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Serenity Gummies: Feel Good About Feeling Good

Gummies! Everybody loves them, right? For those of us who are passionately immersed in the world of wellness, gummies are a treat we tend to grow out of at a young age. We learn about the various additives, sugars, and fillers and quickly learn to turn to a snack that is, well, a bit more supportive of our health.


Good news: with us, you can have your gummies and eat them, too! These are the idyllic sweets you craved in childhood, with a twist that makes them perfect for the health-conscious, go-getter adult. These are the only good-for-you gummies guaranteed to deliver you to a place of mental and physical peace. 


When the world feels crazy and chaotic, remember that *you* don’t have to. You deserve to take control of your mental and physical health, and we want to make it easier for you to do exactly that. Formulated with our trinity of ingredients – a fruit-y blend of full-spectrum cannabinoids, functional mushrooms, and adaptogens – these gummies are your answer to finding the calm in every storm.

Function and flavor, without the flimflam.

It’s no surprise: gummies are the most popular, best-selling product in the industry. Because of that, they’re also commonly one of the first products companies push through their pipeline. Unfortunately, when profit is the main objective, integrity falters.

We can all agree that it’s time to feel good about feeling good; but that’s pretty difficult to do when you’re popping gummies that are loaded with artificial sugars, dyes, and flavors. We took our time formulating CURED Serenity Gummies because we value your long-term wellness and well-being over speed.

And because, well, we knew that we could release a product unlike anything else on the market.


Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids

The full-spectrum profile of cannabinoids will ease your worries and relieve your aches and pangs. There’s no shortage of data showing the benefits of incorporating high-quality CBD into a daily health regimen; many of those benefits encompass mental, emotional, and physical effects.

According to a peer-reviewed paper published in 2015, “preclinical and clinical studies show CBD possesses a wide range of therapeutic properties.” The researchers also noted that “CBD was well tolerated across a wide dose range, up to 1500 mg/day (orally), with no reported psychomotor slowing, negative mood effects, or vital sign abnormalities.” 

In addition to cannabidiol, our gummies contain 1 mg of THC to allow for easy and accurate ‘microdosing’. You can expect to feel your mind and body slip into a deep (and highly-functioning) state of relaxation.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi, which can also be found in Zen (our best-selling relaxation supplement), has been deemed the ‘King of Mushrooms’. So, is it any wonder that we added this mighty mushroom into our gummies? Reishi mushrooms have been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years. They are most commonly relied on to decrease discomfort and support the body in returning to a better baseline.

In short, Reishi mushrooms are antioxidant-rich, adaptogenic stress-busters. You can expect to strengthen your immune system, alleviate stress, improve discomfort and fatigue, and cultivate a feeling of inner balance.


Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb used in Ayurveda for “general debility, consumption, nervous exhaustion, insomnia, and loss of memory.” Numerous research studies have demonstrated its therapeutic potential for treating and alleviating symptoms caused by neurodegenerative disorders, like neurodegenerative diseases and spinal cord disorders.

Regularly ingesting Ashwagandha has also been linked with the alleviation of chronic stress, discomfort, and mental distress. You can expect to feel cool and collected amidst life’s unpredictability; or, like you’ve jet off for a month-long, beachside vacation…without leaving your home (or work cubicle).


L-Theanine, a popular amino acid and prominent ingredient in Euphoria (our Elevated Elixir), is yet another substance well-regarded for its anti-stress effects. In a randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover, and double-blind trial, participants who were given L-Theanine showed significant improvements in their overall cognitive functioning, verbal fluency, and executive function in the midst of stressful events.

You can expect to experience clarity and tranquility, regardless of the trials and tribulations you’re facing.

Serenity Gummies are your any-time, any-day answer to buffering the stress before you’re stressed. With us, you’re just one bite away from a better present. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? So, go ahead and grab your ticket to bliss HERE.

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