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5/21/21 | Podcast

CC 070: Changing Lives with Sean and Dala

Welcome back to the Cured Collective Podcast! In this episode, Joseph Sheehey welcomes Sean and Dala, founders of the DLD Nation. Sean and Dala share a little bit about their story working as fitness coaches in the online space and how their business developed over the years. DLD Nation is a company whose mission is to empower people through fitness and nutrition without overcomplicating the process.

“It’s not really relatable to always put your best foot forward and act like you’re always motivated.” – Dala

Sean and Dala were first motivated by the education gaps in the fitness industry along with the untruths that were being told about training, nutrition, fat loss/muscle gain and the whole spectrum around fitness. In this episode, they also explain that a fitness journey should navigate around life and not the other way around. In addition, they talk about all things entrepreneurship, relationships, the importance of having a support system and the value of being vulnerable through hard moments.

“What one accomplishes is so much the time or reflection of the value they’re providing for other people.” – Sean

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