognize doesn’t work for them, prebiotics, which actually, I know we can dive into the mushrooms in this podcast but by doing so I really just recognize that everything started to feel different and this when trying to simplify this concept I was talking to some of my marketing team and going through the Rise product and the Zen product and if you think about it, it’s like oh I was able to accomplish something today with Rise so I have a smiley face, and I was able to sleep tonight and so I have a smiley face with Zen, but then you come to Aura and you think about internal necessarily like discomfort or emotional and physical discomfort like they’re both discomfort, you feel emotions in your gut and you also feel, physical, you can feel physical discomfort in your gut and think about when you feel that, do you have a smiley face? No, you definitely don’t, and when we try and simplify it like that, that we recognize that, oh okay cool if I, if I’m actually not feeling, emotional or physical discomfort than I actually feel my best, and that’s controlling that that’s really talking about my mood and how I show up day to day, how I show up in relationship and conversation, everything you do. You can’t be present if you’re if you feel like your stomach or your gut feels off. So it’s so wild to think about it because and I am glad we are raising the awareness of this truth, but it’s so, so important and a lot of the, you know, simple sayings of you are what you eat and things like that, really start to understand the concept when we understand that 70 to 80% of your immune system is built, or starts within your gut and then when you talk about the neurons you talk about the ability to produce serotonin within your gut, and how much is coming from that and it is like whoa, this is wild. So thank you for explaining that it’s, it’s just like the simple line of like health truly does start from within and it starts in your gut and the other thing that I was also gonna say it’s like you know we say trust your gut like what do we mean by that. When you really start to think about it like what you just explained is there’s knowledge there and we listen to it.

Cali: [10:06] it is there and it is almost like an entity, separate from your brain and maybe it has a lot more information than our mind does, you know, yeah all those things like follow your gut, trust your gut and and I love that you talk about that we are what we eat, you know and you know letting food be a medicine because that is number one, and it also is really difficult in our world, our really busy extroverted sort of progress focused productive worlds right always stimulated. So focus on food all the time and the nutrients that you need and to feel calm and not stressed around the idea of eating. And so, supplements, I find in for myself in my life, always drinking herbs in tea form. I’m always taking you know mushrooms, different supplements Rise and Zen like, you know, adaptogens to help my body adapt to the stresses of life. I think it that is your food as medicine too, you know, supplements are your food as well they’re the foods allies because we no longer live sadly, in a world or most of us don’t where all of our energy is put into cultivating really rich beautiful soil, and you know, growing really beautiful nutrient dense food and spending all of our hours of the day, feeding ourselves the way we need to feed ourselves to get all of the nutrients that we need to feel really good and so you know it is like if we can’t get it in our food anymore, then we have to look outside our food. 

Joe: [12:11] I think there’s probably a lot of people that would raise their hands to the fact that we might want to start thinking about trying to live that way and actually cultivating our own food and really making this a change but it’ll be a, it’ll be a slow and maybe different process than what we could see in an ideal state but that’s the truth, really. We’ve talked about this before on our prior podcasts, but when you have a company name, Cured it’s like really bold but what we’re trying to say here is that we’re talking about nutrition and then we’re going to talk about a supplement, when we discuss the Rise and Zen products. One of the first things that we started talking I was like okay like are you do, like, a daily routine, do you check in with yourself? Do you meditate, do you move your body, and are you focusing on nutrition? If you answer no to any of those, please don’t come to us and try and buy a supplement from us, like, no, those are most important to us and if we don’t have those in check there’s no reason to move on to supplements. So when we say our name is Cured it’s the, what we’re trying to do is fix the way that we think because there is no there is no just easy solution to any of these experiences and these issues that we may have, and it requires the consciousness of all of the components that go into truly living like our lives to the ultimate potential and it has to do with being as healthy as possible and so all of that is like the holistic view and then of course, add in the supplements, where they are absolutely necessary and that’s when of course all of our products come in and when we talk about this product Aura there are several components to it, that are very important due to several factors, you know, even just thinking about all of us unfortunately spending a lot more time inside this year with what’s going on and talking first and foremost just about sunlight and vitamin D and how important that is for us. So can you describe or explain to us the importance of vitamin D and potentially the facts around, where most people don’t just get enough?

