7/29/19 | Podcast

CC 032: Optimizing Your Wellness Through Nature Based Genetics with Verdosome

Verdosome on the Cured Collective

Prepare to experience DNA in a whole new way! Joe sat down with the gentlemen from Verdosome, a new company using DNA testing to help consumers better understand their genetic predispositions. They highlight key areas, such as sleep and stress response, and how their cutting-edge genetic testing can optimize your total wellness.

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Joe: [00:00] Alright, we’re going to get started here at the Verdosome headquarters in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Got that wrong last time but we’re getting it right this time. I’m sitting here with Beau, Brian, and Alex, the crew at Verdosome and we’ve got an exciting podcast to dive into. We’ve got exciting plans in the future for Cured and Verdosome, and we’re just going to share all of that here for the first round. And I assume there are many podcasts to come. Thanks for joining me, guys.

Brian: [00:30] Thanks for having us!

Joe: [00:31] Thanks for having me here at your awesome 1950s – what did you call it? I don’t know, what do you call it?

Beau: [00:37] I call it a laboratory, but it’s a refurbished house.

Joe: [00:42] It’s a good hang out spot, that’s for sure.

Alex: [00:44] It’s my home.

Beau: [00:46] Alex lives downstairs.

Joe: [00:47] What do you call it besides the place you that you spend the most time.

Alex: [00:49] My house. I live in the basement.

Beau: [00:51] We just need to get a shower. We got a hose outside.

Joe: [00:56] Yeah. You guys – well, that’s how it works. That’s why everybody just stays here; nobody stops working; the business just continues to grow.

Beau: [01:05] Well, and I also run a sweat shop.

Joe: [01:06] The master plan.

Alex: [01:08] Yeah, we can’t talk about that.

Beau: [01:09] Yeah, they’re not authorized.

Brian: [01:12] We have a vertical grow. And food.

Joe: [01:14] Yeah, there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on here; but – let’s just dive in. What is Verdosome and why is important to do what you guys are doing?

Beau: [01:24] Well, first and foremost, we’re a genetic laboratory; but we’re 100% focused on helping the end consumer understand their endocannabinoid system and getting the best health benefits out of the products that Cured presents and sells.

Joe: [01:39] Yeah. It’s an interesting industry, the cannabis – specifically CBD – industry. This type of education, it’s is really important, and I believe it’s the future of, really, every industry, every type of – it SHOULD be. Obviously, that’s a big mountain to climb; but when it comes down to it, we’re all predisposed in a certain way, right?

Beau: [02:06] I mean, we’re all unique. Your product is just so beneficial just on the CBD industry. Not even in relation to bringing in the terpenes or the other nootropics that you’re putting into your combinations, but just stopping the pharmaceuticals. Getting people to start a new nature-based lifestyle.

Joe: [02:22] And you’ve seen both ends of this now, right?

Beau: [02:25] I’ve seen every end.

Joe: [02:27] Which is interesting. It’s really cool. We were talking about what created this. We were talking about CBN before and seeing that work in your life, but you’ve seen so much over the course of your careers, and business models. I bet that’s probably had a lot of influence on what’s going on here.

Beau: [02:45] Yeah, it definitely has a lot of influence, having over a decade of ownership in pharmacies and laboratories, the mission is always the same – you get the patients off the opiates and off the prescriptions, but, you know, also just learning my journey. This would’ve been an invaluable tool when I started trying to go more towards a nature-based lifestyle, getting off prescriptions. I found myself two years ago, just trying to figure out how this product could help me with sleep because I had a horrible sleep issue; and the only products that could work for me are what the physician told me. And that was Ambien or another slew or smorgasbord of prescriptions.

Joe: [03:24] We’re lucky to be in Colorado, that’s for sure. It’s really interesting, I was actually traveling with my fiancé again last week and we were in Arizona. We were talking about Austin, we were talking about all the cool places we thought about living. We were like, “I don’t know if we can go to Texas because we can’t get the medical marijuana yet.” But it’s true! We’re very fortunate to live in Colorado and be on the forefront of this industry, and I think that’s a really cool piece of the value proposition of Verdosome is, you know, being here, being in the epicenter of what’s massive industry.

Beau: [03:58] Well, it just continues to grow. I don’t even know how to keep up with all the information, you know, I don’t even know how to sift through it.

