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10/24/21 | Podcast

Sleep: The Foundation of Health

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Being a healthy individual goes way beyond eating nutritious foods and exercising twice a week. When we’re trying to improve our health, we need to look at the foundation of it: sleep. Our sleeping habits are like the base of a pyramid – and just like the base of a pyramid needs to be firm and solid to support everything on top of it, our sleep needs to be taken care of in order to also support a healthier lifestyle.


“Sleep is the #1 most important component of our overall health and stands as the foundation of so many other aspects of a quality and healthy lifestyle.” – Joseph Sheehey


In this episode of the Cured Collective Podcast, Joseph Sheehey talks about how important it is to not overlook our sleeping habits, always trying to improve it by little tactics you can apply in your daily routine. While supplements can help and be very beneficial to our sleep, simple habit changes like getting natural light in the morning and avoiding unnatural light in the evening can also be very effective. In this episode, Joseph also highlights CURED’s newest product joining the recovery line: Raw CBN Tincture. This tincture was formulated for those struggling with nighttime stress and insomnia. Our Raw CBN tincture is a blend of calming terpenes, flavonoids, & whole plant cannabinoids to induce deep, restorative sleep. Available here!

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