3/21/22 | Education

The Stamets Stack Is The Answer To Your Microdosing Questions

Chunking, grouping, stacking…these are all terms we use to describe the cumulative amassing of habits, products, and yes – even mushrooms. Thanks to world-renowned mycologist and author, Paul Stamets, pairing mushrooms is now as mainstream as managing goals.


Well, it is in our fungi-foraging neck of the woods. 


As experts in the field of functional mushrooms, we’re always eager to provide education and information about the various species we use in our herbal supplements. However, our expertise ends when we cross from medicinal mushrooms to the more mystical, magical genus: psilocybe.


So, last week we pulled together a list with our top resources for learning about microdosing mushrooms, tripping with mushrooms, and even exploring psychedelic-assisted therapy. We believe in mastery as much as we believe in integrity. When we aren’t the experts, we will be the conduits to those who are.


No surprise: the article was the most read blog to date. This week, we want to help point you in yet another exciting direction. When it comes to mushrooms, there are very few people who are as highly acclaimed and widely appreciated as Paul Stamets. In 2017, Stamets patented his “Stamets Stack,” which combines psilocybin with Lion’s Mane mushroom and niacin.


stamets stack

Stacked Synergy: Your Brain on Shrooms


According to Stamets, combining psilocybin with extracts from Lion’s Mane mushroom (which you can learn more about here) and niacin activates neurogenesis, improves neurological signaling and functioning, and repairs ocular and cochlear nerve damage. Niacin (also known as vitamin B3) is responsible for enhancing the neurogenic effects of the mushrooms. It also supports the nootropics in crossing the blood-brain barrier and traveling through the nervous system, as well as improves overall blood flow, circulation, and cellular stress.


Although his specific formula includes only two species of mushrooms, Stamets suggests equally potent benefits may arise when additional mushrooms are added to the combination; such as cordyceps, which can be found with both Lion’s Mane and Vitamin B in our Rise Blend


Not Just Any Shrooms; Our Responsibly-Sourced Shrooms


Before you ask the question, here’s our answer: no, it isn’t a coincidence that our brain-boosting, focus and performance supplement contains some of the very same ingredients as Stamets’ stack. Paul Stamets may be one of the most prominent pioneers, but he isn’t the only person who recognizes the healing powers of blending particular mushrooms, vitamins, and herbs. In fact, “combining compounds” is a foundational principle in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and our own in-house formulations.


We believe that mushrooms are one of Mother Nature’s many gifts. Although we may not sell psilocybin-containing supplements, we have created a unique performance line that complements your microdosing regimen with profound benefit. Try it for yourself and experience the neuroregenerative effects first-hand!

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