Cali: [14:49] absolutely and, yeah, it’s so it’s so interesting that you bring that up about sort of the quarantining process and, and how a lot more people have not been outside in the sunlight exposed for, you know, longer periods of time this summer and spring and that does make a difference in your vitamin D stores and levels in your body. I don’t want to make up a number but I want to say, at least in the state of Colorado I think it’s about 50 to 60% of adults are vitamin D deficient and I think that comes as a shock to most people and Coloradans as we are in Colorado, because it’s so sunny here it is like we get 300 days of sunshine, what do you mean 50 to 60% of people are vitamin D deficient and what is so interesting about vitamin D, and why we call it a vitamin because it’s necessary for our body to function, but it’s really vitamin D is really a hormone because we can use the sun to create vitamin D but most of us have to supplement to get replete in the amount of vitamin D that we need to function healthfully and normally and that’s why you know it’s thought of as a vitamin. But really, in the state of Colorado and it’s the further away from the equator you get, it’s an even shorter period of time, and the closer to the equator it’s a little longer period of time, but we can only create vitamin D with the sun between the months of March and October. So, there are at least four months out of the year that you cannot even make vitamin D yourself and they’re so little amounts of vitamin D that you’re getting from your food, and you’re only getting it from, I mean maybe a little bit from mushrooms and you’re getting it from, you know, fish, that you’re eating but it’s not a super well absorbed form of vitamin D that you’re getting from foods and, you know, it’s just the UVB rays as many times of the year and the winter months cannot get through the atmosphere so we just cannot make vitamin D. And then we talk about you know people are afraid of skin cancer as I understand them, they should be but you know everyone’s wearing sunscreen now and we aren’t making vitamin D if we are covered in sunscreen out in the sun. So their vitamin D deficiency is huge, absolutely huge in my clinical practice when I’ve you know had my clients get tested from vitamin D almost always, there is some deficient and then deficiency in vitamin D it’s common as I’m saying and it’s associated with increased autoimmunity increased susceptibility to infection, it’s linked to gut dysbiosis to leaky gut syndrome you know, vitamin D up regulates the pathogen fighting affects of white blood cells. So it’s a super important part of our immune defense. You know, vitamin D decreases inflammation. So we really do need it for healthy immune response and optimal gut health, and the like, huge part and piece of vitamin D is that it’s a necessary cofactor to form the tight junctions in our gut lining. So I don’t know if he talked about leaky gut on your podcast before but yeah, I mean I know a lot of people and it goes back and forth with, which is causing which is effect which came first, but that are dealing with autoimmune disease they are seeing that there is leaky gut and what happens is the tight junctions in your epithelial lining of your intestine, they start to not be tight junctions anymore and they let, you know, food particles, bacteria, things that shouldn’t get into the bloodstream from the intestine into the bloodstream because they don’t have that sealed integrity of the gut lining and vitamin D is 100% necessary cofactor to having those sealed tight junctions in the gut lining and if you don’t have that them they can cause all sorts of digestive issues but it can also cause huge issues like Alzheimer’s, lupus, you know, rheumatoid arthritis like these massive diseases that are people are dealing with on a daily basis and all stemming from likely gut issues. I’m sorry I can talk about this for a long time it’s just so fascinating to me. You know it’s when we talk about the tight junctions, it’s I mean, it’s just fascinating to me that like vitamin D can make such a big difference and so many people are deficient from it and it’s such an easy thing to supplement you know like, yeah, 