Joe: [04:06] It can get really confusing, and I think that that’s exactly why you guys are doing what you do.

Beau: [04:12] Yeah. We put together a profile that not only looks at the metabolism or the best methods of usage, but also the lifestyle behind it. Are you someone that needs help with sleep? Are you somebody that can actually run efficiently without the sleep, and maybe that’s why you don’t have the same sleeping pattern as, say, your significant other. Or should you be taking an edible? People have different experiences and that’s what we’re here to do, is trying help people guide them through that journey so they can have the best product for them.

Joe: [04:41] Yeah. So, you hinted at it, or your alluded to it, a panel. Brian or Alex, what’s this panel that we’re talking about and how did you guys… how did you guys create it?

Alex: [04:53] Lot of research. We all kind of had the same idea; we all believe in the health benefits of cannabinoids and mushrooms and everything. Me personally, I started using it just to combat with all this… stresses of school, and then going from school into research. It’s been a backbone for me for at least 5 years. So, we all teamed up and we all had the same vision that we want to help other people and kind of guide them into what products work for them; so we developed a panel going through a bunch of different topics – sleep, health, different sort of disease states – but mostly your endocannabinoid system and how you metabolize all of these different medicines… I lost my train of thought.

Brian: [05:57] So everybody – first of all – everybody has an endocannabinoid system. And everybody metabolizes cannabinoids differently. We’re all different genetically. So we have, just in that category alone, we have 5 different genes. We do – we test how you transport them, whether you’re a slow metabolizer, a fast metabolizer; this way you can tailor your dosage and find out… and find out what works best for you. Getting back to the panel, we have that, we have the lifestyle – so we can tell people’s – about their diet, and exercise, which is important because if you… you’re sensitive to carbohydrates and sugars…

Joe: [06:53] Because people can be spinning their wheels basically, right? It’s like, you can – if you don’t understand your genetic makeup and you’re just buying whatever hot product’s out there on the market, you’re not necessarily – you could get some type of placebo effect, which we all know is real – but when it comes down to it, if your genetics aren’t saying that you have… you’re predisposed in some way to for your sleep, for your, say, oxidative stress, for anything that you’re talking about in the health, sleep, fitness, lifestyle, diet profiles, you’re just going to spin your wheels buying products, right? And I think at the end of the day, you end up saving a lot of money by actually knowing – and you guys said it this way – giving freedom to oneself by knowing oneself. So you actually know how to make the correct decisions on what you’re using.

Alex: [07:46] Exactly. And like, we really wanted to cut out a lot of the fluff.

Joe: [07:50] Because that’s what it is!

Alex: [07:51] Yeah, and there’s a lot of stuff out there like – there’s a bunch of other genetic tests out there – but I don’t want to know if I’m going to like parsley or not; that’s not something that I really care about.

Brian: [08:03] Or vanilla ice cream, which I just found out on my me 23andMe.

Joe: [08:06] I was going to ask! So, there’s like 23andMe; so, genetic testing. What are they doing besides, obviously, ancestry?

Brian: [08:14] A big part of theirs, obviously, is ancestry. A big part is ancestry, which we’re not a part of at all. We’re more, we just try to do that well-rounded – the health, lifestyle, sleep, and endocannabinoid system – to get a nice, focused approach, personalized approach, along with our terpene charts, the mushroom charts; so if you do have certain issues, like with sleep, let’s just take for example – like in my case, I have issues with sleeping. So, I was shown to have – which is one of our genes we test for – fragmented sleep pattern, which I can’t get into that deep sleep state as easy; I’m always in that shallow sleep state, sometimes I wake up at night. So, I’ve used that information and done a cannabinoid product along with the terpene Myrcene, which helps with sleep and sedated feeling, so it keeps me… I get a better night’s rest. Because when I don’t do that, I just don’t feel right the next day. I can’t work as hard or play as hard.

Joe: [09:21] And then, I think we said, going back to the spinning your wheels thing I said – so if you’re looking at somebody’s sleep profile or category, and there is – you’re not seeing them be predisposed for any type of issue that’s causing them to not sleep, then you said hey, the feedback is a lifestyle thing and you need to evaluate your lifestyle. Maybe you’re… are you sleeping in bed with your screen in front of your face; like, what are you doing? I think that that’s – there’s so much that can be done with what you guys are doing to not only improve people’s selections on products, companies, and things that they go buy from and select, but just understanding how to change your lifestyle before even doing that.

