We are pioneers that believe in the benefits and future of hemp.

Our community strives for healthy and balanced lifestyles and that is exactly what Cured products provide.

We open minds to explore new forms of recovery and general health from a beautiful plant that has been ignored and stigmatized for far too long.

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We pride ourselves on educating the world on not only using hemp and cannabis for it’s benefits, but also what should be considered when first beginning use and finding the correct company to purchase from. There are a lot of companies providing mislabeled and potentially toxic products and consumers need to understand this. The Colorado cannabis industry provides stringent testing and overall regulation and we at Cured take this knowledge and use it in our hemp practice which very few other companies practice.

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The CBD market is exploding but CBD
is not the only reason we should look at the cannabis plant.

The array of cannabinoids, terpenes and vast usages of the plant are all important to understand and shape the future of the industry. As a Colorado proud company we do not accept anything but the highest of quality plant material and extracts. We walk around the farms and labs we work with and ensure we are proud to work with them to provide our customers nothing but the best.

As Cured Nutrition nears it’s 1 year anniversary we have broke ground on our first farm and by the end of 2019 will be a fully vertically integrated business. We will grow, extract and infuse the final products that our customers purchase. A true farm to table business model that we are proud to share every step of.