5/25/23 | Wellness

What’s Our Why? The CURED Elevation Challenge

We’re more than just a supplement company, but you already knew that. Didn’t you?

CURED is brand on a mission to make an impact and spark a movement. In more ways than one. So, with that in mind, creating a community-wide challenge that provides the science-backed steps for long-term, sustainable change only makes sense. Right?

Yeah, we thought so, too! Last November, we launched the first-ever $10,000 Elevation Challenge. It was a hit, and many of the participants experienced changes that lasted long after the month was over. Put simply, the challenge involves committing to five habits for thirty days with one, goal-driven community.

Our next challenge kicks off on June 1st, and we want YOU to enroll. Why join the Elevation Challenge? Yes, you can win $10,000; no doubt this has a special allure. Maybe the deals on your favorite wellness supplements are equally enticing. But, there’s more to this challenge than just that.

We created the Elevation Challenge because we saw a gap in the wellness industry. While there are countless fitness challenges and diets that promise to deliver you to your desired results (whatever they are in this season), it’s less common to find a program that is holistic, widely accessible, backed by science, and fairly simple to stick with. 




The individuals that sign up for this program are those that hear the call to return to their nature, rise up to their potential, and live an elevated existence. They want to follow a path upward, onward, and forward without adding to the noise in their heads and the pressure on their shoulders. These individuals value responsibility and community, and crave a space that upholds both.

What is an elevated existence? That’s simple: it’s a life of fulfillment, vitality, and true well-being. In a world that is profiting off of our fear and capitalizing on our vulnerabilities, choosing to invest in ourselves and our health is a bold act of rebellion. So, be the rebel. You hold the key to your future, and this program is the roadmap to help pave the way.

This 30-day program requires discipline, integrity, and discernment – but not at the expense of everyday peace and joy. Together, we will implement five, foundational daily habits so you can discover how it feels to live in the way you were always meant to. The best part? These habits are no-cost, available to everyone, and undeniably transformative (don’t worry, we’ll supply the science).

We’re eager to join you on this journey! Together, we’ll redefine health and well-being. Are you ready? Let’s go!


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