Beau: [10:11] Yeah, it might not be the product that’s going to be what changes or gives you the best health benefit. It might just be you and what you’re doing. It might be the stressors that all of us go through in life.

Joe: [10:20] Yeah, last time I was talking to you guys, I was saying – we were talking about stress and predisposition for stress, and if you’re not predisposed, you’re doing something wrong in your life that’s really stressing you out. That’s why I was curious to get my results back today because I was like, man, I’m fucking stressed, so what am I doing? But it’s really exciting to see what you guys are doing here and as a fellow nerd, coming from the engineering background, I think that this has so much potential to really be a shape-shifter in the way that we approach health, wellness, this booming industry – whoever knows what the billion dollar, trillion dollar value of that industry is.

Beau: [11:06] Yeah, who knows. But it’s definitely there. And one thing you talk about that you really hammer home with Cured is wellness rooted in nature. You really want to look at the roots. You want to look at the core. And you have to start evaluating that. You have to be honest with yourself too. You can know yourself, but if you don’t make the changes, that’s up to you. We’ll give you the blueprint, but the person, they have to follow it.

Joe: [11:26] Yeah. So, can you guys explain, can one of you explain how genetic testing works and all this technology that you guys have – the house inside a house that you have purchased here?

Alex: [11:42] Yes. So, to start off, we get your swab. A nice little, simple swab, no spit, no nothing; just get a nice swab; but you got to remember not to eat anything 30 minutes before. But those disclaimers, you’ll see that on the package. We basically take your swab, extract the DNA… we use pulmonalis chain reaction to amplify that DNA and we have selected specific oligos to bind to the different genes that we’re look at specifically – which are 20 of them.

Joe: [12:20] What does that mean?

Alex: [12:21] So, essentially we are targeting these specific genes and then amplifying that – we’re splicing that area – amplifying it to the point that we can test it. And we can understand what different allele you’re expressing on that gene. We use a very robust instrument that our throughput is awesome. We have results… you’ll get your results back in 2-3 weeks. Super quick and accurate. We’ve already done our validations; everything’s good to go. We…

Joe: [13:07] It’s all good.


Joe: [13:16] Keep going, it’s fine.

Brian: [13:26] I can get into real science-y or time of flight of the laser-exciting, the rastas, and actually, in the column, you have your A, T, C, and G on your DNA, your different sugars. Those all, they weigh so tinily different, but there’s enough difference that that machine can detect on the time of flight and weigh those out for each individual.

Joe: [13:53] Honestly, I just think, what’s the best way to dumb down how genetic testing works?

Alex: [14:01] See, I wasn’t exactly sure how deep you wanted me to go.

Joe: [14:04] You can go super deep, but-

Alex: [14:05] I kind of went down a rabbit hole. But we take a swab from you. We take that swab and we extract the DNA off that swab. We take that DNA, we amplify that DNA to the point that we’re able to test it. We put it through one of the best instruments in the game, high throughput, fast results, accurate results, and then we get those results out to you. We dumb down everything to the point where you don’t even need to go to a physician – you can if you want; we’re not saying don’t do that. Definitely do that if you feel the need to do that. But we want to give you the easiest results, the quickest results, that are applicable to you and your life. Like, we don’t want to give you all this fluff about stuff that you eat. I think you know if you don’t like parsley. We want to know that your health is in check, your stressors are in check, and your life is in check, and then we also tell you about your endocannabinoid system; so, how you’re going to respond to cannabinoids. If everything else is in check, which it should be otherwise you have to kind of take a step back and look at your lifestyle because, like you were talking about before, if you’re not predisposed for stress and you’re stressed out, you gotta think about… but that’s another thing, you need to have the knowledge of all these things that are going on because if you don’t have that knowledge, essentially you don’t have the power to change anything in your life. Because you don’t know if you’re predisposed to this or you’re just in a toxic relationship, you have a bad job, this or that or the other; but if you know that you’re either predisposed or not for certain ailments, then you can act on those and you can kind of figure out your life and optimize your health. And that’s what we really want. I want to be healthy, but we want our community to be healthy; because if everyone’s happy then that just makes the world turn a little bit better. We really want to focus on your body’s response to the endocannabinoid system, and that kind of falls in line with everything else that we test, from lifestyle to sleep to health, diet. All those things kind of coincide with the endocannabinoid system and the products that you’re taking to try to get off all these pharmaceuticals, get you off and get you to a place where you’re eating healthy, you’re taking the right regimen, and kind of taking the thought process out of it because it’s way easier to just wake up in the morning, know what you’re supposed to take and when, and just coast, just know that you’re being healthy.

