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CC 061: The CURED Collective Is Back

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Joseph: [00:00] All right, we’re recording in both places we’re in, I believe, haven’t podcasted in a little while so I’m looking forward to this. First off, just to start welcome back to the to the Cured Collective Podcast. It’s been a little while since I’ve podcasted, podcasted at all really but with massive shifts in our world and my wife and I having our first daughter now a month ago, the last probably six to eight months of life have really required just pulling away, pulling away from so much content, so much noise, and just really focusing in on what really matters and that’s been the building of my family with my wife Lauren, and our now daughter, Ember. We’ve been on such a beautiful ride in her first month here on earth and I’m sure more discussions around her will come up on this podcast but for those of you that are previously listeners of the Cured Collective Podcast, welcome back, those of you that are here for the first time, it’s great to have you. We’re excited to be here spending time with you. As a company Cured Nutrition is focused on designing products, designing supplements to allow you to take your life to its ultimate potential. One of the most important things for us to do is really reflect for a little bit.

[01:42] we’ve been gone from the podcast for a while. It’s now 2021. This is re-launching in March of 2021 and I don’t think we’ve released a new episode on this platform since probably July or August of 2020 just talking about cannabinoids, talking about one of the new Cured products that came out last year, which is Aura for gut health and immune support. So it’s been a while and I’m stoked to be back here because a lot has unfolded in our world in the last year and I think it’s important to, to allow it to sit in to know that it has happened to understand that we’ve experienced a really intense trying time, as humans, we’ve seen a lot, we’ve all felt a lot. It’s been it’s been a wild ride since, you know, March of or February of 2020 and so I’m definitely going to dive into that a little bit here but I think it’s most important for us as a company as Cured Nutrition, the company that has designed products for you, to really help you live your best and feel your best and do your best, it’s really important that we always support that with our, our why and you are our why, we are our why as humans to take care of ourselves to live life as best as we can and that’s why we’ve created the supplements to support that. But it’s important for us to talk about our values and to talk about what 2020 reminded us of, what 2020 taught us and for us as a company we are three years old, we started selling just strictly CBD products. If you’ve been around since the very beginning, we sold these spices that were made for additions to your food which tasted really good and you know in the fitness industry caught on really quickly and we infuse those with CBD so people could start getting the properties of CBD, especially from a recovery standpoint, and, and calming standpoint and it took off really quickly and we evolved the company and we really settled into what we are as a company as a brand and that is a supplement company like we are the future of supplements. And I think what’s important is to look at the course of 2020 and to remind us like within our company, why we exist and what we did over the last year.

