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Gut Health for an Immune Boost

Health practitioners, medical professionals, and wellness seekers are increasingly paying more attention to the gut. The question is, why? Experts are finding that gut health has an impact on immune function. For an immune boost, turn your focus to your digestive system.

What is Gut Health?

The digestive system may just seem like one bodily system. From a broad perspective, it is. The fact is, when you look more closely, the digestive system is one of the largest body systems and plays a significant role in how the rest of our organs and system function.

Ignoring gut health is like ignoring an all-star running back on the football field – not a great idea, especially for the long-game.

More specifically, the term “gut health” refers to the healthy balance of microorganisms that are present throughout the digestive system. When in homeostasis, these microorganisms regulate digestion, the bioavailability of the nutrients you consume, and even impact how your immune system functions.

When your gut isn’t healthy, there are many adverse effects, which scientific studies are exploring more and more.

The Science of Gut Health

The microorganisms in the guts are sometimes known as flora. When gut flora is out of sync, there can be significant repercussions according to new research.

More specifically, studies show that an imbalance in flora is shown to negatively impact and even cause inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome. New research also shows that gut and brain health are intrinsically connected through the enteric nervous system, which lines the gastrointestinal tract. Scientists are discovering that healthy gut flora can actually boost mood and positively impact mental health conditions.

As more research is published, one thing is becoming clear: maintaining good digestive health matters!

Gut Health and The Immune System

Within your gut is something called the mucosal immune system. The mucosal immune system has three important functions:

  • Protects against antigens (germs)
  • Prevents full-throttle immune responses to food antigens (like allergic-reactions)
  • Regulates responses to pathogens present in the digestive tract

Many things, good and bad, enter our bodies through the digestive system and then interact with gut flora and the mucosal immune system. These two systems are tied: protecting one means protecting the other.

How Do I Foster Gut Health and My Immune System?

You can boost your digestive health with something that we at CURED Nutrition like to call “The Herbal Trinity.”

The trinity is made up of three key components: CBD, Functional Mushrooms, and Adaptogens. Each component has it’s own unique set of characteristics that contribute to digestive health


CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Research demonstrates the potential impact that regular CBD consumption can have on digestive health. For example,

Functional Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been used in functional medicinal for hundreds of years. Research continues to demonstrate their impact on immunology as a preventative food.


Adaptogens are plants that help your body respond to stressors, whether they’re physical or mental. Many traditions treat adaptogens as essential holistic herbs.

CURED’s Herbal Trinity

To foster your gut health, add the herbal trinity to your wellness routine. Not only will your gut thank you, but your entire body will as well.

Many CURED products contain the herbal trinity. Check out our Rise and Zen capsules.

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