Joe: [16:28] Yeah. I think a lot of people are playing the guessing game.

Alex: [16:33] Yeah, and we want to take that out.

Joe: [16:35] Playing the trial and error is like, do you know if this works for you? Well, I don’t know; when I was bodybuilding, I would take 15 different supplements. And do you know if this one’s working? I don’t know; I’m taking a cocktail of different things. So how do you actually know? I think that that’s really, really important and just the fallout from knowing how your genetic makeup works, or what you’re predisposed to, to then making decisions every single day, not only just amplifies just your health, your life, your fitness, but the way that you spend money, financial decisions, the way you bring other people into your life, like toxic relationships, like you just said, I think there’s a lot here.

Alex: [17:21] That’s one of the reasons why we started this company in the first place because all of us combined, we’ve just gone through the guessing game more than you can even imagine. I mean, when I was in college, I was obviously just smoking it. Just the traditional way, smoking weed. It helped, for what it’s worth. And then going through after college, and then I moved out here, and I was able to be exposed to all the things – edibles, this, that and the other. I tried edibles; did NOT like them at all. And then I found myself really coming in tune with topicals. Having that exposure to have these different products, obviously it can be cumbersome sometimes, but going through that and understanding what actually works for you is a huge component. That’s another thing that we really want to try to bring out to the community is gathering this information. And what we kind of are trying to get into is something that we deem community research. This is strictly volunteer based, but just a way for us to further the research that really isn’t there.

Joe: [18:34] None of it’s there.

Brian: [18:35] And I want to mention this is totally anonymous. This is just metrics and info that the consumer can provide but it’s not their name, social security number, birthdate, anything like that.

Alex: [18:47] Yeah, like we just want to know if you’re a 28 year old Caucasian male who weighs 200 pounds – how do you compare to other people similar to you and what actually works for them. Like, should you be vaping, should you be smoking just straight up, topicals, like… why are you taking it in the first place? If you’re just taking it to get high and you’re just smoking, then that’s different from someone who has severe back pain and they really need something for that.

Joe: [19:19] None of that data exists right now. It was really awesome when I walked in here today, I had emailed Beau yesterday and was just thinking about what does this look like. So, you guys are going to be collecting data that nobody’s doing this in this type of a way right now. So, ok, what do we do with that data? And are we creating something custom for every single person that comes to you and are the products that Cured already has, are they going to work? How does that work, but the questions that we can’t really answer at Cured, and has been really hard, or what you wrote up on the board – I’m this old, I weigh this much, I’m male, my activity level – understanding how to make a decision on which product you should be taking is hard if the data for all of that isn’t anywhere. If I weigh 200 pounds and my fiancé weighs 120 pounds, you better believe we should be taking something different.

Beau: [20:22] 100%. You know, I’m going to sleep really well at night if we can get through those community research and we can start helping people cut down the amount of time in the guessing game and help them save money. At the end of the day, that’s why we’re here. We want to make sure the consumer gets the best value out of the product that they’re purchasing and gets the best benefits out of it. Going into the community research, if we look at even just the Asian community – they don’t metabolize alcohol. Some segments don’t metabolize alcohol as well as a Caucasian. We don’t know any of this in the THC or the CBD or the CBN or the CBG industries right now, and getting this feedback is very valuable for not only what we’re doing, but the overall cannabinoid community in general.

