Hiring is the single most important responsibility we have as a business. To ensure we are meeting our standards as a company, we have an intensive process to ensure we find the most aligned individuals to join our team. By entering into this partnership, you are making a decision that impacts our brand, our impact, and your own life. To succeed in your role, you must reciprocate this level of responsibility by living into our core values as a company, committing yourself to continuous growth, and showing up authentically.


CURED Nutrition is the alternative medicine and supplement brand of the future. We incorporate traditional herbal practices into our modern-day formulations to create the most forward-thinking supplements on the market. Our focus is on supporting individuals in stressing less and living more. To fulfill our mission as a company, we have created a line of products that are effective, enjoyable, and highly trusted.

Our mission is to change the narrative around cannabis and mushrooms, as well as complementary ingredients and modalities. The state of mental and physical health is one of crisis, and we believe the resolution involves returning to our true nature. Plants play a significant role in this.

As a company, we believe in the inherent power of nature and take responsibility for showing up in service for those who are seeking alternative options.

About This Role

As the Social Media and Content Lead, you will be responsible for contributing to a passion-driven brand that is dedicated to creating lasting impact in our customers’ lives. The social experience you curate online will demonstrate the clear and deep commitment we have to improving our community members’ lives. Our impact spans further than our supplements.

In addition to the online relationships you will be responsible for cultivating, you will maintain strong, meaningful relationships with each member of the team. You will work closely with our Partnerships, Ecommerce, and Design teams.

You will understand consumer psychology and speak to our customers in a way that displays: a thorough understanding of functional health; a willingness to imagine our community’s short-term and long-term; an ability to teach, entertain, and market; consistency with our brand voice and culture; and unbroken integrity with our company values.


  • Incorporate Brand Guidelines and Brand Voice at all times
  • Post daily content to Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Youtube
  • Maintain consistent engagement on Instagram stories:
    1. Highlight products
    2. Highlight promotions
    3. Promote podcast episodes
    4. Promote blog articles
    5. Provide education
    6. Provide outside resources
    7. Host quizzes and/or polls
    8. Answer questions
  • Plan weekly and monthly topic themes
  • Utilize Canva and Adobe Photoshop to maintain brand consistency in design work for Instagram feed and stories
  • Integrate assets from the Design team into social sharing slides
  • Organize content strategies to support company marketing initiatives (Instagram Stories, Feed, and Reels; and Youtube)
  • Review podcast interviews and select clips for Instagram Reels and Youtube short creation
  • Ideate scripts for Reels to provide education from partners
  • Highlight captivating information from podcast interviews, blog articles, and research articles for community education and/or entertainment
  • Plan, edit, and manage the team’s Asana Content Calendar for coordinated marketing efforts (involving partners, promotions, and email)

Requirements to Apply

  • You must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in Health, Wellness, and/or Coaching
  • You must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in managing Instagram accounts and content creation
  • You must have a minimum of 2 years of experience with Canva and Adobe Photoshop
  • You must demonstrate an understanding social media platforms; including how to spot trends, provide education and entertainment; and individualize content efforts to remain true to the CURED brand
  • You must understand how to speak the language of CURED online and in real life
  • You must have an understanding of Customer Funnels and life cycles
  • You must demonstrate enthusiasm, passion, authenticity, and integrity
  • You must be comfortable leading in your zone of expertise while simultaneously valuing the team dynamics
  • You must demonstrate a knowledge of our supplement line at the time of your interview

Our Culture

The environment at CURED is one dedicated to forward progress and the evolution of true health and well-being. Think of your commitment to CURED as a journey that requires continuous self-development; the next version of your professional and personal self is always in motion. A willingness to prioritize internal and external growth and impact is pivotal for our successful mission as a company and an initiative.

Our CORE VALUES are the operating principles we utilize to run our business, day in and day out. Your understanding and alignment with the following values is non-negotiable at all times; whether you are in the office, online, or in the walls of your own home.

Our core values include:


At CURED, we believe we have the responsibility of serving our customers by sharing the healing powers of nature.

To apply, please outline your favorite wellness practice in an email including your resume at the link below.


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