[04:31] in 2020 in the very beginning we were actually having we were going through a very difficult time like month after month after month we were decreasing in revenue and as a first time CEO of a company like I definitely didn’t, you don’t know what you don’t know but you also just try to know. Like you when you are running a company and you are the leader of a company and you want to create and build a successful culture and brand and impact in the world you go, you go through times where you feel like you have to have all the answers and you have to know exactly what you’re supposed to do and building a business is hard, I’m just gonna be straight like, it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done up until really this last month experiencing my daughter in the NICU, you and my wife and I just going through a very, very trying time, it was a very scary time. But besides that, like, you know, when I’m speaking about business and building a business, it’s been so hard, it’s taken me to, it’s pushed me to my limit. And in 2020, I think what we saw is that everything we once thought was true or real, or what we were supposed to do kind of got like flipped upside down on its head. And when we talk about Cured being the future of supplements, like where, where we have established our products and brand is based on functional mushrooms and adaptogens herbs and cannabinoids and plants really, like when it comes down to plants and fungi, and how beneficial for the for us they are and I think what’s really cool is we see so many brands shifting this way, and our culture is shifting this way and we’re really realizing that maybe we need to stop thinking about cannabis and other plants in the way that we do and it’s gonna be really cool to see how this changes over the next several years. But what 2020 did was it flipped everything upside down. And we had gone through a restructuring in the beginning of 2020, which was very uncomfortable. As I said, end of 2019 and 2020, we were doing terrible as a company like I as a leader was not the leader that the company needed, I was I needed to do a lot of growing and I needed to take a lot of responsibility and what was important is where that really came up was understanding like values and understanding what the company values and what I value and that was a practice that with one of my business mentors, Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett they run this, this group Syndicate, really this it’s called the Arete Syndicate and it’s really for entrepreneurs and business men and women, and individuals that are leading a company, leading employees, building a brand, like wanting to have this story impact and one of the first things that they talked about was like, remember your values and if you don’t have values established for your company establish values for your company, because that is truly your guiding star. And we can really complicate things in life. And I think that when you get into owning a business and starting a business and coming up with grandiose ideas for building something, we can complicate it a lot. And for sure did that over the first several years of owning this company, and how to focus, left and right and all over the place and just, you know, was trying to figure it out and making a lot of mistakes but when Andy and Ed started talking about values, it was it was wild, because it was March of 2020 or maybe it was April, and COVID had just hit our world was like, oh, everybody was just like, oh shit, like what’s going to happen and we all know what has happened since that day, it’s been to be completely honest, a mess. I think it’s shown a lot of weaknesses in our government, in our society and I think the only thing that we can do is understand that what 2020 has shown us is that we need to change and that’s it and to that’s it, to summarize 2020 we need to change and the only way to change is through having values and having an honor code or a system or a collection of core values that guide every decision that you make, every behavior, every action that you take every single day you have to have values and if you don’t have values well let’s just be, let’s just be real, everybody has values. But let’s talk about responsibility. And let’s talk about change.

[10:08] as a company, our logo, like it’s three triangles. A triangle, it stands for delta in mathematics, in mathematics, which means change and that’s what we’ve always said it was like we wanted to shift the narrative around cannabis, we want to shift the narrative around plants, around nature and that’s our mission and when you think about that, oh, well, that shows what we value. We value nature, we also value responsibility, as I was saying, and that really is a value of mine, but brought it into the company, and it is now a value of the company and the company’s values, your values as a founder, as a CEO, as a business leader, are most likely going to be the values of the company, because you have this vision of a brand that you’re going to build and an impact that you’re going to have. And so in March of 2020, when everything just hit the fan Cured was we were struggling and now actually seeing recovery like we restructured in the beginning of 2020, we got rid of our part of our manufacturing end of the business, and I had to fire some really good friends, and completely changed what it looked like for us to operate a business and we were three years into the business and we have been a successful business and we’ve impacted a lot of people, but we had to completely change everything that we had because what got us to the level of company that we were was not going to get us to the next level of company that we want it to be. And same with me 100%. I was not the individual that was going to be able to lead the company to the next level, if I was still the same version of myself that started this company, because what I had to do, from the beginning of this company to now is change who I was, was become a better human, was understand why I operate the way I do and when I lash out, or I’m passive, or I’m frustrated, or I’m sure I’m impatient, I did that with employees, I do that with myself, I did that and within my relationship and I had to change that. And that required a lot of work through therapy, and through understanding who I really am and who I really am and what I value. And so in values, the value system of your life, the value system of a company is the guiding star, it’s what you decide, you make decisions upon this system, you get rid of people based on this system, you correct the behavior of a person by the values of the company rather than the behavior, rather than the person like you correct things in that way. You say, hey, we value responsibility here, we see this item that’s out of place, it’s trash on the ground. So we really value the person that takes the initiative, and takes responsibility and picks that up and when you start to do that, what I realized, and what we realized, and especially within my own life is that when you’re taking responsibility for yourself and for your actions, and for everything that you do, there’s evidence and there’s proof of it and it’s very clear to anybody that’s watching you that that’s something that you value and if you’ve never looked for this in life, you can really start to understand it when you think about people that you know really well like somebody that goes above and beyond to do anything for somebody else. Well, they value service, they value serving another person, they value helping another person. So when it comes to responsibility, I needed to take responsibility for the downfall for our company, month over month just looking like we were going to fail. And it required me being a better leader and recognizing that I needed to change so we could change. And that’s the only way that it works. But it wasn’t without remembering that that’s what I value. And when you value something and you bring it into the way your business operates in your business and your employees, and everybody that works with you understands it then they know how to get questions answered without ever even answering a question because when you define what people’s roles are, what people’s responsibilities are, and you and they know that you value that the understanding is, well let’s define what this role is and let’s do what we’re supposed to do and let’s take initiative, let’s take responsibility and you see your life, you see your company, you see whatever it is a relationship evolve from the inside out, but it starts right here. It starts with yourself.