Joe: [21:04] So, Cured Collective listeners, you’ve heard me dive into full-spectrum versus isolates and what all the cannabinoids are. We’re talking about the endocannabinoid system here. Every single cannabinoid that makes up the hemp plant or the cannabis plant, they all have some type of therapeutic benefit or some type of potential medicinal benefit. And we are still just at the forefront of that. I want more and more people to understand that because as CBD became so trendy and popular over the last year, I think people were one, saying it’s a cure-all; and I was like, yes, my company name is Cured, but you know what? The reason that name came about was we need to change our perspective on a plant, on nature, on all these things that exist that have been stigmatized for so long. The mushroom world, which is extremely interesting and is continuing to evolve, we’re still at the forefront of that. There are terpenes – there are terpenes in mushrooms as well. And there’s terpenes in the cannabis plant. Everybody’s been so gung-ho about one cannabinoid, CBD, which let’s be real, is extremely amazing and can be abundantly found in the hemp and marijuana plant, but all the other constituents of these plants and fungi are… they’re extremely beneficial and we’re just still beginning to learn about this.

Brian: [22:31] And mentioning that, you’re mentioning the terpenes along with the cannabinoids.

Joe: [22:36] In conjunction

Brian: [22:27] In conjunction, you get that synergy and the entourage effect, so they just work even that much better together, so knowing that knowledge even just makes that product better for the consumer.

Joe: [22:48] Yeah. Let’s be real, some people just can’t take THC; and that’s unfortunate, but THC has – like, people have this idea like THC is… not everybody; I think we’re getting a lot smarter here in Colorado – it’s not the Cheech and Chong stoner mentality anymore, and I think that we look back at… Alex, you were talking about your earlier years and even mine in high school when I started using marijuana recreationally, then I got off into drugs and alcohol and had a lot of issues with that and was able to, thankfully, leave all that behind; but the one thing that stayed was cannabis. I had no issues. Yes, it was THC, and yes, I was getting high; but for me, it made me more creative, it allowed me to decompress at night and not drink any alcohol, and that aspect of it still needs to be put out there more into the world because people don’t – a lot of people just don’t understand, and it’s unfortunate.

Brian: [23:50] Yeah, it’s unfortunate that we still have that Cheech and Chong mentality. The more states that legalize, they’re going to be able to get more education. Just like you said, we’re at the epicenter; we’re very fortunate to be in Colorado. But, it is a miracle drug. I mean, there’s so many different compounds in it. We still don’t even know all the health benefits behind THC.

Joe: [24:09] Yeah. So, we talked about it for a second, but I wanted to talk about the categories of testing that you guys have alluded to or identified. You have sleep, health, fitness, stress response, and diet. I was trying to understand what the makeup of each of these categories is. So, you’re just going in and you’re looking for certain genetics, right, and saying this affects this, or this would potentially affect my endurance, or the way I metabolize food. How did you build out those categories? We kind of talked about it a little bit, but I want to understand that a little bit more.

Alex: [24:44] Well, we really just wanted an all-encompassing genetic platform. This kind of goes back to the start of how we made our panel in the first place. We wanted all these things to kind of work together in a synergistic effect. Same way that the cannabinoids work with your body. So, we thought about verse the endocannabinoid system, and that’s the most important thing here. Alluding from that, your stress response – if you have dopamine problems, if you’re having serotonin problems, if your body’s not optimized, then how are you going to get the most out of taking either THC, CBD, any of these products? You won’t know if you’re really getting the full effect because these ailments might just be that much stronger; like your stress levels might be so through the roof that nothing you take will actually help you. So, it kind of alluded backwards. We reverse engineered it from what we saw as very important – being the endocannabinoid system – to what else affects that. Your diet – if you’re going eat like shit, there’s no way that you’re going to optimize your health if you’re just eating In-n-Out burgers, even though it’s so good. Oh my god, I had an In-n-Out burger the other day and it was so good.

Joe: [26:06] I drove past it in Arizona last week and I regret it. I don’t know what I was doing.

Alex: [26:10] Oh, I brought back like… and they’re more than happy to give you the sauce spread, and I took like 12 packets of that sauce spread home, oh my god. But okay, that’s besides the point. Gotta eat healthy.

Joe: [26:24] If it makes you happy, it’s good for you, right?

