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Cured Category: Education

7/28/21 — education

Three Meditation Styles to Help You Find Your Center
POV: You are living in the year 2021 and everyone you know is talking about their meditation practice. The best-selling authors use it for creativity, the groundbreaking CEO’s use...
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7/21/21 — education

The Link Between Meditation and Mental Focus
If you could dramatically improve your mental focus in just ten minutes per day, would you do it? Well, you can, and we would even argue, you should. Meditation...
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7/13/21 — education

Five Key Nutrients for Better Brain Health
We’ve all heard the saying, “The way to the heart is through the stomach.” Well, the way to the brain is through the stomach, too! Gut health is a...
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7/5/21 — education

Feed Your Gut-Brain Axis: Eat Your Way to Balance
The Gut-Brain Axis In recent years, the gut-brain axis has dominated the research scene in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology, gastroenterology, and functional health. The topic has quickly become the...
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6/10/21 — education

Sleep: What It Really Means To Be Well-Rested
Sleep quality and quantity as the determinant of health. One out of every three people in the United States is not getting enough sleep. That’s a staggering statistic with...
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12/21/20 — education

Start Your CBD Routine Today
Life already contains enough things to stress about, your CBD shouldn’t be one of them. Stress-Free Delivery Introducing…Your Daily Dose Subscription. Keep your CBD products replenished with ease by...
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8/26/20 — education

An Immune System Boost with Mushrooms
As our understanding of health and wellness continues to expand, we’re constantly looking for new ways to support our immune systems. One of the most effective things we can...
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8/12/20 — education

CBD Topical for Fitness Recovery
Want to enhance your fitness recovery post-workout? Don’t we all? For those who push themselves to the limits and seek quick and natural recovery, we recommend using CBD topical....
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7/22/20 — education

CBD for Wellness: Rise, Aura, and Zen
CBD is everywhere. While only a decade ago, CBD was an unknown term, you can now purchase CBD online and in stores easily. Why has CBD experienced an exponential...
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