Joe: [20:30] one of the things that I’m really hearing here, which, which goes along with what we were discussing in having proper nutrition is even if you do have proper nutrition there could be you could potentially not be utilizing that nutrition in the way that your body optimally could because of because of things that are going on in your gut so it’s like okay well this is where we say it’s a it’s a both thing it’s a both and you have to have both. And if you even just think about what I always try and doing. I’m. Well, you know, but, and I, some of the people on the podcast have heard but coming from an engineering background and loving like the science and really getting into the nitty gritty, like details of it like that’s where that like my brain loves that and then how I try to really explain it to several people in my life especially within the company and as we get the message out to the world is like just truly truly understanding like the concept of what does it feel like when you go sit out in the sun, and you feel the warmth of the sun you feel the rays and you feel the energy that it brings to you like the photons like bringing energy and everything that comes with that and the creation of vitamin D it’s just like we’ve all experienced these, these, these times in life so when I talk about having a stomachache or I talked about walking through the sun, and you can understand how that feels so let’s, let’s actually go with those feelings and trust them and understand what we need to do to either feel really good or understand how to correct times in which we don’t feel good. Many people look at cured as a CBD slash cannabis company. I’ve discussed this with several people recently, I’m like, yeah, we’re this cannabis company just disguised as a supplement company and that’s like the whole idea is like we’re trying to normalize cannabinoids, we’re trying to educate properly around cannabinoids and as you and I have talked in the past and obviously with the creation of the Rise and Zen products one of the other very exciting components of those is the functional mushrooms. And so when we came back to you to start to think about Aura and think about the like missing link in this kind of like daily routine that we’re creating with our products at Cured we said we of course want to work with more mushrooms and so in this product we have Chaga and Turkey Tail mushrooms, and I want to dive into those mushrooms and share with our community what specific to those mushrooms you like, and why you utilize them in comparison to, of course, we have cordyceps and lion’s mane in Rise and then the Reishi in the Zen but here we have Chaga and Turkey Tail so can you educate us a little bit on those?

Cali: [23:43] totally. Yeah so Turkey Tail and toggle both I mean like the other mushrooms you’re using in your products in your product lines, they have a very strong adaptogen effect, they are you no strong immune-modulators, all of the medicinal mushrooms that you’re using are. Just like the mushrooms in Rise and Zen the Turkey Tail and the Chaga have strong adaptogen properties, adaptogenic properties, strong immune modulating properties; all the medicinal mushrooms that you’re working with have that. But Turkey Tail and Chaga more specifically, in recent clinical trials have been shown to have an effect on the microbiome, and they are being shown to have more beneficial bacteria when being supplemented with than when not in the gut. So we’ve talked a lot about gut and we haven’t really said much about the microbiome yet but, you know, our gut, you know is comprised of trill I want to say trillions I don’t know, billions, trillions of bacteria, and, you know, most of it is beneficial bacteria, and in some of it is not beneficial bacteria, it can be pathogenic bacteria, and it’s all about being in proper balance and when our microbiome is not in proper balance it’s known as dysbiosis, and you know can cause problems like sibo can cause issues like colitis, irritable Bowel Disease and not to mention again when we talk about the balance of the microbiome and the balance of the gut, can you create brain fog or feelings of sadness, depression, and so these two mushrooms specifically have been shown in research to help produce more beneficial bacteria in the gut. On top of that Chaga is just a powerhouse of antioxidants and, you know, recent clinical trials are showing that antioxidant supplementation can significantly improve certain immune responses and then on top of it both of them are filled with polysaccharides so you know the form of Chaga and Turkey Tail mushrooms that you’re using in Aura you know, powdered water extracts, and they have we discussed this in our last podcast too but you know here it is using real fruiting bodies. They’re using extracts of real whole mushrooms and not ciliated grain and what these two are water extracts so we’re pulling out tons of polysaccharides in there. BetaGlucans being, you know on the top of that list but Turkey Tail, you know, have two main polysaccharides; there’s the polysaccharide peptides which are known as PSPs, and the PSKs, and they’re just, you know, one trial after another is showing how PSPs and PSKs those specific polysaccharides in Turkey Tail are stimulating the immune system. They’re modulating the immune system and then they’re also working as these incredible prebiotics that are feeding the beneficial bacteria in the gut to regulate all of the microbiota balance.

Joe: [28:59] the necessary precursor to the, the probiotics right?

Cali: [29:02] Yes. Exactly, it’s the food; food for the bacteria. 

