9/21/21 | Wellness

A Letter to the Ambitious

This is for you: the visionary with a dream in his heart that feels too big to ignore; the creative with a passion that burns the midnight oil even after her head hits the pillow at night; and the ambitious with a pursuit so extraordinary that he needs every ounce of fuel for his fight. I see you and recognize you. We are cut from the same cloth; understanding your inspiration and motivation is like understanding my own.

You have a desire to achieve something others have labeled impossible. Nevertheless, you know that their assumptions are not your truth. You have come toe-to-toe with the edge of your comfort zone, and you’re ready to take the next step. No, the next leap. 

Your internal compass isn’t the issue. In fact, it’s leading you in exactly the right direction. Sure, it’s pointing away from the crowd and pushing you further from what’s common; but you weren’t put on this Earth to be average. You know this, I know this; the question is, does what you’re putting into your body reflect this? 

Trust me, no one grasps your insatiable drive like I do. It’s no wonder you’re reaching for an extra cup or coffee or sugar-laden energy drink. You’re craving an energy boost to help make it through the last mile. But, is that quick hit of caffeine really supporting you on your mission?

The truth is, caffeine may be causing more harm than good. The jitters you’ve been putting up with for far too long are a signal that something isn’t right, and it starts with how you’re supporting your mind and body. Caffeine isn’t conducive with your ambitious nature. Mental focus and fortitude require high-quality sleep, and you are hampering your ability to get a good night of rest every time you fill your tank with a caffeinated beverage. 

There are nine crucial pillars of wellness: sleep, nutrition, reading, movement, meditation, breath, temperature, emotions, and visualization. Sleep is first in this list because it is the one habit that lays the foundation for how well we are able to perform in every other aspect of our lives. Optimizing each of the pillars is non-negotiable if you want to achieve your aspirations, but sleep is front and center. 

Why am I saying this? Because pursuing your dreams shouldn’t cost you your health, but it does if you’re relying on caffeine for your energy. 

With every single product we offer, Cured has identified the biggest problems and provided you with the most sustainable solutions. Cured Euphoria is the next iteration of our promise to you: the ambitious. It has been formulated with CBD, Lion’s Mane, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, and a blend of vitamins to give you clean energy without a crash. I know that you don’t need artificial ingredients when you are chasing after authenticity, so we created a drink that tastes as good as it feels to actualize your fullest potential.

Here is what other brands don’t realize: you are the hero of your own story. We’re here to help you carve your own path, and guarantee that you no longer need to sacrifice things like your sleep when you are sprinting towards success. 

From one ambitious person to the next, Cured Euphoria is what your daily ritual has been missing. Take a sip and see for yourself.

For now,

Joseph Sheehey, CEO of Cured Nutrition

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