10/31/22 | Wellness

The Best Health Hacks, According To Our Partners

We’re just a few days away from the start of the CURED Elevation Challenge, and we’re lucky to have a few of our partners supporting the month-long journey. Throughout the month, these partners will be popping into Zoom for LIVE Q&A Sessions. They will speak to their personal expertise and answer any questions that may have about specific wellness practices. First and foremost, they are here to support your activation, elevation, and transformation.


We couldn’t be more grateful for our brilliant team members, and we’re excited to watch each of them impact your journey. In addition to these upcoming sessions, we’ve gathered a few of their top tips and health hacks to help prepare you for lasting success. We encourage you to try these four habits out for yourself and integrate them into your daily routine. Trust us when we say that you’ll be glad you did!



Mike Millner


Mike Millner is a high-level nutrition coach with over ten years of experience. He has a gift for understanding the psychological and physiological needs of his clients, and incorporates this expertise in his personality-based approach to coaching.


Mike often discusses the importance of priming your mind to create enduring change. While his team specializes in personalizing this for each of their clients, there are a few tactics you can immediately implement in your own routine. First, decide if you truly want to change or if you are simply checking a box. In other words, be honest about your level of intrinsic motivation and commitment. Second, consider why that change is meaningful to you. You may find it helpful to talk this through with a loved one or journal about your response. Third, understand and accept the sacrifices that are required to make that change. Fourth, understand and accept failure as part of the process. Missteps and setbacks are inevitable, but your ‘why’ will ultimately carry you past these and through to the other side. Fifth, consistently take action toward your goal and be relentless in your pursuit.


You are worthy of the changes you are seeking.


Emily Hayden


Emily Hayden is an IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete and mindset, nutrition, and training coach for elite athletes. She specializes in transitioning her clients from self-judgment, overwhelm, and negativity to confidence, excellence, and daily success.


Emily is a huge van of cold exposure, and specifically cold water immersion therapy. As soon as you hear the long list of benefits, you’ll be running toward the shiver-inducing temps; but one of the best parts? You can experience all-day benefits in as little as 2-3 minutes! Emily raves about the mental and physical advantages to daily cold immersion, including improvements in mood, focus, alertness, immunity, and muscle recovery (all of which are supported in the research). In her own words, this is the simplest (and shortest) health hack with the biggest ROI


Hana Devore


Hana Devore is also an IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete and a high-caliber lifestyle and competition coach. She is the Bean Queen and arguably the biggest supporter of fiber in her field. While many coaches put an emphasis on overall calories and the quantity of macronutrients, Hana helps her clients and community recenter their focus on what truly matters: the quality of micronutrients. Like most renowned nutrition experts, she places an emphasis on single-ingredient foods and foods that come directly from nature. Hana encourages her clients to ask the question, “Did this food exist before the 1800s?” If the answer is yes, then load up! If the answer is no, proceed with caution and mindful intention.


Oh, and if you ever have the option of throwing cannellini beans into your meal, your gut microbiome will thank you in spades. As you fine-tune your nutrition, aim to get at least 35g of fiber every single day!


Mark Groves


Mark Groves is a Human Connection Specialist, cofounder of the “Do You Mine’d” App, host of the Mark Groves Podcast, and prolific speaker, writer, and creator. After a few different career moves, Mark found his passion for uncovering why people do what they do and the psychology of connection and behavior. You know, what makes us tick!


After radically changing the trajectory of his own life, he turned his mess into his message via the one and only “Create The Love.” He continues to share his own truths in hopes that it allows others to uncover theirs – online, on stage, and on the air. In one of his recent newsletters, he spoke to the importance of grounding ourselves into presence and creating moments that remind us of the richness of life. Sit with his words and remember: you are here for a reason. Create a life you cannot wait to wake up to.


“And, just like the salt water, presence washes over you. It makes you realize that life is not about getting things. Slowing down. It’s about taking deep breaths and deep gazes. It’s about forests and beaches and holding hands and hugging those you love.


A smartphone is certainly a marvel, but it will never be able to give us what witnessing-the-miraculous-in-every-moment can provide. You didn’t come here to text a bunch of people and live through the eye of your camera and die. You came here to participate in the circadian rhythms of life. You came here to give birth to your purpose. You came here to love all out. You came here to be here, now.”

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