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3/4/19 | Podcast

CC 004 – Laurin Conlin: True Health

Laurin Conlin’s interest of nutrition started from a very disordered place; as she was anorexic for many years growing up. Her interest then shifted to nutrition and performance as a track and field athlete in high school, to then an amateur bodybuilder.

She competed for several years as an NPC Figure competitor before making the switch to the Bikini division. In 2014, she won the overall at NPC Nationals in Bikini, earning her professional status. Laurin has competed for several years as an IFBB Bikini pro since.

In this episode, Laurin shares with Joe not only her personal story but how she believes obtaining true health is not only possible but a necessity. In a world where seemingly anyone can “slide into your DM’s” and call themselves a “coach” she is here to disrupt that pattern and optimize your nutrition, training, and overall lifestyle.

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