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Do You Know The Keys To Consistency? Find Out!

In last week’s blog, we highlighted a few of our most experienced partners and gave you their most effective health hacks. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find that 5-minute read here. Well, we received so much feedback from the community that we decided to perform a deep dive into one topic in particular: developing a mindset conducive to long-lasting change.


Meet Coach Mike Millner


On the off chance that you’re unfamiliar with Mike Millner, we’re happy to make the introduction. Mike Millner is a high-level nutrition coach with over ten years of experience. He has a gift for understanding the psychological and physiological needs of his clients, and incorporates this expertise in his personality-based approach to coaching.


Priming your mind is one critical step toward guaranteeing enduring transformations in your health and wellness, relationships, career, and life as a whole. However, it certainly doesn’t end there. Once you have mastered your “why” and harnessed your inner drive, your movement toward progress rests on one key principle: consistent action.


It sounds simple enough, right? Yet, this is where many individuals find themselves stumbling and falling off track. To help you find your own definition of success this month, we’re passing along one more lesson from Mike.



Crack the Code With Consistency


We’ll let Mike take it from here –


“Achieving the results you desire is not complicated. It’s actually quite simple; but, will you accept simple as the answer? Will you do the boring work repeatedly and patiently?


That’s the real question.


The most important variable for your success is likely the thing you struggle with the most. Consistency. Am I right?


Would you describe yourself as consistently inconsistent?Or just straight up inconsistent?


If you want to be successful at anything in life, or if there’s an outcome you desire, the formula is always the same: be ruthlessly consistent for a really long f***ing time.


And yet, when I ask individuals what they struggle with the most, the answer I get 90% of the time is…consistency. It’s no wonder so many of us struggle to reach our goals. So, I thought it would be useful to drop my top five consistency hacks to help you solve this rubik’s cube.


If you absorb and implement these five things, your consistency will skyrocket (as will your results).


Take perfection off the table.


Most of the time, it’s the expectation of perfection that throws us off our game. How many times have you been completely dialed in and let one misstep derail everything? This one misstep is normal. In fact, multiple missteps are normal.


They only impact us when we expect to be perfect. So, let’s start to accept failure, missteps, mistakes, and setbacks as inevitable and important pieces to the puzzle. That way, when they do happen, you can think, ‘Ahhh, here we go. I knew this would happen and them ost important thing right now is how I move forward.’


Stop biting off more than you can chew.


In other words, simplify to amplify.


It’s hard enough to be consistent with one thing. It’s even harder to be consistent with seventeen things, which is often what we actually try to tackle. This is the classic “resolution” mindset.


‘I’m going to fix everything all at once.’


But, you won’t. It will be short-lived because we only have so much mental capacity. Start with one thing, and do that one thing really well. Then, move to the next.


Expand your timeline.


Change takes time. Longer than any of us would like. Stop expecting instant gratification.


What if you actually committed to being consistent for a long a** time? Regardless of the result.


For example, you’re going to be consistent with your nutrition for six months, regardless of what the scale says on a daily basis. Imagine where you would be if you had a habit that solidified over time.


It might take months or years longer than you expect. So, buckle up and commit to the long game.


Be brutally honest with yourself.


On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you in your ability to be consistent with the thing you say you want to do? Anything less than a 9 or 10 needs some work.


What’s the root of the issue? Why aren’t you a 10?


Is it self-limiting beliefs, or the excuses you continue to accept from yourself? Is it the stories you are telling yourself?


Get honest about what’s holding you back and do some serious self-reflection about what you want and what’s truly important.




Cultivate your environment.


Consistency can be made exponentially easier or harder, depending on your environment. That includes your physical environment, as well as your mental and social environments.


For example, if you’re trying to be consistent with your nutrition but your house is filled with low-quality food, then your physical environment is not conducive to success.


If you’re trying to be consistent with positive self-talk but you only follow instagram accounts that make you feel terrible about yourself, then your social environment is holding you back.


The best part about your environment is that you are in control. You can structure it in a way that facilitates consistency. Make things easier on yourself.


And there you have it; my top five consistency hacks. What do you think?”

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