1/13/20 | Education

A Collaborative Cannabis Takeover

From Online Pioneers to Cannabis Boutique Front Runners

As I was strolling the tourist packed streets of the Vail Village, my eyes were surprisingly caught by a contemporary designed bottle with golden letters labeled CURED sitting proudly on the shelves of a recognizable wellness store. To say this is an incredible feeling is quite short of doing it justice. 


Founded on a desire to introduce an innovative approach to alternative medicine and natural supplementation, our products began to merge their way into every corner of the online community. After receiving a multitude of positive feedback from many industry leaders, we’ve set our eyes on something bigger: wholesale and retail partners in hopes to continuously spread cannabinoid education far beyond the online space. 


As many trailblazers know, within an overcrowded industry it can be hard to stand out. Our friends over at Native Roots know this first hand. Being the first ever dispensary I personally stepped foot in, has set the tone for many cannabis brands, Cured included, as they are the exception to the norm. Their continuous innovative approach has kept them in the forefront of the cannabinoid industry and their most recent expansion into a boutique-like CBD wellness retail will persist this unique path forward.

The Collaborative Takeover


Cured’s quick rise to a recognizable brand was fueled by a nationwide representation of

influential people and this is exactly how Native Roots Wellness and Cured joined forces. 


About 1 year into our pursuits, a Denver based influencer sparked an outreach from the Native Roots Wellness team. Their inquiry focused on products they had yet to see in the CBD space and so began the development of one of our greatest wholesale partnerships.


Our infused Peanut Butter Cookie Dough and Cooking Spices were the first Cured products to be found on the Native Roots Wellness retail shelves. Alongside the unique infused snack and cooking enhancements, the team also adopted our CBD infused Dog Treats. Supported by branding that never fails to catch a consumer’s eye, this trio of Cured products quickly began to fly off of shelves.


“Cured’s product quality and packaging is probably one of my favorites. They use amazing art for their packaging on products and every product I have gotten to personally sample has worked amazingly well. I use the Rise & Zen capsules daily and they have helped out so much. I recommend these to customers because they are great quality products and really good price point. It seems to have a really great response with customers. Especially the dog treats, [they] are easily one of our best selling products. The bag they have for the treats is eye catching to pet owners for sure!”

Nolan Stuckenschnieder – Native Roots Wellness Retail Sales


The Cured movement relied on establishing ourselves as leading educators in a rapidly growing, yet questionable space and the support of our retail partners has called for exactly the same.


Since day one, the most important part or our partnership with the Native Roots crew has been our in-person sales team education sessions. With a knowledgeable and passionate sales department, the Native Roots team saw a quick growth that we look forward to repeating throughout the nation.



The Innovative Products


The early day Cured products created quick recognition on retail shelves, but our vision didn’t stop there. In early 2019, the release of our Rise (focus) and Zen (sleep) formulas birthed an even bigger wave of interest. 


Our clinical herbalist formulated blends of functional mushrooms, adaptogen herbs and cannabinoids to create a carefully formulated nootropic and adaptogen product line to join our already standing cannabinoid products at Native Roots. There was an instant gratification from the power of these two supplements by the Native Roots retail sales team and customer after customer. 


These two products developed ways for both the new and the more experienced cannabis connoisseurs to reap transformational rewards from various plants. The success of the product line expansion has now broaden the Cured retail presence into all five Native Roots Wellness stores throughout Colorado.


“The Cured Nutrition Zen capsules are a phenomenal product and are unique to any other capsules on the market. Cured has done an amazing job blending CBD, other cannabinoids, and reishi mushrooms. I am also pleased with the other ingredients present in these capsules such as valerian, chamomile, ashwagandha, skullcap, and passionflower extracts. Ultimately, these ingredients work together in such a way that it keeps your mind in the REM sleep cycle for a longer period of time, thus promoting a better quality of sleep. We have been getting great feedback on these products with a large number of returning customers coming in specifically for this product. I will continue to recommend Cured Nutrition as I believe they have been doing a wonderful job.”

Logan Scott – Native Roots Wellness Retail Sales


Join The Mission

Whether you are on-the-go, at home, gearing up for a workout or winding down for the day, the Cured product line has something for you and your customers. We all know that once trust is created in a brand the people continuously come back. Our wholesale partners have reflected numerous stories of this being the case. By bringing Cured into your store you will quickly establish this trust and cover your customers basis for their daily CBD wellness routine.


“To me, Cured, is one of a kind. With the perfect blend of cannabinoids, and nootropics, alongside with some more ingredients that most find beneficial. One is able to seek refuge from unwanted negative thoughts and peer into the realm of enlightenment through the use of Cured Rise capsules. Not only have the Rise capsules aided me in keeping unwanted stress, or anxiety away, I don’t have to worry about the effects wearing off only after a couple hours of use. Rise capsules provide me with the natural energy I need to tackle my day, without unwanted grogginess or jitters, like something that of the caffeine high would present. I have, and will continue to, recommend this product to anyone seeking a better sense of well-being. I’m sure the customers I have sold this product to will agree. Considering, people keep coming back for them.”

Tony HolesoNative Roots Wellness Retail Sales


If you have an interest in becoming a Cured wholesale partner right now couldn’t be a better time. Now through February 13th we are running a wholesale customer special. Please reach out here. We look forward to working alongside you as your store repeats the Native Roots success story.


Love – Your Cured Fam

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