[14:42] another value of ours is service. So I briefly talked about that, but we love to serve our customers, our community and we truly believe that we are creating products that are helping people. That are helping people feel better, that are helping people do better when it comes to your digestive system and your gut health and the way that you can sit down and get something done and, you know, be totally laser beam, concentrated and on a problem working, whatever it is you’re doing like you want your brain to work well. You want your gut and your, your digestive system to work well and you want your body to work well. You want to be able to sleep, you need to sleep, sleep is the most important thing that you do. And we create products that remind and help people do those things. That is our service. That is one thing that we do. But we go above and beyond to make sure that if somebody comes to us, and they would like to within the realms of the products that we’ve created, try to do something better, do something different, we are going to help and we are going to educate, we are going to go the extra mile to serve that customer because that customer deserves when we go into a transaction, the intention behind it is we have a business that we want to grow bigger and bigger and create more and more impact in this world and serve more and more people and here’s a product that we believe is going to help you with that and so we want to serve you within that and that’s something that we do we go above and beyond in that way. And we’ve contributed now this last year we really focused in and we’re like, okay, well, this world is going wild right now, and people are yelling at each other and there’s call out culture and who can be the best activists and do this and do that and a lot of it was just pure bullshit, to be completely honest but a lot of it was really, really important as well and I think what what’s most important is, hey, as a company, you need to be for something, you need to serve something, we don’t need to all serve the same thing but especially in June and July, when we were having all the protests and everything was really just wild, it was important that companies stood up for what matters and what’s right in this world and within our wheelhouse within our control system. What matters to us is that the people that are wrongfully imprisoned for nonviolent cannabis offenses, they shouldn’t be in jail, and they shouldn’t be experiencing something that depending on where you are, and who you are, and what state you’re in, the laws can be different, and somebody in one state can be completely fine for doing something that somebody else in another state can’t do or in a in a different societal level. Like, that’s just the truth that that happens. And that’s bullshit. And so when we really realized that, hey, not only have we supported mental health for a very long time, and that of tested wellness, and provided free counseling sessions, and those of you that have listened to this podcast, heard Heather on the podcast describing more about Khesed, it’s extremely important for us to continue to be supporting them as well. But we started supporting the Last Prisoner Project this last year, because of that, because in our world, in the wellness world, in the cannabis world, like that’s wrong, that needs to change. So that’s what we support and of course, Khesed wellness. And then there’s Unlimited Sciences, which we’ve been talking to and plan to support all of this year. And they’re really focused on the future of psilocybin research and understanding how people use it, what the intention is behind it, and how it is helping people and that’s really important to us. That’s, that’s part of why we exist, how can the products that are coming from nature, change people’s lives? And how can we be stewards of nature and of the plants to help spread a message that has been wrong at times, and these have changed? So that’s why we exist like that’s, that’s what we’re gonna do.

