9/11/19 | CBD Recipes

Starting Fall, The Cured Way!

Hi Cured Nutrition FAM!!

If you don’t know me, HEY. I’m Olivia, the woman behind @olive.eeeats, a blog and Instagram inspiring people to live their best lives through practicing gratitude and eating real (good) food. I exclusively use Cured Nutrition every. single. day. and it’s honestly been one of the reasons I’ve had such a decrease in my generalized anxiety this year. I am so passionate about CBD and all of its healing properties. but i am also really passionate about consuming good, real ingredients in everything i put into my body. thankfully i found Cured Nutrition last November, because their ingredients and growing process is ON POINT, making them a company I fully trust in promoting and consuming. BLESS!

Ok, now that that’s over – I have DELICIOUS breakfast recipe for you all that includes some of their product. If you like it, come head over to my page @olive.eeeats and let me know! Or tag me! So nice to meet you, friends!

It may only be the beginning of September, but it’s OFFICIALLY pumpkin season and while I am totally here for it, I’m changing the game and starting off fall with cinnamon + honey warm apples…because it’s only September and I don’t want to accept that summer is completely gone, okay? That being said, expect a pumpkin spice recipe ASAP!

SO HERE WE ARE, with a CBD Cinnamon Apple Waffle recipe that’s so easy you might just make it every single morning this Fall/Winter season! The warm apples are only second to the fact that these waffles are loaded with Hemp oil to keep you feeling cozy, calm, and collected as the holiday’s approach.

This recipe features my favorite 1000mg Raw Hemp Oil, which doesn’t take or add from the flavor and is the least refined hemp extract on the market, meaning it keeps these waffles 100% CLEAN AF. hope you enjoy!


For this recipe, I used Bob’s Red Mill buckwheat waffle mix – but you can use any mix you choose OR make my clean homemade waffle recipe which is below!


Follow directions of waffle box, and make sure you add a few shakes of cinnamon + honey spice! mix + add 2-3 full drops of Hemp Oil. Mix + cook on waffle iron.

For apples: cut into cubes and season with cinnamon and honey spice. turn on frying pan over medium heat, add apples. allow pan to get hot for about 3-5 min. add 2-3 TBS water and let the apples cook down. drain, add more spice and place ontop of waffles! enjoy!


1 egg, 1 egg white

1 C unsweetened almond milk

1/4tsp vanilla

2Tbs coconut oil (melted + cooled)

2/3C whole wheat flour

1/3C organic oat flour

1/4tsp baking powder

1/2tsp baking soda

sprinkle of oats

*Cinnamon + Honey CBD spice

*1000mg Raw Hemp oil


Mix all wet ingredients (except hemp oil). Mix dry ingredients in separate bowl. Add wet to dry, then add 2-3 full drops of raw hemp oil. Spray waffle iron with coconut oil and cook!




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