Tincture + Rise

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What’s Included:

  • 500mg Hemp Oil (Your choice of Raw or Classic Mint)
  • Rise Daytime Performance Supplement

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Hemp Oil

Classic Mint, Full Spectrum Raw

1 review for Tincture + Rise

  1. Elaine

    Raw & Rise is my favorite bundle.
    The “raw ” to me is my go to for pain, stiff muscles, unable to communicate, gesture, walk, and make my body normal.
    I use raw for my MS symptoms which are pretty extreme and painful.It relaxes your whole body so you can function physically for me. It also helps me with my IBS, panic anxiety disorder that I have had for 35 yrs.
    I am a 53 yr old female with many diagnosis. I wish “raw ” was around along time ago because I had social issues which I don’t have anymore.
    Now that I told you about “RAW ” then you have no excuse not to try what mother nature provided us. Its “raw ” because it’s in one plant and they extract the whole oils from the plant, cbd & .3% thc.
    If you are thinking I get stoned from this then what does a pain pill make you feel like?
    My pain goes away and I don’t get stoned or high from it. They use a very low dose of thc to get the full effect of the oil from the plant, no additives.

    Rise is a vegetable capsule with more of mother nature’s roots from several plants. You can actually see and smell the earthyness from the pill.
    I love black coffee too. I can skip that morning cup with ” Rise “! I will try to explain to the best of my knowledge how this one pill makes me feels, ” focused”!
    I just told you in one word. “Rise” makes you feel more clarity and think clearer. It does make you feel more organized in your thinking.
    I could just stay in bed and deal with my MS and anxiety but why? I have my body back and my brain thinking of what I am doing today and ” get it done”!
    I am not overwhelmed with my list of errands and I don’t feel negative that I have to cook, clean, wash dishes, make a grocery list, and pay all my bills on the phone, online or snail mail.
    Cured has changed my life and it can change yours too.

    Thank you “CURED”for giving me a better quality of life.
    👣 ❤🙋

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