Welcome to the Cured Lifestyle

One Mission

At Cured, we have a responsibility to serve humanity by sharing the true healing powers of nature.

By sharing the truths of the human experience, a movement was born.

A Brief History

It All Started 8 Years Ago…

“My shoes were hanging off the ledge and I was about to let go”

“Deep depression had me trapped, until I admitted one day to it.”

“At a crossroad: I realized I could make something of it and not let it make something of me.”

“By showing myself it was ok to talk about what isn’t talked about, I knew there was so much more to be done. ”

So it began:

The Call
Was Made

"That’s when the call to Taylor O’Donnell was made. We said let’s package cannabis in this same way. Let’s make it normal."

Welcome to Cured

Things we care about

Our Values At Cured



Nature Nature

We are one with nature. Used for 1000’s of years before us, The powers are undeniable. Representation in its truest form must persist.



Responsibility Responsibility

We are more than just our products. We are stewards of the plants. We represent health as a combination of movement, mindfulness and daily action.



Service Service

Creating lasting change requires us to share with you. The education and wisdom within the products we create. The transparency and traceability required to maintain nothing but the highest of quality.

Founded On Extensive Experience In Health, Wellness, & Cannabis

Meet the Founders

Joseph S. Joseph S.


Joseph Sheehey is a former NASA-contributing aerospace engineer, nationally distinguished physique competitor, and forward-thinking entrepreneur. During his 7 years in a professional engineering role, he contributed to projects sitting on the surface of Mars, orbiting Jupiter and slated to carry the next generation of next astronauts to space. Joseph holds extensive experience in human optimization through the design of nutrition, training and introspective practices. An awakening to a lifelong struggle with depression set a fire ablaze to change this world through what is now CURED Nutrition.

Taylor O. Taylor O.


Taylor is an engineer, cannabis cultivator and entrepreneur. After studying Mechanical Engineering and Entrepreneurship, Taylor worked in the field of cloud physics instrumentation for 3 years before quitting and focusing his talents in the cannabis space. Since then he has run commercial grow operations (indoor and outdoor), consulted for recreational grow operations and a cannabis banking software company through his consulting company, Peak to Peak Solutions. Taylor has extensive experience in compliant cannabis operations and business operations.

Meet the Team

Ashleigh R. | CURED Nutrition

Ashleigh R.

Kaitlyn B. | CURED Nutrition

Kaitlyn B.

Forrest H. | CURED Nutrition

Forrest H.

Devin C. | CURED Nutrition

Devin C.



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Best Sellers

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    "Tiny but powerful! These are a game changer for relaxation, unwinding, and truly finding serenity in the chaos." - Angela M.

  • CBN Night Caps

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    "These little things are incredible! Truly does offer the best sleep I've ever gotten. Helps me fall AND stay asleep which speaks volumes because I have struggled with insomnia for years." - Briann W.

  • Calm Caps

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    "I purchased this product and upon receiving it, I tried it immediately. This product is the real deal. My first dose I notice right away a calm come over me.." - H. Barber


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