Alex: [26:26] Yeah, yeah. Everything in moderation! Everything in moderation. But, you know, we kind of reverse engineered everything back. You have to optimize your diet, you have to optimize your stress response, you have to optimize – we let you know what kind of fitness is best for you, whether you’re going to be a sprinter, an endurance athlete, and then you can kind of cater the way that you workout towards what’s best for you. Then, obviously, sleep is a huge issue. Like Brian was mentioning, if you’re getting fragmented sleep, if you’re just a short sleeper and you don’t need 8 hours of sleep, now you’re oversleeping because you think the norm is 8 hours of sleep. So, you wake up, 6 hours of sleep, 4 hours of sleep and you think that you have to sleep, and now you’re oversleeping, you’re getting tired. To understand all these things and have this knowledge, it gives you the power to really home in on your overall health and wellbeing, and then use these products – use the CBD, THC, whatever works for you – and we’ll let you know what works for you. We’re developing an algorithm that will couple the health benefits provided by different terpenes, different cannabinoids, different mushrooms, and couple those with the ailments that you express to give you a true personalized product that will home in on if you need an aid in sleep, if you need an aid in your sleeping, or if you need anti-inflammatory properties of this terpene with this cannabinoid and this mushroom, we can devise a product that’s specific for you and help you optimize your health along with your knowledge and self-drive to be healthy about what you should be eating, how you should be working out, your stress response and how to respond to that. I was mentioning before, if you’re in a poison relationship, if you’re not pre-disposed to stress and you’re super stressed out, maybe it’s your job, maybe it’s your relationships, and trying to put you in the best position possible. Because we want everyone in our community to be happy.

Joe: [28:45] Yeah, you’re equipping people with the knowledge that they need.

Brian: [28:47] We have specific genes. I mean, we’re not really getting into the specific genes. We can. For instance, the dopamine gene we test for, that’s going to – the snip we test for is going to tell you if you’re a warrior or a worrier.

Joe: [28:59] I can’t wait to get my test results back.

Brian: [29:02] What are YOU? What’s your nature?

Joe: [29:03] I’m a worrier, for sure!

Beau: [29:06] Actually, I thought the same thing.

Joe: [29:08] That’s why I’m interested to get that back because I might not be. And if I’m not, then I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Brian: [29:15] So, if you are one of those-

Beau: [29:17] Is it nature, is it nurture?

Alex: [29:22] I think it’s the worrier.

Brian: [29:23] You can blame genes if it is, if you’re predisposed to that.

Beau: [29:28] But being a worrier, you know, that can be looked at in a negative way. It’s not at all. Actually, if you look at the statistics and you start reading the studies, it’s a lot healthier to be a worrier. It doesn’t mean you’re not a fighter; it means you process before you fight.

Joe: [29:43] Ahh-

Beau: [29:44] A warrior just comes out and starts punching.

Brian: [29:45] You have higher than average dopamine levels.

Joe: [29:47] There you go, alright.

Alex: [29:50] You respond well to stress is what it is.

Joe: [29:53] I like these answers! Let’s see, I had a couple of other things that I wanted to dive into. So, the customer experience. You talked about the swab, you talked about – I think you talked a little about mailing it in, the turnaround time. When they get their results back, the portal, what does all of that experience look like?

Brian: [30:12] I did want to mention that to the listeners. Alex had mentioned we have these reports, and I had mentioned there’s charts. Right away, you think of these doctor’s reports are charts. No, we’ve developed a very user friendly, easy to use portal, colorful, awesome, you can use it on your phone; you’ll go in, you can actually – it’ll just specifically show you what your genetic makeup is and then make recommendations based on that.

Joe: [30:39] Yeah, and it’s easy to use. That’s some of the hardest things. I get my blood test results back from the doctor and I’m like, what in the fuck? Great. This is out, this is out, this is out, and then you call the doctor and they’re like well, I don’t know anything about nutrition, so I couldn’t tell you what to eat differently. That’s a big problem.

Alex: [31:04] You’re right.

Beau: [31:05] You hit it spot on, bro.

Joe: [31:08] It’s a weird world that we live in.