Joe: [29:10] it’s so interesting. It’s so interesting to think about we have a whole like we have a whole civilization within our bodies but it’s everything that you discussed in this entire podcast is speaking about the biome, speaking about the brain, speaking about the intelligence. It really is showing how important it is to focus on your gut and taking care of your gut and the basis of your immune system. One thing that was really interesting to me, in talking to you and then also in talking to Danielle recently, and in the creation of this product was the idea that taking certain immune boosting, and maybe it’s more so, herbs, but correct me if I’m wrong but the idea that those that’s something that you can’t continually take versus how we took this, the approach of this is something that you should be using daily. So when we think about other things that are used for immune support; what can you explain that about the herbs? I can’t really remember the details but I was really surprised by it. 

Cali: [30:24] as an example, we, you know, we’re talking about this product being supportive of the gut and supportive of the immune system and, you know, like you guys were working on this before coronavirus came out and coronavirus hit you know and we’re like okay you know we want to get as much immune support as we can in this product but I think when we think of immune defense and herbs. The first two herbs that might come up are Echinacea and Elderberry and Echinacea up regulates the immune system so much that it’s not something you want to take tonically, it’s not something you want to take every day, it’s something you want to take when you are under attack, and you want more defense and it’s also not safe for people to take if they have autoimmune disease because if they are even more so up regulating and already hyperactive immune response, then their symptoms of their autoimmune disease are going to get worse. Then something like Elderberry it’s another you know incredible herb that stops the replication of the virus in the cell. So if you are exposed to a virus and you are getting sick taking Elderberry is absolutely beneficial, but taking it every single day isn’t going to, you know, be helpful to modulate the immune system. It’s really more so in attack of the virus or a stopping of the virus once it’s already exposed to you. So they’re really used more acutely and not in a sort of building your overall immune health, your overall gut health, chronic way.

Joe: [32:33] Gotcha. Yeah, that was really interesting to me because I’m sure as we have experienced the outbreak of COVID I know I saw Elderberry all over the place and I think it’s really important to understand that yes, it could be, it is very beneficial, but like, understanding, just like everything we always need to understand that like just taking more and more and more of something or not stopping taking something or not really truly understanding what we’re doing that can actually be harmful so I’m we shared that.

Cali: [33:10] I think I mean, I think your approach and Cured’s approach has been holistic from the beginning and you’re spoken already on in this conversation, but you know it’s not about symptoms, and attacking or virus in attacking it’s going, what are the underlying root cause issues that if we could offer support to? This is a preventative, you know it you know it’s so it’s not sort of an aliphatic way of thinking and that’s and that’s true of all of your products, its way more so how can we get to root cause health and provide the necessary vitamin and mineral cofactors, you know, provide these, the cannabinoids provide the herbs, provide the mushrooms that are gonna really stabilize the systems to have a strong defense or, you know, strong action so that this doesn’t happen. You know, illness, and dysbiosis and dysfunction and deficiency doesn’t happen. 

Joe: [34:25] it really is just the idea of creating a well rounded approach to health and to your life and to like the pursuits of your heart in like building out, I call it the Cured marketing model, but just the educational piece that I give to anybody that we work with. In that I, I kind of like selfishly describe the path over the last 10 years that I’ve taken in trying to find like what is like real happiness and health look like in your life and who are the people, like how do we how do we get there and one of the, one of the individuals that I’ve studied a lot is Tim Ferriss and then Tim Ferriss studies all of like the top of the top people that you know that a lot of us look to and you know he has a 500 page book for Tool of Titans can’t remember how many exact pages but it’s big and one of the things that I extract from that is like the most successful, the most well rounded, I would say happy people that he’s described in these have very ,very simple and, cohesive repetitive routines and within that, like, that is the answer like there’s no real, there’s no real trick and that’s again what we’re continuing to come back to is like how do we build this foundation. And we talk about the foundation of these products being what we call a combination or trinity of mushrooms, adaptogens and cannabinoids and if you’re a part of the Cured Collective and Cured Community you know that why we use cannabinoids so I won’t go in depth on it here but I want to talk about two other components of this product that maybe not as many people are familiar with. So we have DGL, we have licorice root and then we have Oregon Grape Root. Before we started to design this product, I didn’t know about either of those and then I ended up seeing DGL quite frequently at Sprouts and was like, oh wow I didn’t even like I must have been blind to that so can you can you educate us on those two a little bit? 

