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3/19/21 | Podcast

CC 063: What It Means To Be a CURED Partner

What does it take to become a CURED partner? Join your host, Joseph Sheehey, as he defines the meaning of being a CURED partner and the development of CURED Nutrition. He explains the importance of having people represent a company as well as working with individuals who share the same beliefs. Today, Joseph dives into the connection psilocybin has with CURED Nutrition. Stay tuned to catch how CURED is working to break the status quo on recreational drugs.

“To be a CURED partner you stand there when everybody else is swimming the other direction and you swim against the tide and you say ‘hey this is what I believe in and I’m not going to make decisions based off of influence of what is being said at the massive levels or within the media or the should-do’s or the supposed-to-do’s’ because that’s not what we believe in as a company” – Joseph Sheehey, CEO Cured Nutrition

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