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Did you know that your gut and brain are physically and chemically connected? This means the health of your gut directly impacts your mood, mental health and overall well-being. Meet Aura – our most complete gut health blend formulated to strengthen your gut lining, improve your digestion and increase nutrient absorption because a happy gut = a happy you.


    10/23/21 — Podcast

    Optimizing Your Gut-Brain Axis
    “Eat good, feel good.” Although you may have heard this concept before, it may come as a surprise that it is completely true! Our body functions and operates better...
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    7/29/20 — Podcast

    Core Components to Health and Improving the Gut Microbiome Read The Full Transcript Joe: [00:10] I’m very excited to have a special guest back on the podcast today; for those who have been around Cured and the...
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Blogs & Articles

    7/5/21 — Education

    Feed Your Gut-Brain Axis: Eat Your Way to Balance
    The Gut-Brain Axis In recent years, the gut-brain axis has dominated the research scene in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology, gastroenterology, and functional health. The topic has quickly become the...
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    7/6/20 — Education

    Is it all in your head, or is it your gut?
    Your microbiome – the diverse population of microbes (bacteria) that live in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract — play an important role in the health of your gut, and in...
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    8/19/20 — Wellness

    CBD for the Digestive Tract
    The digestive system is becoming a more central part of conversations surrounding health and wellness. As scientists come to understand the integral role of the digestive tract, we’re also...
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    6/25/20 — Education

    Meet Aura, Holistic Immune Support
    In light of the recent global health crisis, it seems as though everyone can agree that health is our greatest wealth.  As a collective, we have learned that a...
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