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7/7/24 — Wellness

Microdosing THC: What It Is & How to Do It
Have you ever wished for a way to harness the benefits of cannabis without the “high”? Welcome to the world of microdosing THC, a method that’s gaining popularity among...
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6/30/24 — Wellness

5 Tips to Beat Summer Bloat
Summer should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, not discomfort from belly bloat. Whether it’s a result of seasonal indulgences (hey, we all love an afternoon charcuterie board)...
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6/23/24 — Education

Struggling at work? It’s probably your sleep.
Have you ever found yourself zoning out during a meeting or blanking during a presentation? It might be your sleep schedule that’s to blame, not your work ethic. Sleep...
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6/20/24 — Education

The Soothing Science: How CBD and THC Alleviate Chronic Discomfort
Chronic discomfort is an unwelcome companion that millions of adults grapple with daily. It restricts mobility, dampens mood, and hampers overall quality of life, leading many to seek quick...
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6/20/24 — Education

Breaking Free from Smoking: The Role of Cannabinoids in Smoking Cessation
Quitting smoking is a significant (and often unforgiving) challenge for many, marked by withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and the constant battle against habit. For those navigating the journey to a...
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6/16/24 — Education

6 Ways You’re Hurting Your Sleep
Sleep isn’t just a passive activity; it’s an active investment in your health. Yet, despite its importance, the quality of your sleep is easy to undermine through everyday habits....
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6/9/24 — Education

CBN: A Natural Solution for Better Sleep
In the pursuit of better sleep, a growing number of health-conscious adults are turning towards natural remedies. Among these, Cannabinol, or CBN, has sparked significant interest. This minor cannabinoid,...
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6/2/24 — Wellness

Sleep During Travel: 5 Expert Tips for Restful Nights on the Road
Imagine you’re setting off on an adventure, but one question looms: how will you manage your sleep during travel? At home, your six-step routine saves you from stressing over...
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5/26/24 — Wellness

A 7-Day Stress Management Routine
Feeling overwhelmed by stress is more than just a discomfort; it’s a barrier to enjoying life and reaching our potential. However, integrating a simple, daily stress management routine can...
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