Radiate from the inside-out with brain-body balance.

Ingredients With Purpose

TURKEY TAIL | An antioxidant-rich mushroom that supports increased immune function and gut health

CHAGA | Supports a healthy immune system and fights oxidative stress

DGL LICORICE ROOT | Promotes digestive comfort and protects the gut lining

GINGER | Supports movement of food through the digestive tract and provides nausea relief

TURMERIC | Contributes to healthy digestion

OREGON GRAPE ROOT | Provides digestive stimulant properties

VITAMIN D | Facilitates strong immune function

ZINC | An essential nutrient necessary for immune cell function

Clinical Herbalist Formulated

Formulated by our Clinical Herbalist Cali, Aura is your all-natural daily dose of immunity. It promotes harmony within the body, allowing your body to do what it does best… Defend against invaders, heal and restore bodily tissues, and maintain homeostasis for true well-being, vitality, and longevity.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

I no longer have bloating or acid reflux. I feel really good taking [Aura] without any side effects that I normally have when I start a supplement."

Karla S.

[Aura] has helped me to feel so much better overall and less bloated on a day to day basis. This is my favorite product from Cured that I have tried to far!"

Betheny C.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommend to take Aura with food, whether it be a meal or snack. It can be taken anytime of day that works with your schedule!

The answer is a resounding YES. All of our products have been specially formulated by our in-house clinical herbalist to be effective on their own or as a part of a daily CURED stack!

Yes, Aura is CBD and THC free.

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