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10/12/21 | Wellness

Five, 5-Minute Techniques to Boost Your Mood

How’s your mood? No — really, how is it? If you’re feeling a little scatter-brained, kind of gloomy, and really overwhelmed, then you’re like the millions of others trying to navigate life in 2021. The state of mental health in America is rapidly declining and it’s no wonder. It’s next to impossible to feel the effects of a great mood when you are being bombarded with overstimulating news cycles, social media trends, changing mandates, and misinformation that spreads as quickly as the recent wildfires. Unfortunately, your daily consumption of short soundbites isn’t being countered with helpful advice on how to actually feel good. So, we’re here to help with that.


Newsflash: You (Still) Deserve to Feel Good


In a society that profits off of your fear, learning how to boost your mood is a bold act of rebellion. You may not be able to control what is happening on the screens or behind the scenes, but you deserve to take control of your own health and happiness. It may seem like small change, but improving your mood is one of the most powerful ways to transform your life. Positive affect (or, emotions) strengthens your immunity, protects your gut health, reduces your inflammation, sharpens your memory, enhances your mental performance, and improves your physical prowess.


Yep – boosting your mood is one critical component of living a good life. Whether your goal is to change the world, meet your project deadlines, or run a faster mile, we understand that you may be too busy checking things off of your to-do list to dedicate more than a few minutes to your mood. Your big ambition shouldn’t cost you your happiness, so we rounded up five ways to feel good in five minutes or less!


Soak up some sunshine.


Did you know that exposure to sunlight activates the production and release of serotonin? Serotonin is the main hormone responsible for regulating your mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. When you notice yourself dragging through the day, interrupt the humdrum with a short break in the sun. Make sure to have some skin showing to help support the synthesis of even more serotonin!


Drop it like a squat.


Mood elevation during and after exercise has been well documented. One key mechanism is the release of endorphins that is accompanied with physical exertion. The “runner’s high” has even been compared to the state of euphoria and ecstasy someone feels after opioid use! You may not always have time to go on a long run around the neighborhood, but you can achieve the same mood-boosting benefits with a quick plyometric circuit! Try moving through a few short, high-intensity bursts of jump squats, mountain climbers, and plank jacks to get your heart pumping.


Ready, set…breathe.


It’s common to use rhythmic, controlled breathing techniques for their calming effects, but it’s equally effective to use them for their instant energization! Make a few tweaks to your pacing and you have the ability to improve your mood and your mental alertness in one fell swoop. To get started, try a practice as simple as double breathing. Inhale through your nose for one short inhalation, followed by one long, slow inhalation. Then immediately exhale through your mouth for one short exhalation, followed by one, long exhalation. See where the name comes from? Repeat this for five cycles to feel your best!


Go in for a hug.


Have you heard of hugging therapy? We aren’t making it up! Human beings are wired for connection, so it’s no surprise that the power of touch can translate to an improved mood. Studies have shown that something as easy and accessible as a nice, long hug can alleviate depression, anxiety, and loneliness. This is in large part due to the release of oxytocin, which is the hormone and neurotransmitter associated with social bonding, well-being, and antistress effects. Try hugging someone for 20 seconds to feel the rush of this “feel good” hormone! If no one else is around, just close your eyes, wrap your arms around your shoulders, and hug yourself.

Drink an elevated elixir.


It’s called an elevated elixir for a reason! Our newest addition, Cured Euphoria, is finally here. When you need an instant uplift without the sugar or caffeine crash, reach for the only energy drink that promises a clean, clear-headed boost. Blended with the highest quality ingredients, our bubbly beverage is a tasty and functional way to support your mind, body, and mood. 


Like we said, you deserve to feel good. Be a rebel, sip on our Ginger Lime, and transform your entire life with the power of an enhanced mood.

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