Cali: [37:08] of course. So, licorice root is an herb that is known primarily as a strong anti inflammatory, and a beautifully nourishing demulcent, so like a moistening mucilaginous, herb and DGK specifically is a form of licorice that has taken the glycyrrhizin out of it because glycyrrhizin can have potential side effects if it’s taken long term. And so DGL is a form of licorice that you still get strong anti inflammatory qualities and the incredibly healing demulcent mucilaginous sort of cooling and soothing properties of the licorice without having any of the potential negative side effects using it long term. 

Joe: [38:20] can you describe cooling again? I know we dive into warming and cooling in our last podcast but just briefly for those that may be uninitiated, like myself, originally. 

Cali: [38:36] so every alright let’s see everything has a constitution right so every herb has either a profile of cooling and heating and moistening and drying, and every person has their own constitution of those elements, and the seasons have it and foods have it, and licorice root is moistening and it’s cooling and so when you think about, like, a, you think about. Let’s go to the gastrointestinal tract GERD, you think about having heartburn and acid reflux and it is that hot burning and raw feeling licorice is soothing cooling and moistening offers healing for that hot, dry or you think of like a hot dry cough or when you have like a super dry runny nose and you’re super stuffed up and, you know, it’s just burning red and irritated licorice is soothing to the mucosal glands so any of the mucus in the body that’s, you know, irritated from over producing or from being dried out the licorice will sooth and cool that so it’s, it brings balance to the hot and the dry. And when we think of our gut lining like all of the lining of our intestines when we talked through we talked about epithelial lining a little bit when we talked about leaky gut and all of that, epithelial lining is made of mucosa, it’s all mucilaginous wet and so, if it gets dried out if it gets hot and inflamed if there’s inflammation in the gut, then licorice root comes and touches in on the gut lining and offers it extra moisture extra mucilage cools it off to help reduce the inflammation. 

Joe: [40:54] that helps it’s, like, I can really visualize that which is really, it makes a lot of sense and when we first talked about that way back when I was like what do we mean by that but that thank you for describing that again it’s a it’s really a. It’s beautiful. It’s really cool. Oregon Grape Root; what is this?

Cali: [41:14] Okay so Oregon Grape Root is one of our leading antimicrobial herbs, so it stimulates the immune system and kills and mitigates harmful bacteria and fungus in the body. It has an alkaloid in it, called Berberine. So in any root of an herb if you see the yellow color or often even if the flowers of a plant are yellow then, the, the plant contains an alkaloid called Berberine and many people have heard of the herb Goldenseal and it is probably one of the most popular herbs used to as an antibacterial and to stimulate the immune system but now, Goldenseal, sadly, is considered endangered it’s been way over harvested and Oregon Grape Root is like its little sister. It has that same path of the Berberine that goldenseal does and really the same actions have strong antimicrobial properties. It’s both of them are bitter you know the Berberine is very bitter and so it stimulates digestive enzymes. So, you know, it helps people digest foods, it helps them experience the hormone of Ghrelin where they can experience hunger, which can have an incredible effect on, you know, insulin resistance and you know a lot of people who are doing the intermittent fasting really what they’re going after is that Ghrelin hormone because it can regulate the blood sugar so well, and Oregon Grape Root is another way to get that and  bitter herbs is another way to get that you’re stimulating digestive enzymes, which stimulates hunger, which stimulates Ghrelin. It’s so cool. 