Alex: [31:10] And that’s what we want to completely take out. We, like I said before, you can go to the physician; if that’s where you feel safe, by all means, do that. We want to just make it as user friendly as possible. You go in, you have our categories, you know, sleep, health, lifestyle, endocannabinoid. Click on that, you got your genes that are associated with those things. Then, from those, we tell you in a detailed explanation what your predisposition really means. Then, like Brian was saying, based on all these things, we give you recommendations. So, it’s really just a one-stop shop. We tell you what’s going on with you, how you’re unique, how you live, how your genes make you who you are to some extent. We really want you to understand through the ease of our portal, we want you to come out of it feeling like you have answers instead of being confused. I mean, like what do I do with all this information; where do I go with this? Like, ok cool, I’m European, but I don’t know what else is going on with me. We really want to make sure that these people come out with the knowledge that they need to optimize their health and really get to where they want to be through our recommendations for different products and what best would suit them.

Joe: [32:38] Yeah. I mean, I was just thinking about – multiple times I had received test results and then couldn’t understand them, but saw things out of whack, and I started feeling worse because I didn’t know, I didn’t even know how to read it. I think that where my mind went when you were just talking there, Alex, was like all we can really control is ourselves. What you guys are doing is you’re equipping the community to be able to control how you want to take your true total health into your own hands and if you don’t have to go to the doctor, you really don’t have to.

Alex: [33:16] Absolutely.

Joe: [33:18] Of course, there’s going to be times you do, but like –

Alex: [33:20] But I mean, I don’t have health insurance. I just want to live the healthiest life I possibly can. So, if these tools have allowed me to understand myself a little bit better so that I can take the right steps. If I take a step into a stressful situation, I know that I’m not going to handle this that well, then I need to get out. Just little things like that that I can make tiny changes in my life that, at the end of the day, I feel better, I sleep better, I’m just a better person overall. Then, that alludes to someone else. If I smile to someone else, someone else is going to smile back at me.

Beau: [33:57] So you take the health insurance money and pocket, that I give you every month. That’s all I just heard.

Alex: [34:04] It all goes to the weed.

Beau: [34:08] Hey, that’s what we’re here for, right?

Joe: [34:10] So, this podcast will release in the next couple of weeks, and I want to just talk about the launch and where people can go, kind of the outlook on everything.

Beau: [34:19] We’re trying to do this in the most controlled manner possible. We haven’t been rushing the launch by any means. We still got a little bit more to flesh out on this community research. We still have some big asks of Cured to keep talking about on the personalized approach for the products. The launch will happen when it’s the most appropriate time.

Joe: [34:40] Is there anything that the listeners of this podcast could do to support you guys from a community perspective?

Brian: [34:48] Yeah, we’re definitely going to be launching the website and starting to get feedback from our potential consumers.

Joe: [34:53] Yeah, any data you guys are trying to collect or anything like that? The listeners, we have a heavy listener base in Denver, Colorado; so those of you that are listening to this, we are here local and not too far from where you may be. Thanks guys. This is really cool. I’m really excited to see how this is going to continue to evolve. I think that you guys are doing something that nobody else is doing or really understands, so it’s going to be fun to watch the response and watch this relationship/partnership continue to evolve.

Beau: [35:26] 100%. Thank you for having us.

Brian: [35:28] And I’ll just mention, our landing page will be www.verdosome.com.

Joe: [35:34] verdosome.com. Cool. Anything else? You guys going to have an Instagram up and running, anything else where people can go?

Beau: [35:40] Yeah, definitely. We’re going to be starting our YouTube, podcast, and starting to really get the name out there, start bringing in influencers into our showroom and start talking about their experiences, and seeing how maybe this product would have benefitted them at the beginning had they started getting into this before they started their journey.

Joe: [35:58] Yeah, cool. Thanks, guys.

Brian: [36:00] And Verdosome is spelled V-E-R-D-O-S-O-M.

Beau: [36:07] E.

Brian: [36:08] E.

Alex: [36:11] We need to go back to school for English.

Brian: [36:13] Basically, the name, you can break the name up – VERD, is green, like nature, nature-based, and SOME – chromosome. DNA and nature.

Beau: [36:25] Green genetics, baby.

Brian: [36:27] Green genetics.

Joe: [36:28] If anything, people gotta come spend more time with you guys because this is what we do; we ‘re having fun here, just joking around.

Brian: [36:33] Yeah, come hang out!

Joe: [36:35] It’s a good crew of people here. We’re super excited to watch this continue to evolve and thank you guys for doing what you’re doing because it’s important, and more of this stuff needs to happen.

Group: [36:46] Thanks for having us.

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