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10/23/21 | Podcast

Optimizing Your Gut-Brain Axis

“Eat good, feel good.” Although you may have heard this concept before, it may come as a surprise that it is completely true! Our body functions and operates better when we make smart decisions regarding our eating habits. Prioritizing food diversity, limiting inflammatory foods and giving our body high quality nutrient-dense foods are vital aspects to living a better life. In this episode, Joseph gives you simple solutions to optimize your gut-brain axis.

“I’ll leave you with two thoughts: always trust your gut, it is your second brain and you are what you eat. We can’t forget that.” – Joseph Sheehey

Key Highlights

Food is the fuel that our body operates upon. Like a high performance vehicle, your body needs high quality fuel. Joseph highlights some of the symptoms of eating poor quality food; What are inflammatory foods and why you should limit them; Joseph gives you simple solutions to help you diverse your food intake; Check out AURA by Cured Nutrition – the only supplement formulated to heal, seal and protect your gut.

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