Joe:[43:18] when I was in the, I had years of bodybuilding before starting really like thinking about, okay, that’s not as healthy as I once thought it was but one of the things that we would go in a dieting phase and a lot of people would talk about trying to stimulate Ghrelin and get it metabolism to ramp back up, because when you’re in the dieting phase you go and start going into like survival mode so as your calories would go lower and lower and lower you would store so it’s cool for to think about it in that way and understand it in that way and for those of you that are in the bodybuilding world listening, you’ll probably I’ve heard that before. I am curious because when we talk about when and how to take the product I think it’s really important to discuss the when and what to combine it with if anything. I’ve been taking or, so I do in the morning I’ll usually wake up and I’ll drink a glass of water and drink a lemon and apple cider vinegar like warm, like tea, and then drink some more water and read and hang out and really like allow myself to come to and then I drink like a bulletproof coffee and I’ll have a ghee butter and some MCT oils and I’ve actually been taking Aura then and I know that you can take it with usually you’re supposed to take it with a meal but as I just described, I’ve been taking it a little bit of a different way so can you explain to everyone why you said perfect there? 

Cali: [45:14] so the recommendation of taking it with a meal is really, because the vitamin D3 is fat soluble and also there’s zinc picolinate which we didn’t talk about in here and much but zinc can be challenging to digest on its own without food and when I say challenging to digest I just mean it can cause a little stomach ache if there isn’t food in the stomach with zinc. So, if you don’t want to eat a meal with it you don’t have to but like you said, taking some bulletproof coffee that has calories in it that has oil in it is going to help the absorption of the vitamin d3 and it’s also going to help the digestion of the zinc. Everything else in there, it doesn’t it doesn’t really matter if there is food present or not, or a will be better assimilated and better digested if taken with a meal or with some oil and fats

Joe: [46:25] and everybody is definitely familiar with that concept when we talk about cannabinoids because they are actually fat soluble as well. In our tinctures and several of our products will have really usually concentrations of some type of fatty acid, whether it be an MCT or a hemp seed oil, really helps with the absorption of  cannabinoids so then there we see it again. Thank you so much Cali I want to take a second to allow you to share again a little bit about your practice and how people can learn more about you and get in contact with you if they’re interested in learning or extracting more of this knowledge that I love to be able to extract from your brain but maybe for whatever else that people are working through so I wanted to give a little bit of time for us to chat about that 

Cali: [47:28] thank you, Joe. So I work as a clinical herbalist and nutritionist and, you know, in my clinical practice work one on one, mostly right now with women a lot of focus on gut health, but I have launched a business called Holy Mama, and I work with women in fertility, pregnancy and postpartum to, you know, help them conceive in the way they want to conceive and then through pregnancy and postpartum feel as vital and nourished as they possibly can and I also do consulting work with companies who are in research and development phase of creating new products that incorporate vitamins and minerals, herbs, mushrooms, and when I was talking about how I haven’t had childcare in the last four months so I have not launched my website yet, but I’m trying email address I’m always happy to chat about all of the topics cali.leola@clinicalherbalism.com and you can always shoot me an email there and I will happily respond. 

Joe: [48:41] as much as I would say I don’t want to share Cali with the world because we would love to keep you all for herself. Anybody that’s out there trying to create something, or even just understand more of what we’re discussing here you will not only get a wealth of knowledge but just working with Cali as a human is a joy, so I have to add that in because you know if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t be where we are today so it’s important. We have the understanding and when like minded individuals come together and hear each other talk and see each other and understand that we’re all here for the benefit of the greater good and really to live this life to what we truly believe its potential to be, if we all understand that we’re on that same mission just like this world we’re living in right now and these times where there can be disagreements and misunderstandings and miscommunications; if we understand that for the most part that that’s what we’re trying to do it makes this world a better. So that’s what we’re trying to do here and why we’ve been so blessed to work with you Cali. So thank you again for educating all of us

Cali: [50:06] thank you for doing this podcast Joe. 

Joe: [50:07] and we’ll see what we have coming in the future, we’re always continuing to innovate and really just think that, you know, creating Aura with the Rise and Zen has now really a lineup of products that should be taken daily and really are building this foundation of things that are true and whole health. So, thank you, Cali, as always, and we’ll be talking to you soon. 

Cali: [50:36] okay, be well.

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