9/19/19 | Education

Cured, The Movement

About a year ago I was asked by a close friend where Cured was headed. My response quickly opened his eyes to the passion for impact brewing daily in the walls of our office. Since inception, the vision for Cured has been one much larger than the idea of a CBD company. CBD served as the prefacing vehicle that showed our community that we stand for true and everlasting change. We stand to break down stigmas and barriers constructed and conformed to by the current society and that of our predecessors. We are a brand constructing a movement.

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The pillars in which Cured stands on ring true through every action we take. We believe in community, experience, education and nourishment of our bodies. We design products rooted in nature geared towards elevating our existence. The year 2017 was the year in which this movement began. Through education around cannabinoids which serve purposes far greater than escape, we normalized cannabis and quickly assembled a community of like-minded individuals. This collective committed themselves to spreading our teachings around products  designed for the betterment of all yet still seemed to carry large misconceptions.

These days, the noise of social media can become quite confusing and that is exactly where our unique approach was born. Our blistering growth in year one was viewed worldwide through social media. It wasn’t long before one could find numerous companies with the exact look and feel of Cured, yet a simple name change as the differentiator. This realization came to focus with several feelings. One, the world sees what we are doing. And two, now that we’ve broken through stigmas and begun to normalize the forbidden, an opportunity for further innovation existed.

As a company that sells physical products it may be unconventional to take the angle we have. Our belief in immersive experiences that bring together community enables the spread of a message through the true humanistic route of verbal communication. I think we can all come to an agreement that this traditional path of human to human interaction seems to be slipping away quicker and quicker. Although quite the beast to rally against we stand strong to change this. Growing from a small group of 10 at our first gathering, Cured has now held numerous events in which these tribal ideas comes to life through diverse themes; yoga, functional training, vulnerability exercises and community meals.

Before taking any product to solve all our problems or experience more from this trip through life, we must remember who we are. By attending a Cured event one will quickly see community, intimate interaction, primal and ancient movements, and the purest of nourishment come together. These orchestrated gatherings make us clearly realize our core needs as human beings. As the world moves faster and faster we ask you to raise question. We need connection, story telling through education and overall transportation into the present NOW. That is our movement. Combining these experiences with the education excites a brand image with evoking change at its core.

Our passion to connect with one another is grounded in the shared understanding that we are all one with nature. As the progressive community in Denver rings rich, Cured will continue to be the leaders that align ourselves with the strong belief that we must continue to unlock the healing potentials of natures medicine. Mushrooms, cannabis and other sacred plant extracts and constituents come together in beautiful harmony in our consciously curate products. These innovations support the further collective needs of each of us to be able to focus, perform, replenish and recover. By coming to Cured, you experience our core passions supported by products born with the greatest pursuits of our hearts in mind. Once viewed as a CBD company, it should now be clear we are far from that. We are a movement inspired by nature, grounded in a shared desire to leave a lasting impact on you, this community and this world. Thank you for joining our family.



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