[19:17] so, our last value is, is nature. And the truth is the nature of humankind is we are all one. And it’s so important to remember that and when we’re on this side versus that side and you said this, and you said that or you didn’t say this or you didn’t do that’s the problem; we’re forgetting. We’re forgetting that in our true nature, that we are all one. Now, it’s very simple to say that to actually change and make us all remember that is really hard but that is that is our truth that we value nature. So we want to be stewards of nature and want to remember and remind everyone that is part of the Cured Nutrition and Cured Collective Podcast listeners and family of people that use our products and share our products with other people that we’re all one. And it’s important to remember that.

[20:26] so that’s a quick return to the Cured Collective Podcast. It’s great to be back, it’s great to see you all, as always curednutrition.com reach out to us at support@cured nutrition.com. Regardless of what question you have, we are here to help, help you use one of our products if they can help you if they can’t help you, then we’re also here to help answer that question and so reach out to us at support@curednutrition and follow us on Instagram at Cured Nutrition. We have a lot of exciting things going on this year, in 2020. So many exciting things for all of you to see, and products that we’re releasing. Now this podcast is coming out the beginning of March, I’m going to say right now, if you are a very in tune customer of the company, you saw that we have brought the cinnamon and honey spice back. So as I said in the beginning of this podcast, it’s a simple product that started this company that turned into a bigger supplement company but that has been one of our customers one of your favorite products since the very beginning. So we brought it back, but it’s way better now. It’s in a stick pack so it’s great for traveling on the go and it’s water soluble and we changed up a couple of ingredients. There’s Yukon root in there for a little bit of a sweetener in addition to the honey, of course, honey is sugar, but it’s not. The idea is like, let’s have a little bit of that it’s important. Let’s have our honey and let’s have our cinnamon, let’s have Yukon root because there is fiber in there and then of course 25 milligrams of water-soluble CBD. So we’re super excited to bring this product back that comes in stick packs, packs of 20 now on the website for sale, hopefully, they might have sold out by now. I’m recording this podcast before we launched the product and then the podcast releases after the product has actually been launched. So I might be shooting myself in the foot. And I could be wrong. So forgive me if that is the case. And yeah, it’s great to be back.

[22:36] we have some exciting podcasts coming up this year. We’re Of course having I say, of course, but I haven’t shared this on the podcast, our partners that represent the company that are in the health and wellness space, that are entrepreneurs, that are gym owners, that are business owners, that are people that are really changing this world, and that we support and believe in and truly appreciate we’re going to share their story because it’s important. They’re part of who we are as a company. And so over the course of this year, we will have several of our partners be flying out to Colorado spending some time in our new office, which I’m super stoked to show you all, currently at the home office recording this podcast but we’re excited for that. So stay tuned to hear more of the stories of the people that represent our company, our partners that are so important to us that are the heartbeat of our company and stay tuned to hear more about where we’re going as a company, the products that we’re going to be releasing, the impact that we want to make in this world. And I promise to share more about just building of a business like it’s been so hard and there’s been so many ups and so many downs and I’m really proud of what we’ve built as a company and who we are and the lessons that have been learned and I’m so proud of where it is we are going because it’s more than just the products. It’s the impact. It’s the service. It’s our values. It’s what we want to be remembered by. I remember when Lauren and I first started dating, it was one of our first dates we were climbing up the side of a mountain in Vail and we were asking each other what our biggest fear was and when she asked me I said my biggest fear is unfulfilled potential.

[24:31] so let’s achieve our ultimate potential as humans here. Let’s take responsibility for what we can take responsibility for that’s ourselves. That’s our actions. Control what you can control and be the best version of yourself and give yourself what you need. Drink the water, do the meditation, sleep. If you have a new baby, don’t sleep as much. Love and take care of yourself. Eat well. Take the right supplements. It’s important. Welcome back to The Cured Collective everybody. As always, the coupon code Collective will save you 15% at checkout, please reach out to us at any time please reach out to me Joseph Sheehey on Instagram I’m not as active as I used to be. Reach out to the Cured Nutrition Instagram ask us a question reach out to support@curednutrition.com we’re here to help you and we’re excited to be back on the podcast. Talk to you guys soon. [25:27]

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